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Have you ever felt like you’re going via an Iman (faith) dip on your life?  Do you feel disturbing and lazy all of the time? Or have you ever felt like your enthusiasm is someplace fading?

Let me proportion something with you: Every Muslim experiences the highs and lows of Iman throughout existence. The critical aspect is to strive to increase your religion whilst you notice it is becoming vulnerable. Start by taking small steps that bring you towards the Almighty. Allah is best however humans are not. Allah doesn’t expect perfection from us.

He simply needs us to “try”. Striving to come to be a better Muslim by making small modifications for your normal existence is an success in itself. f you are nodding your head in yes proper now, allow me inform you which you don’t ought to fear approximately this anymore.

Abu Dharr reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and advantages be upon him, said, “Allah Almighty says: Whoever comes with an excellent deed may have the reward of ten find it irresistible and even greater. Whoever comes with an evil deed might be recompensed for one evil deed adore it or he might be forgiven. Whoever attracts near Me by way of the length of a hand, I will draw near him by using the duration of an arm. Whoever attracts close to Me the by duration of an arm, I will draw close to him by way of the duration of a fathom. Whoever comes to Me walking, I will come to him jogging. Whoever meets Me with enough sins to fill the earth, not associating any partners with Me, I will meet him with as tons forgiveness.” Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2687

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Here are 5 ways you could increase your Iman:

1. Read Quran

Reading Quran strengthens your connection with Almighty Allah. Read it with all of your coronary heart and soul despite the fact that it’s simplest 1 Ayat per day. Read, pause and replicate. Focus on the translation. Focus on expertise what is written within the Holy e book. Quran is the solution to all your issues. It is full of Baraka. So in case you haven’t prayed namaz or study Quran in some time, arise now and carry out wudu, take your prayer mat, pray and study the Quran. It’s by no means too late to return returned to Almighty Allah. Insha’Allah It will improve your connection with Allah and offer you comfort.

Allah says within the Holy Quran;

“He brings them out of darkness into the mild” Quran 2:257

2. Believe in Allah’s mercy

Believing in Allah’s mercy is an important element of religion. No rely how low you’re feeling right now, simply keep in mind that this too shall pass. Allah is closer to you than your jugular vein, He loves you more than 70 moms. He will never abandon you. Just believe Him with all of your heart and surrender your affairs to Him. 

Allah additionally states within the Quran that he’s the Most Merciful:

“Despair now not of the mercy of Allah, indeed Allah forgives all sins” (Surah Az-Zumar verse: 53)

Perform the non secular deeds with honest intention and watch how your faith boosts up.

3. Pray 

No remember what number of prayers you’ve got overlooked, try to perform your next salah. Even if you pray with wavering attention-just don’t prevent praying, don’t prevent attempting. After you are achieved with prayer, sit down and make Dua’. Let your emotions, your feelings, and your thoughts observe. Allah knows the entirety about you, HE loves you. He will by no means abandon you. Tell Him what your coronary heart is going via proper now, inform Him how a great deal you want consolation and comfort, and ask Him to growth your Iman. These simple, honest and raw conversations will make you experience lighter than you can ever consider!

“And set up prayer and give zakah and bow with those who bow [in worship and obedience].” Quran 2:43

4. Make Dua

Making dua’ is one of the first-rate approaches to demonstrate Tawakkullah(reliance on Allah). Your Lord has proclaimed, “Call upon Me, I will reply to you…” Quran 40:60

If Allaah wills, He can seal the coronary heart from steering. Abdullah bin ‘Amr bin al-‘Aas stated, that he heard Allaah’s Messenger saying,

“All the hearts of the offspring of Aadam are among two hands of Ar-Rehman’s Fingers, as one heart. He turns it (in any course) as He wills. Then Allaah’s Messenger stated, “O Allaah! The Turner of the hearts, flip our heart closer to Your obedience.” [Saheeh Muslim vol.4, p.1397, no.6418]

A du’aa that he noted bearing on that is:

Oh turner of the hearts (Allah, the Most High), keep our hearts organization in your religion“ [Authenticated by al-Albanee in al-Jaam’i as-Sagheer 1323/7988]

If Allaah wills, He can seal the heart from steering. Abdullah bin ‘Amr bin al-‘Aas stated, that he heard Allaah’s Messenger saying,

“All the hearts of the offspring of Aadam are among arms of Ar-Rehman’s Fingers, as one coronary heart. He turns it (in any path) as He wills. Then Allaah’s Messenger stated, “O Allaah! The Turner of the hearts, turn our coronary heart towards Your obedience.” [Saheeh Muslim vol.4, p.1397, no.6418]

So make dua’ because everyone has their americaand downs in Iman(religion) however Allah is Ar-Rahman(The Compassionate) Ar-Raheem(The Most Merciful)

5. Give Charity

“Those who spend their wealth in charity, by night and via day, privately and publicly, will locate that their reward is secure with their Lord; no fear shall be on them, nor shall they grieve” (Surah Al-Baqarah verse: 274)

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Find a trainer

“For him who follows a direction for looking for knowledge, Allah will ease for him the direction to Paradise.”

-The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Muslim)

Finding a teacher to bounce thoughts off of is a super manner to study your deen (religion). I found it is ideal to find someone with as lots expertise as possible who also has an knowledge of the English language and American tradition. It is hard to listen to a person with a thick accessory or someone with a lower back-home mentality. When I first conventional Islam, I might pressure every day to visit my instructor and I could ask him what appeared like an limitless flow of questions. Sometimes he seemed crushed! This is a excellent way to make clear things you pay attention on Sheikh Youtube or Google or any a part of the Qur’an you’re analyzing at the time.

This will even help you have got a actual grounding within the Islamic lifestyle. You will sooner or later have spent extra time mastering Islam than most human beings from Muslim families. Maintain a feel of humility if you do benefit a lot of information, as there’ll constantly be a person who may be greater knowledgeable than you. Learn the whole thing you may in small chunks, no person is calling you to be a student!

Keep faraway from debates and arguments

“Verily anger spoils faith as aloe spoils honey.”

-The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi)

Trying to continuously guard your faith is some thing in order to purpose you a variety of strain. I remember once I first standard Islam, it seemed just like the complete global changed into after me. This may also happen to distinct people at exceptional degrees, however it become a completely overwhelming experience for me. The quality element to do is avoid those arguments in any respect expenses. If you’re mature about your religion and display a desire to give an explanation for yourself without refuting others, then many doorways will open for you. You are bound to give a person a fresh view of Islam, that is what so many human beings are hungry for after seeing Islam in such a bad light inside the media.

Staying away from these discussions will placed you at peace and come up with respiration room. A lot of converts aren’t in reality cushty with bringing up their faith because of the backlash they obtain. Personally, I identified that if I just mention it when necessary, I get a extra advantageous response. You’ll be amazed to pay attention “Oh that’s cool dude, what made you choose that faith?” This is continually an possibility for da’wah (inviting to Islam).

Gain a connection to the Arabic language

“Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an which you might apprehend.”

-The Holy Qur’an, 

This is one among my favorite parts of turning into a Muslim. To be sincere, I’m a language-lover and I realize all people isn’t the identical in this regard. Just because you failed high college Spanish although doesn’t suggest you will have problem with Arabic. There are many tricks to learning the language that I received’t pass into right here, but there are approaches to make this easier on your self. These strategies can be found online or in books; with a bit research you may pave your manner to gaining an know-how of Arabic.

Start by studying the alphabet and connecting letters collectively. You can learn this in a day in case you know someone that may be a local Arabic speaker (however cross at your personal tempo). Sit on that for some time and eventually you will be able to comply with along inside the Qur’an if you listen to a recitation for your laptop or MP3 player. You will begin to recognize words, and then you may get into simple grammar guidelines. I propose mastering commonplace nouns and prepositions first (phrases like “in”, “on”, “for” and “with”).

Arabic may be truly exciting, and you are certain to advantage an Islamic vocabulary after taking note of talks or lectures. Eventually you will recognise meanings of words like “furqaan” and “sajdah” and also you’ll be able to use them in conversations with Muslims. Sabr (patience) is critical!

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Maintain your Identity

“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and lady and made you peoples and tribes that you may recognise one another. Indeed, the most noble of you inside the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.”

-The Holy Qur’an, 

Being a Muslim is a huge a part of your identification now. That doesn’t imply you may’t barbeque along with your buddies or watch football on Sundays. If there are things in your culture that don’t directly contradict with fundamental Islamic creed, then you definitely are welcome to keep the ones matters to your life. You do not need to start carrying Arab or Indian clothing. As long as your clothes cover what they may be alleged to cowl, you’re within the clear.

Many converts also are uncovered to simply weird meals that is overly spicy or humorous tasting. This may lead us to think that consuming curry is sunnah or something righteous. We can nevertheless have our own way of life and tastes in food: pot roast and beans are nevertheless halal!

There are many different examples of things that you may be exposed to which are from foreign cultures and do now not necessarily have anything to do with Islam. Our aim as new Muslims is to worship Allah (swt), now not to feature a Pakistani or Arab identity to our persona.

It is ideal to have a instructor who is aware the subtleties of various opinion in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and might tell you of differences most of the pupils on issues that are of problem. Most people in masajid may have a very constrained view of the juristic possibilities inside the Islamic lifestyle. Islam is a vast tradition and we must not make it small. These diverse reviews are there to help us, not motive pressure on ourselves.

eight. Force your self to go to the masjid

“The person who gets the finest praise for the Salah is person who lives the farthest and has the farthest to stroll.”

-The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Bukhari, Muslim)

Going on Fridays is a given, however I would additionally suggest looking to suit a few prayers (as a minimum) according to week inside the masjid. This will open many doors for you and will insha’Allah furnish many properly deeds to your account. You will meet individuals who are linked to Islam; networking possibilities are greater effectively to be had; and you are sure to make long-lasting buddies. This is one of the matters that I sincerely love approximately Islam, that you may almost constantly discover human beings within the masjid.

Although this can be hard to begin with, try and go to the masjid. The payoff will be massive, even in case you just pray and leave right after. You will eventually heat as much as the network and you may feel more cushty going to the masjid each time you like.

9. Find Muslim friends and avoid severing ties

“On the Day of Resurrection Allah Almighty will proclaim: “Where are the ones who’ve mutual love for My Glory’s sake? Today I shall shelter them in My shade in which there’s no coloration but Mine.”

-The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Muslim)

Saying “As-salamu ‘Alaykum” ( “Peace be upon you”) to humans you notice on campus or on the grocery shop is a actual blessing in Islam. It straight away we could human beings understand you are Muslim and they normally could be happy to go back the greeting and with a bit of luck proportion a few words with you. Doors of friendship will be opened and you will meet plenty of humans. Try and spend some time with Muslims whilst you could. It is beneficial to remind your self which you aren’t the only Muslim on this planet and you percentage your faith with nearly 2 billion humans around the globe.

Also, don’t sever your friendships together with your non-Muslim friends until they’re constantly partying or the use of the listing of foremost sins as their weekend to-do listing. You can be a light in your Christian, Agnostic, Jewish, or Atheist buddies. You by no means know who Allah (swt) will guide, and showing which you are dwelling an ethical existence can inspire these humans to examine a touch about Islam or exchange their thoughts to having a superb view of the faith.

10. Avoid Loneliness

“Islam began as some thing extraordinary and could revert to being unusual because it commenced, so supply happy tidings to the strangers.”

-The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Muslim)

This is a primary trouble within the convert network. We are lonely. The exceptional element we will do to fight the sensation of loneliness is to spend as a lot time as possible with properly corporation. Having dinners with humans a few nights every week is a positive way to maintain a good attitude. The exercise of turning into a nun or a monk is alien to Islam; we are social creatures and Islam acknowledges this.

Try not to fasten your self away to your condominium to avoid the world. This will simply purpose a vicious cycle so that it will cause deep despair and may result in attempting to find solace in haram (unlawful).

Make it an duty on your self to stay a sociable person. It takes a whole lot of work however the result is happiness and contentment in lifestyles.

11. Stay away from extremism

“And accordingly we have made you a just community that you may be witnesses over the people.”

-The Holy Qur’an, 

Most converts do not input Islam searching out an extremist point of view. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a few converts do turn out to be remote places operating for terrorist organizations. This is something that may manifest from someone feeling victimized or ostracized via their own way of life and being overcome with anger.

I in my opinion have not had a trouble with anybody trying to “radicalize” me. It does take place enough even though that it must be a subject. It can be best on the way to hold your head to your shoulders and no longer get caught up with severe points of view. Know that every one of the students overseas and in America have absolutely refuted terrorism of their fatawa (prison rulings). Extremism is on the very edges of the Islamic concept. Do your great to stay on a middle manner.

12. Do not depression

“So realize that victory is with staying power, and alleviation is with misery and that with difficulty comes ease.”

-The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Being a convert to Islam, you may face a number of tribulations. There is not whatever that you can’t overcome although, and by no means despair in Allah (swt).


Be careful of aberrant coaching, which clearly does no longer train correct Islamic expertise. It is as a consequence vital to get teaching from recognized pupils from this time and from the past, to broaden knowledge on strong heritage, instead that learning from the neighborhood 22 years old self-proclaimed sheikh who commenced to wish one month ago.

Realize how vital it is to simplest devour Halal foods (food, mainly meat, which is prepared in accordance to Islamic rites). Eating foods including pork or getting under the influence of alcohol are prohibited in Islam.

Don’t drink alcohol. Drinking Alcohol is likewise prohibited in Islam along all intoxicants. It is forbidden to even flavor a sip of alcohol or some other intoxicants.

Do not commit suicide for any motive. You will in no way be forgiven by Allah. Again, abstain from hurting your self by way of doing matters that might emotionally or bodily break you.

Do no longer smoke. It is Haraam as one should kill himself via smoking, and that may be a basic tenant of a Haraam product (something which you do to purposely harm or hurt your body is considered Haraam-Prohibited).

10 things that can increase your iman or faith,4 holy book of islam ,5 haram things mentioned in quran , 5 things to do before sleeping hadith ,6 articles of faith in islam,6 beliefs of islam ,a muslim wife  ,after sleeping dua ,al islam worldwide ministry ,allah religion ,angels of god real life,arab religion beliefs

Do no longer masturbate or commit adultery. Trust Allah that that is the best issue for you, irrespective of how difficult it could appear to resist it. Masturbation can lead you to increase many horrific conduct such as dishonesty, going in problem, and even adultery. Seriously, there are so many different things available that are greater worth of occupying your thoughts. Allah says within the Quran to stay far from adultery (zina).It’s a one of the worst sin !The only felony intercourse is between a husband and wife inside a Nikah (Islamic marriage).

Learn different languages of the Muslim global. The essential spoken languages of the Muslim international are Arabic, Indonesian/Malay, Persian and Urdu. A very big wide variety of very interesting works are being produced in Arabic and Malay. An growing wide variety of Muslims take a look at different languages to have an simpler get admission to to the knowledge that has been produced in other lands.

Helping others creates emotions of peace and cause. Not only does charity protects you from evil but it additionally has great ajar and praise in this lifestyles and the hereafter. Islam is a whole code of behavior. Giving charity elevates your Iman and strengthens your faith. The remedy related to supporting different humans is fantastic.

This selfless gesture ensures that the inclined needs and rights are met respectfully. It teaches the subsequent generations about generosity, love, and care, fosters sustainability in society, and eradicates poverty. 

Here are some of the proper charitable groups wherein you may deliver your donations:

Alasad Online Quran Tutor

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