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Pharoah Body – The body is that of the Fir’awn (Rameses II) which is thought as the Pharaoh at the period of prophet Musa [Moses](`lyh the lslm). The mummy has been preserved and currently displayed inside the royal Mummies’ Chamber in The Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

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  • Fir’awn was a powerful dictator who systematically slandered those who were called Bani Israil (Children of Israel). Musa (`lyh the lslm) had been sent by Fir’awn to draw to him to be a better person, but the man he was sent to reject his beliefs and believed that he was God. Musa (`lyh Lslm) along with his brothers Harun (`lyh LSLm) as well as Yusha (`lyh LSLm) was the leader of his army of Bani Israil out of Egypt Fir’awn and his troops followed them, but they lost by the Red Sea.
  • There is much disagreement over the nature of the Pharoah during the reign of Musa (`lyh lslm) with some people identifying the Pharoah as Merneptah. However, the majority of evidence, backed by scriptures in the Holy Quran point towards him being Rameses II. The Quran as well as the Bible [Exodus 14:21-30 as well as Exodus 15:19-21] both state it was the case that Pharaoh was drowned at sea. However this version of the Qur’an is different from that of the Bible and provides a unique claim in which the corpse of the drowned Pharaoh was preserved as a symbol of hope for future generations. The Quranic claim of rescuing the Pharaoh’s corpse would be completely in line in the sense that his body Rameses II has remained in a mummified state. It was found in 1881, among a collection of royal mummies which were removed from their burial sites due to the fear of being stolen. Priests from the 21st Dynasty had reburied them in a tomb in Deir al-Bahari, which is located on West Bank of Luxor. There was no information prior to the publication of the Quran regarding the mummy of Rameses II.
  • Concerning the point of no return in his existence, Allah () makes mention in the Holy Quran in Surah Yunus: “We brought the tribe of Israel across the ocean as Pharaoh and his army took them to the land of slavery and rivalry. When the time came for him to be on the verge of drowning, Pharaohdeclared”I believe there is no god other than Him who the people of Israel is a believer. I am one of the Muslims ‘.”[10:90]
  • The last-minute change was rejected because it was not genuine. In the Quran, Allah () also exclaimed: “What, now! In the past, you revolted and were one of the corrupt? Today , we will protect your body, so that you can become a symbol for others who follow you. Most people are unaware of our signs.” [10:91-929:91-92
  • Pharoah Body

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Myths and Stories of the Land of Pharoahs Questions & AnswersPharoah Body

Question 1: Who are Aditi and Sanjay?

Answer Aditi Sanjay and Sanjay are Shruti and Rahul’s parents.

2. What publication wrote for? Sanjay compose for?

Answer Sanjay created a piece for the journal “Love to Wander”..

Question 3 What was the thrilling announcement that Sanjay would like to share with his family?

Answer: The exciting news that Sanjay was eager to share with his family members was that he was required travel to Egypt the next period to compose a book about the “Pyramids of Giza’. Sanjay planned to bring his family along since the summer vacation was beginning.

Question 4 Where did Sanjay along with his entire family board the plane from the United States to Egypt?

Answer Sanjay with his entire family flew to Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Question 5 What time did it take to get to Egypt via Delhi?

Answer: It took them eight hours to travel to Egypt via Delhi.

Questions 6 What made Rahul keen to serve as their guide when they visited the Pyramids?

Answer Rahul had a keen desire to guide them since the man had read extensively about the Pyramids since his father had discussed the trip with him.

Myths and Stories of the Land of Pharoahs Questions & Answers

Question 7 What made their father request them to stay up early and rise early when they arrived in Cairo?

Answer: Father asked them to go to bed early and rise early, since the ticket counter opened around 8:30 a.m. Then only 3000 visitors could go into the Pyramids each day. They didn’t want to miss the opportunity to go there.

Question 8 Which were the 3 Pharaohs who’s tombs are the most well-known Pyramids today?

Answer: The three Pharaohs whose tombs are in the famous pyramids were Prince Khufu, Prince Khafre Chephren as well as Prince Menkaura.

Question 9 Which is the most ancient and largest, as well as the largest pyramid? What year was it when it was built?

Answer: The Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops is the largest, oldest and most impressive pyramid. It was constructed at the time of 2140 B.C.

Question 10 Is the name given to the Pharaoh in the third pyramid?

Answer The 3rd pyramid’s pharaoh is referred to as Menkaura.

Questions 11 and 12: What are pyramids remind you of?

Answer The Pyramids are an ode to the powerful old Egyptian belief in the existence of life after death.

Questions 12 and 13: What number of people were allowed into the Pyramids each day?

Answer: Three hundred visitors were permitted to visit the pyramids each day.

Questions 13 What makes the pyramids an amazing sight?

Answer: They are a wonder because they were developed by a culture that didn’t have the most advanced technology.

Question 14 What was the reason for having the possessions of the deceased person buried together with their body?

Answer The Egyptians were believed to have the existence of life after death. The remains that were left behind by the dead person was laid to rest alongside the body in order that the deceased could have them to travel on.

Questions 15 What caused the grave’s size increase?

Answer: The size of the grave increased with the wealth and status of an individual.

Answer 16 What was the reason for having graves covered in mounds of sand and mud?

Answer The burial sites were covered by mounds sand and mud to shield them from scavengers.

17. What did Shruti so shocked about? What did her brother’s response delight her?

Answer Shruti discovered that the ancient pyramids are tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs. She was fascinated to discover that the possessions of the deceased as well as certain food items were also placed in the tomb together with the body to ensure future life.

Question 18: What is the Great Sphinx of Giza? Briefly describe it.

Answer: The pyramid in the middle is protected by the Great Sphinx which combines the body of a lion together with its head. human Most likely, faces of Pharaoh Khafre Its design is carved out from a single block of limestone. It measures at 240 feet long.

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Question 19: Give Reasons: Pharoah Body

(a) Rahul’s father was forced to go across Egypt.

Answer Rahul’s father had to go to Egypt as an editor in a travel magazine and was required to write a story about Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza for the publication he worked for.

(b) The man chose to take his family along with him.

Answer He chose to bring his entire family along He decided to take his family with him because their summer vacations had started.

(c) The soldiers needed to wear cool cotton clothes sunglasses, hats, and caps.

Answer: They had to carry cool cotton clothes sunglasses, hats, and caps as it was likely to be extremely humid in Egypt.

(d) A family of four decided to eat lunch and relax once they arrived in Cairo.

Answer: The family decided to have lunch and relax when they arrived in Cairo as they wanted to be reenergized to face a long and tiring day to come the next day.

(e) Family members had to be at the ticket counter before 8:15 a.m. the next day in order to visit the Pyramids.

Answer: The family had to get to the ticket counter before at 8:15 a.m. the next day to visit the Pyramids because only 300 people were permitted to visit each day, and they were not able to miss it.

Answer 20 Select the right answer:

(a) After the family arrived in Cairo the taxi was waiting to take passengers from Cairo airport and took them to _____.

  • office
  • beach
  • Hotel
  • island

(b) The Egyptian rulers constructed the _____________ for their burial sites.

  • pyramids
  • wealth
  • empire
  • palaces

Pharoah Body – – These were memories from Land of Pharoahs. Questions and Answers.


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