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This vast collection of printable volume worksheets will guide middle and high school students through various activities. They start counting cubes and then find the volume of solid shapes like cubes, pyramids, cubes, rectangles, triangular prisms, pyramids, cubes, cubes, squares, triangle prisms, and hexagons. Then they will find the volume of solid forms such as cubes and cones. The PDFs are rich in learning and supported by applications, offering a variety of levels of difficulty.

Counting Cubes

This set of counting cubes worksheets will help you improve your ability to find the volume. To determine the importance of rectangle prisms or solid blocks, count unit cubes. You can also draw prisms on isometric dots paper.

Volume for a Cube

Augment your practice with these pdf worksheets that help you find the volume of a cube. They include problems in shapes and word formats with side length measures. These can be used to solve integers, decimals, and fractions.

Volume for a Rectangular Prism

This set of volume worksheets is a great way for you to improve your skills in finding the volume and dimensions of rectangular prisms in various forms. You can also find the volume and L-blocks and missing measures.

The volume of a Triangular Prism

Encourage students to complete the entire collection of printable worksheets for computing the volume triangular prism using either the area of the cross-section, the base, or leg measurements. Also, practice unit conversions.

Volume Of Mixed Prisms

Browse this assortment of mixed prism worksheets that include triangular, rectangular, and trapezoidal prisms. Practice is encouraged with both easy and moderate levels, classified according to the number used.


Encourage learners to efficiently use the volume formula for a cone in the easy level. Find the radius in a moderate level and convert units in a difficult group. Also, use slant height to solve volume and find the conical frustum’s volume.

Volume for a Cylinder

To practice finding the radius and diameter of cylinders, find the volume of the cylinder with parameters in integers or decimals, solve word problems, and more, access our book of the cylinder worksheets!

Volumes of Spheres, Hemispheres 

This collection of pdf worksheets takes the guesswork out of finding the volume spheres or hemispheres. You can practice a variety of integers and decimals exercises.

Volume for a Rectangular Pyramid

This exercise will help learners to master the skill of finding the volume of rectangular pyramids whose dimensions are expressed in integers, decimals, and fractions at easy and moderate levels.

The Volume of a Triangular Pyramid

This bundle of pdf worksheets will help children to practice their triangular pyramid volume calculations using base area, height, and base. These problems can be found in 3D shapes or word formats at different difficulty levels.

Volume Of Mixed Pyramids 

You will need to practice finding the volume of pyramids with triangular, rectangular, or polygonal base faces. There are two levels of difficulty. Use the provided base area or other dimensions to calculate the volume.


You can practice upscale with an extensive collection of printable worksheets that help you find the volume of solid shapes such as prisms, cones, pyramids, cones, and cones. There are also revision exercises that will allow you to revisit concepts quickly.


Find the volume of composite shapes, which are two or more solid 3D forms. Start by counting squares. Next, calculate the volume of L-blocks. Then, add or subtract volumes from decomposed shapes to create compound shapes. These Math Salamanders wish you a lot of fun with these printable Math worksheets and all our other Math games.

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