Biography of Sawda Bint Zama (رضي الله عنه)

Sawda Bint Zama (رضي الله عنه) – Biography of Ibn Kathir Sawda bint Zam’a Ibn Kathir Sawda bint Zam’a Allah be content with her was the first woman who emigrated to Abyssinia according to the will of Allah. Her husband had passed away and she was living with her father who was getting old. She was middle-aged and corpulent, with a lively friendly disposition and was the perfect person to look after the Prophet’s family and household. 

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Sawda Bint Zama (رضي الله عنه) – Therefore, Muhammad (peace and the blessings on behalf of Allah be upon his soul) granted Khawla permission to talk to Sayyiduna Abu Bakr and to Sawda regarding the issue. Khawla was straight to Sawda and asked, “Would you like Allah to give you great blessing, Sawda?” Sawda said “And what is that, Khawla?” She answered, “The Messenger of Allah has sent me to you with a proposal of marriage!” Sawda attempted to keep her cool despite her complete surprise and replied in a voice that was trembling,

 “I would like that! Go to my father and tell him that.” Khawla was taken to Zam’a a gruff old man, and introduced herself to him before saying, “Muhammad son of Abdullah son of Abdul Muttalib, has sent me to ask for Sawda in marriage.” The old man said, “A noble match. What does she say?” Khawla said, “she would like that.” He instructed her to call him. When she arrived, he stated, “Sawda, this woman claims that Muhammad son of Abdullah son of Abdul Muttalib has sent me to ask for you in marriage.

It is a noble match. Do you want me to marry you to him?” She said yes, thinking it was an honour. Sawda was able to move into Muhammad’s home and took charge of his daughters and the household as Aisha Bint Abu Bakr got engaged to him and was at her father’s home and playing with the dolls. It was a great shock when it was discovered in Mecca when the prophet (peace and the blessings of Allah be on his soul) chose to marry a widower who was not gorgeous nor young. 

The Prophet however, recalled the difficulties she faced after she had emigrated to Abyssinia and left her home and possessions, and then crossed the desert, and later the sea to an unknown place in order to keep her deen. The next two years The Quraish intensified their efforts to annihilate Muhammad and the followers of him even in the face of clear evidence that proved beyond doubt Muhammad (peace and peace from Allah be upon his soul) truly was the messenger of Allah. 

One of the most important indications in this period is the prophet’s mi’raj, the journey in the night riding a winged horse known as the Buraq and through the sky up to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem where he led the previous Prophets before him in the prayer and then his ascent up the Buraq and accompanied by Jibril and Jibril, up to the seven heavens and finally, beyond the realm of appearances, into the presence of Allah in which he was blessed with his five prayers, which his faithful followers have performed from the beginning. 

When he told of this incredible trip to people in Mecca They ridiculed him despite the fact he was able to accurately describe his experience at the Al-Aqsa Mosque to them (and they were aware that he had never been there previously) And even though he described the location where the Prophet stopped to drink on his journey to Jerusalem and also even though he explained to them that on the way to Mecca he had informed the man in question where his lost camel was, and after he informed them that he had seen the caravan, which was not known to anyone that was heading towards Mecca and expected to arrive later in the day. 

Even although the Quraish believed his description of Al-Aqsa Mosque was completely accurate and even after they observed the caravan’s arrival and meet the man who had assisted him, and saw the spot in which they had stopped for drinks, they were unable to believe it. 

Then only Sayyiduna Abu Bakr was the close friend and soon to become his father in law and future father in law, believed the Prophet’s account of his extraordinary journey instantly: “If he had said this,” he stated at the time that some snide Meccans first told the story, “then it is true!” When the hatred of the Quraish was growing, (and while Aisha was still a tiny teenager)

Allah prepared the foundation for the future development of the Muslim community living in a city known as Yathrib. At the time of pilgrimage to Mecca one year the twelve pilgrims from Yathrib which was a tiny city located two hundred kilometers to the northwest of Mecca and secretly pledged their loyalty to the Prophet, swearing not to believe in any god other than Allah and not to steal and lie or commit adultery, or to murder their children or to defy their Prophet (peace and the blessings on behalf of Allah be upon his name).

 Returning to Yathrib and were accompanied by one Muslim known as Mus’ab ibn Umayr, who taught them everything he received from Prophet Muhammad. As consequently the number of Muslims in Madina increased as the date for the pilgrimage was again and this time, seventy-five people from Yathrib- – three of which are females: Umm Sulaym, Nsayba bint Ka’b, and Asma bint Amr who pledged allegiance to the Prophet Muhammad in Mecca in the name of Prophet Muhammad (peace and the blessings from Allah be on him) and also swore that they will defend and guard him even to death, if necessary. 

Sawda Bint Zama (رضي الله عنه) – Following this, the prophet (peace and the blessings of Allah be upon his soul) granted his followers the right to migrate to Yathrib gradually but gradually in twos and threes they Muslims started to leave Mecca. The Quraish’s leaders Quraish were aware of what was happening and made the decision to murder the Prophet prior to they could convince him to join them. 

But Allah was with the Prophet and in the night prior to the day when they had intended to kill him, his Prophet Muhammad (peace and peace on behalf of Allah be upon his soul) along with Abu Bakr (may Allah be happy with the Prophet) left Mecca and fled to a cave named Thawr that was located just to from the southwest of Mecca. 

Everyone knows what transpired when those searching for them arrived at the cave: They discovered the nest of a wild dove inside the tree that surrounded the cave’s entrance where the spider was spinning its web. Any person who entered the cave would be able to scare away the dove, and even broken the web of the spider They thought, so they didn’t take the time to examine the web. 

The spies came so near, that if any of them glanced at his feet, they would have been spotted. In the direction of Allah Abu Bakr and the Prophet were secure! When the Quraish had given up their search for the Prophet, Muhammad (peace and the blessings from Allah be with his soul) as well as Abu Bakr (may Allah be happy with him) made a circle around the Mecca and rode to the north. Only one person known as Suraqa ibn Jusham believed that they were in the vicinity and began a chase in search of the reward Quraish had promised to anyone who could capture the two men. 

When he was close enough to the people but his horse began falling into the desert realizing that if he didn’t change course, the desert would swallow up him and his horse and he resigned his search, asked to be forgiven and then returned home. After a long, difficult journey, Prophet Muhammad (peace and peace from Allah be upon his soul) as well as Abu Bakr (may Allah be happy with his actions) arrived at Yathrib amid scenes of joy and joy. 

Sawda Bint Zama (رضي الله عنه) – Their period in Mecca was coming to an end, but their stay in Medina was just beginning – because Madina is the term now assigned to Yathrib, Madina al Munawarra meaning “the city illuminated”, it was the place that had been lit with the illumination of prophet Muhammad as well as his entire family as well as his companions May the peace and blessings of Allah be with him and everyone else. Travelling with the prophet Muhammad along with Abu Bakr is usually called the hijrah.

It is here when the romance between Muslims commences, since it was following the hijrah when the first group of Muslims quickly grew and blossomed and bear fruit. When she got older Prophet Muhammad was concerned that Sawda may be unhappy about being in competition with so many young wives and offered to divorce her. She declared that she would offer her evening to Aisha who she was very fond since she wanted to marry him on the Day of Rising. She lived to the death that was Umar Ibn Khattab. She and Aisha were always very close.

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Sawda Bint Zama (رضي الله عنه)

  • Characteristics of Sawda
  • She was not attractive.
  • She is widowed
  • She has one child
  • She was extremely heavy.
  • She was extremely tall.
  • She was unsteady as she was walking
  • She was extremely caring
  • She’s a friend to all mothers of the faithful
  • She was hilarious and was always laughing
  • Prophet was in need of a laugh in his life.
  • Prophet asks Khola to seek her wedding hand
  • Sawda has a dream in which she had a moon fall into her lap
  • The moment she woke, Khola went to her dad of Sawda and asked for her wedding hand
  • Her father agreed, a nobleman, and then demanded her daughter
  • Sawda confirmed her decision and was extremely happy
  • Sawda’s brother cursed him because the religion he fought was against him. Islam
  • Her brother later became Muslim and regretted the things the he had done at that time
  • Sawda requested her brother in law to serve as the representative in the wedding
  • The mahr and nikah were handed out
  • Sawda joins Prophet
  • Zaid bin Haritha Zaid bin Haritha Fatima, Um Ayman, Sawda, Uthman bin Zaid to Madinah
  • Sohail bin Amr
  • He was captured during the fight of badr
  • He escaped
  • He is then re-trapped.
  • Sawda declared that it would benefit him if he passed away in a noble manner
  • Prophet Muhammad said, do not create hatred towards Allah and his messenger in his eyes.
  • Sawda asked for forgiveness
  • Sawda bint Zama’a was easy to spot. observed
  • Umar was concerned about her and was concerned about what people might be saying about her.
  • Allah gave us the ayat for hijab, and then
  • Then Ayesha arrives
  • Ayesha and Sawda
  • Ayesha has moved in following the hijrah
  • The rooms were adjacent to one another.
  • The rooms were small.
  • These were the 2 first rooms.
  • Sawda isn’t like Ayesha
  • Sawda was not too jealous of Ayesha
  • Ayesha and Sawda were a perfect match.
  • They enjoyed one another’s company
  • The age gap was significant.
  • Ayesha and Sawda through food , looking at their respective faces
  • Ayesha once cooked some food
  • Prophet never claimed that her food was terrible.
  • Ayesha was not a great cook.
  • Sawda served a meal
  • Prophet consumed food from Ayesha’s plate
  • Sawda did not eat anything from Ayesha’s plates.
  • Then they eat at their faces
  • Then Umar knocked at the door, and everyone was quiet.
  • Ayesha and Hafsa were scared Sawda due to the fact that they claimed dajjal is in the area.
  • Prophet said don’t worry , he is not here, but he’s out
  • Sawda brought joy to the Prophet’s life in a time that was desperately required.
  • Sawda was extremely old and immobile.
  • She didn’t feel the desire to be intimate with her.
  • Prophet made her sleep regardless
  • Sawda stated that I am not into intimacy , and I am not trying to compete with other women.
  • Sawda would like to be brought up on the Day of Judgment as one of his wives.
  • Prophet said it’s ok
  • Sawda made her night available to Ayesha
  • Prophet always greeted Sawda first
  • She was very dear to the Prophet
  • As she grew older it became difficult to say Qiyam with Prophet
  • Sawda was praying with Prophet and made a sound in ruku, she thought the blood would spill out
  • Prophet let Sawda go to Muzadalifa before dawn in the hajj
  • The wives would perform hajj often after the death of Prophet
  • Sawda didn’t make hajj a lot.
  • Sawda outlived Prophet and Abu Bakr.
  • Umar kept sending presents for Sawda She would then give the money to the poor
  • Sawda would offer the gifts from Umar to the girls who were getting married.
  • Once Umar offered her money but she refused and instead donated it
  • The woman knew exactly where the deserving person was
  • She was highly private following the her death.
  • She passed away in the year 644, at 80 years old.
  • Umar bin Khattab was told of the demise of Sawda
  • Then He fell into sajdah, because Prophets said to make sajdah according to the signs of Qiyamah
  • Umar declared that there was no greater indicator than the death of wives of the prophet
  • Ayat has revealed the details of Sawda
  • Hijab Ayat
  • Surah Anaam ayat
  • Sawda was narrated only 5 Ahadith from Ibn Abbas

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