Digital Shift: Zakat Al-Fitr Donors Embrace Online Giving Trend in Saudi Arabia

Zakat Al-Fitr is the amount paid by every family member. It is a set amount set by scholars and Is typically paid with rice or wheat. The tradition ensures that even the most deprived people can enjoy the celebrations.

Before COVID-19, Zakat Al-Fitr money was collected at stands set up in public areas like malls, mosques and offices for charity. Nowadays, it is paid online via reputable platforms like Zakaty or any other organization, which makes it easy for families to make payments promptly.

Royal Council consultant and member of the Council of Senior Scholars, Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al-Mutlaq, urged donors to use Zakaty to pay Zakat Al-Fitr.

Ahmed Al-Omari, a 49-year-old father, has told Arab News that he used to give the Zakat Al-Fitr through charitable organizations; however, since 2020, he has used an official platform.

He added: “Donating electronically is the proper choice since it guarantees that your money goes to appropriate people.”

Hamid Al-Attawi, a private sector employee, praised the platforms and services as user-friendly, reliable, and precise in the delivery of the Zakat.

“The digital services offered by the public or reputable charities helped by me and others guarantee that their donations will be distributed to eligible people under the supervision of the authorities,” he said.

Syrian resident Abdul Latif Farahan said that doing Zakat Al-Fitr required much effort in the past because people had to travel to markets, purchase Zakat, and then distribute it. However, he said the entire process could be done in less than two minutes.

“This was the first time I gave my Zakat Al-Fitr via an online platform. I’m sure it’s safer, secure and simpler than other methods,” he said.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs has established charitable counters in public spaces to make it easier for Muslims to donate their money in the final weeks of Ramadan. The counters for charity can be all over the Kingdom in major malls, marketplaces for public use and other popular places.

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