What is The Colors Lesson Plan?

This lesson teaches students a way to recognize and say 7 colorings. Students also analyze The Rainbow track and a tale about colorations.

Colors Lesson Plan

This lesson teaches students how to apprehend and say 7 colors.

Learn and practice new gaining knowledge of:

Teach colorations vocabulary

You might also choose to train only some phrases per elegance depending on the extent of your college students. Then, you could building up to 7 colors words over several classes. 

You may additionally want to teach older students the gadgets inside the tune (apples and sun, plant life, carrots, carrots rainbow, sky, etc.). You can put together colored paper (origami is super for this), enough colorations to train each student (e.g., 1 red, 1 yellow, etc. ).

Take the first piece of colored paper and ask the coloration. crimson). Practice chanting the coloration. Next, pass the colored paper round to the magnificence. Each student need to be able to maintain the shade and speak the word. Continue this technique for all of the different colorations.

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Play “Color Stand up and Jump”

Distribute all colored papers to every scholar. Your college students are requested to get down. Speak a colour, which includes “purple”, and ask your college students to sit down. Students maintaining a color (e.G., purple) must speedy stand up, bounce, and then sit down. You can start slowly, then accelerate.

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Touch the Colors on Posters”

This pastime is excellent if your study room has many colorful posters up on the walls. Demonstrate your understanding through shouting out a particular coloration (e.g. “Red”). 

Touch any pink-colored area on a poster with the aid of running to it. You can do the identical with every other coloration, e.G. “Blue”). Run to a one of a kind poster whenever. The students should now do the activity. They need to shout out a color, after which have them run across the room touching the posters.

Do the “Color the Circles Activity”

Prepare 7 sheets of big white paper earlier than magnificence (or, in case you’re coaching less hues, greater). Draw a circle on each sheet to fill the gap. Download and print our wall circle sheet. Stick the sheets to the partitions of your lecture room at a peak that your students can reach. 

Then, you may exhibit the pastime by means of removing your crayons or coloured pencils. As you stroll around the class, coloration a small component of each circle with one coloration (constantly use the identical colour because the coloration you’re coloring). 

One circle can have a crimson shade, one circle can have a yellow color, and so on. Next, train your college students to get out their crayons or coloured pencils. 

As they stroll across the lecture room, have them colour in a element of each circle using the equal hues which you used. As they coloration, make certain they are able to say the coloration.

Play “Point on the Colored Circles”

All of your college students should take a seat down. Name a shade and point to the circle on the wall. All the colors ought to be accomplished within the identical order as the track. Students can factor on the specific colored circles.

Play “Point on the Colored Circles”

All of your college students need to sit down. Name a color and point to the circle at the wall. All the colors should be finished in the equal order as the tune. Students can point at the one-of-a-kind colored circles.

Sing “The Rainbow Song”.

When you first play the music, area the Rainbow Song poster at the board. You can speedy evoke the colors. Sing alongside to the song, touching the colors even as you sing. Invite a student to enroll in you on the board to the touch the colors. 

Next, distribute all 7 hues (e.g. Next, give out all 7 colors (e.g., colored paper, pencils and so on. Each student. Each scholar have to lay the colors out in front of him/her within the order that the music calls for. Have all students touch the colors and sing along as you play the music yet again.

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Lyrics to “The Rainbow Song”

Verse 1

  • Red, yellow, crimson, and inexperienced
  • Blue, orange, and purple
  • I can sing a rainbow.
  • Sing a rainbow
  • Sing a rainbow, too.

Verse 2

  • Yellow sun and pink apples
  • The green grass is purple with the purple vegetation.
  • Purple grapes and orange carrots
  • A rainbow excessive above the blue sky


  • Red, yellow, crimson, and green
  • Blue, orange, and purple
  • I can sing a rainbow.
  • Sing a rainbow
  • Sing a rainbow, too.

Gestures to “The Rainbow Song”

You can have interaction in numerous sports whilst you sing at the side of the music.

  • As you sing, certainly clap along with the music or pat your knees.
  • Each pupil must receive a replica of the Rainbow Song poster. They will contact each image or color as they sing along.
  • Students can be given the 7 hues (or any other type of colored paper or origami paper) and ask them to the touch the colours at the same time as they sing the music.
  • Place coloured paper across the walls of your classroom. As each shade is sung, have all of your students factor at it.

Learn more about the classroom reader “What Color Am i?”

This school room reader is a really perfect suit for the Rainbow Song. Download and print the reader “What Color Am I?” earlier than class. Point to every web page and ask your students to point out the colors.

Teacher: What’s this? (pointing to the web page 1 black and white apple)

Students: It’s an Apple!

Teacher: Yes, this is right! Reading from the tale: “I am an Apple.” What color am I? “

Students: Red!

Teacher: Let’s see if we will… (turning page). Right! Good task! (Reading from the tale) “I am red.” Can you name some thing pink in the magnificence?

Students: (pointing at crimson gadgets inside the study room).

Asking masses of inquiries to get college students involved in the story (e.G. Asking questions about the items and the colors can assist college students get concerned.

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