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Maths Terminology | Math Vocabulary PDF – Learning Math is only possible if you are familiar with the PDF math vocabulary. Students must be able to use and learn vocabulary in order to communicate mathematical thinking clearly. To help students understand mathematics formulas and other simple terms, we use Mathematics language in its correct context verbally and visually. Math tools such as Shapes, Mathematics Formulas, and Formulas can be used to help students understand the difference between the informal and formal terminology of Math.

Mathematics word walls are a common feature in many classrooms. They are rarely used and can be seen as a decorative display. The word wall, if used correctly, can be a useful tool to expand the vocabulary of math, encourage independence, and help with writing and reading math. However, students will have easy access to their personal Math vocabulary PDF so they can improve their writing skills.

These Math books, which are similar to a personal dictionary but allow for differentiation because students can add words to their PDF book and have them available at all times. Students in higher levels can also create their own definitions.

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Table Of ContentsMaths Terminology | Math Vocabulary PDF

A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H, I. J, K. L, M. N, O. P, Q. R, S. T, U. V, W. X, Y, & Z

  • A – Add, additional, Angle, An, Answer, Area,, average. Axis, Alone
  • B – Binary, B, billion
  • C, calculate, cardinal, carry, circle, circumference, compass, cone, coordinates, cosine, counting, cube, curve, cylinder
  • D, decimal, degree, denominator, diameter, difference, divide, division, divisor, dozen
  • E, eight, eighteen, eighty, eleven, equal to, equation, even, exponent, expression, Ex, Even
  • F, factor, factorial, fifteen, fifty, five, focus, formula, forty, four, fourteen, fraction
  • G, geometry, graph
  • H, half, hundred, hundredth, hyperbola, hypotenuse
  • I, identity, imaginary. Inequality, integer. Intersection, inverse. Irrational number.
  • K, kilo-
  • L, less than or equal to, line, linear, long division
  • M, Math, mathematician and mathematics, mean, median Mode, Male, millions, minus, multiply
  • N, Nose, negative, nine, nineteen, ninety, null, number, , numeral, , numerical
  • O, obtuse. octagon. odd. one. operation. orb. ordinal. origin. oval
  • P, Par all,?, parallelogram, percent perimeter, perpendicularular?, plane, plot plus, point, and polygon
  • Power, polynomial and prime number, product. Proof, protractor, pyramid.
  • Q, Q.E.D., quadratic, quadrilateral, quarter,quotient
  • R, Radian, radius, rationalnum, ray and realnumber, rectangle, remainder rhombus right angle, rounded
  • S, scientific notation. Series, set, seven, seventeen and seventy.
  • Skip counting, slope, solve. Six, sixteen, sixty. Subtract, subtrahend. Sum, symbol, symmetry.
  • T, Tangent, ten, the tenth of thirteen, thirty thousand, one thousandth, three
  • Times, trapezoid and triangle, trillion, twelve. Twenty-two.
  • U, union, unit
  • V, variable, Venn diagram, vertex, volume
  • The whole number
  • X, x-axis, x-coordinate
  • Y, y-axis, y-coordinate
  • Z,zero
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Maths Terminology | Math Vocabulary PDF Free Download

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