Arabic Furniture Vocabulary (Furniture Words) PDF Download

Dear Users, in This Article We will learn about Arabic Furniture Vocabulary (middle eastern seating) PDF Download. I’ve added some nice graphics about Vocabulary words paste here to help you identify each piece of furniture, Household, Offices, shops, and you can free download here all  word and decorate Your home according to nice collection. This Arabic Furniture vocabulary will make it easier for you to memories the words in English and Arabic.

These Arabic words about furniture will be beneficial for those who are just starting to study Arabic Language as well as for more basic and advanced students, as furniture is a common subject in Arabic Language and these words are used in everyday conversation

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Household Vocabulary

Arabic Furniture Vocabulary

Sr NOArabic Words English Meaning
01سَرِير / فِرَاش (m.) bed
02وِسَادَۃ (f.) pillow
03خِزَانَۃ (f.) closet
04كُرۡسِي (m.) chair
05غِطَاء (m.) blanket
06ِمَكۡتَب (m.) study desk
07مِصۡبَاح (m.) lamp
08مِرۡآۃ (f.) mirror
09سَتَائر (pl. m.) curtains
10شَمۡعَۃ (f.) candle
11مِزۡهَرِيَّۃ (f.) vase
12طَاوِلَۃ (f.) desk
13أرِيكَۃ (f.) sofa
14سَجَاد (m.) carpet
15تُحۡفَۃ فَنِيَّۃ (f.) bibelot
16لَوۡحَۃ فَنِّيَۃ (f.) tableau
17مَكۡتَبَۃ (f.) bookcase
18تِلۡفَاز (m) television
19حَاسۡوب (m.) computer
20أزۡهَار (pl. f.) flowers (azhar)
21مِكۡنَسَۃ كَهۡرَبَايِيَّۃ (f.)vcuum cleaner
22فُرۡن (m.) oven
23ثَلَّاجَۃ (f.) fridge
24أوانِي (pl. f.) utensils
25ثُرَيَّا (f.) chandelier
26مِكۡنَسَۃ (f.) broom
27آلَۃ غَسِيل المَلَابِس (f.washing machine
28آلَۃ غَسِيل الاوَانِي (f.) dishwasher
Household Furniture | Furniture Vocabulary Word List

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Words in Persian Language

Furniture Words in Persion Language

Sr NoEnglish Persion
01armchairدسته دار
02bedتخت خواب
03bedside tableمیز کنار تخت
05bookshelfقفسه کتاب
07chest of drawersکمد کشودار
08clockساعت دیواری
09coat standجا لباسی
10coffee tableمیز پذیرایی
11cupboardکمد ظروف
12deskمیز تحریر
13double bedتخت دو نفره
14dressing tableمیز آرایش
15drinks cabinetکمد مشروبات
16single bedتخت یک نفره
18sofa-bedمبل تخت خواب شو
21wardrobeکمد لباس
Household Furniture | Furniture Vocabulary Word Persion

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