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The Hereafter – The Quran affirms that life doesn’t stop at death, it is not finished with physical death until the next world.

36:12) (36:12) – Verily, We will actually bring the dead to life, and we will record all the acts they’ve done and the evidences of good and evil that they left in their wake: of all things we will keep an account that is clear. [Asad]

If someone somehow avoids accountability for his misdeeds, and is not punished in this world due to his actions He will be held accountable and suffer in the afterlife before everyone as witnesses to whom he caused harm in the name of being holy.

17:13)”And We have tied all the deeds of a man to his neck. And at Day of Resurrection, Day of Resurrection, We will bring him a book that will be and wide. [Hilali & Khan]

What could be a more gruelling punishment than this? There are people who have a life of as if they are pious, friendly and reliable and promising everything to everyone, but at the same time trying to find ways to blame other people for not keeping their promises. 

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he Hereafter – These people are going to be exposed in the future, in front of all! They will be exposed in the hereafter to everyone! they will be able to admit their blatant hypocrisy before everyone and face the consequences of itEverybody will be required to look over one’s own personal account and make a decision on the punishment one will take.

17:14) ( 17:14) – [and then the Lord will say ( 17:14) – [and he will be told( 17:14) “Read this record! It is enough of your own today to create your record!” [Asad]

Therefore, one will be one’s own witness this Day. One won’t be able to conceal what one did to conceal from other people. What if one wants to know about the consequences? You will be told to make your own decision about the punishment. 

What would be a fairer justice that this? What is an impartial verdict instead of this? None of the religions in the world has this type of idea of the future. The popular notion of forgiveness is completely against this just and fair decision. The Law of Requital is fair to everyone regardless of any exception. And, for others, even The Prophet (PBUH) did not get an exemption because Allah demanded that he publicly declare:

6:1510:15)”Behold, I’d be frightened ( 6:15, 10:15) if I were to revolt against my Sustainer the pain that could befall me] upon that awe-inspiring Day of Judgment( 6:15, 10:15). [Asad]

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he HereafterThis is why the Quran requests the believers from all religions to gain the conviction (IMAN) regarding this notion of the afterlife.

The Quranic notion of the afterlife is a blessing to build a heavenly society here on earth. How many of us take action upon this Quranic demand that the Quran asks our fellow Muslims and Christians, in order to obtain Iman:

4:136) ( 4:136) – O you who claim (to have been Muslims)! Acquire IMAN in Allah and His Messenger.

Are we Muslims have any idea about how serious this divine order is? If we could attain this type of IMAN the human race will transform into heaven. If we believed that what I do or do will be revealed before all people at the Day of Judgment – of the truth that was inside my heart and that I must be held accountable before everyone, then the world will be transformed into heaven. There will be no room for hypocrisy and savagery.

All of our efforts towards Islamization and all our efforts to enforce sharia laws won’t produce anything beneficial in the real world – as this has been the case for thousands of years, when the rule of the kings (misnaming them as Khalifas to deceive people) ended the divine system created through the prophet (PBUH). 

If this type of IMAN isn’t acquired initially – an IMAN that was like the girl who was unable to put water in milk during Khalifa the time of ‘Umar and told her mother: If there is no one watching the milk, it is because Allah watches. If this type of IMAN can be found in the hearts of every Muslim, then the crime rate will decrease in society..

The time period that of Abu Bakr (R) a post for a judge was established, as well as Umar (R) has been appointed to the post. Umar (R) advised Abu Bakr (R) to eliminate the post since there was no case before the court for the entire year. What could be the reason that a case would not come to the courts? The whole community reflected the conviction that everyone were faith in Requital law, on the responsibility of our actions and even the responsibility of their thoughts, on The Day of Judgment and in the future.

2:284) ( 2:284) God belongs everything that is in heaven and everything that exists on earth. If you reveal to the public domain what’s inside your thoughts or keep it hidden, God will call you to answer for it. [Asad]

If this degree of conviction regarding the responsibility to the Afterlife is a part of into the soul of all people, what is the reason anyone would be compelled to commit a crime in the context of a society like this?

If a country believes and believes in God’s Requital Law there is the need to have police court, prisons because no one would be committing any crime because of deep conviction in the afterlife. It is this kind of change that the Quran brings about within the hearts of people firstThese are the ones who create their own Islamic system and build an Islamic social order.

 They are the ones who do not feel negative about anyone, and certainly do not do negative things to anyone. They are the ones who use the words As-Salaamo-Alaikum or Wa-Alaikum, they really mean peace and security for everyone (“Alaikum” means plural) from the depths of their souls regardless of whether they know them personally. What if that society becomes truly Islamic society where everyone is awed by their convictions and an authentic IMAN in the future?

he HereafterIMAN requires an alteration of the heart; it demands an alteration in mentality that requires a profound inner psychological transformation of your “self” and personality of people. The Quran declares that if a country doesn’t undergo this kind of internal transformation it will not see any positive change be achieved for that nation, regardless of the actions it takes. The Quran declares that until and unless people alter their mental outlook, there will not be any changes in the society.

13:11)”Verily, God does not change the condition of men unless they alter their own inner self. [Asad]

Allah will not change the conditions of a group until they effect changes in their internal self. The Quran explained that to Bedouins from Arabia. This subject has been pondered by all philosophers since Plato’s time, but regardless of how hard they try, they’re in no position to find an answer to this social dilemma. They will never come up with a solution to it without adhering to the law of Allah in relation to changes.

Imagine that fourteen hundred years ago, the Quran was attempting to explain to the most ignorant and backward people in the world how to create authentic IMAN. They are told that one can’t just accept the things one sees with the eyes of one’s. It is evident. 

It doesn’t need to be believed. However, it’s telling them: what is the force working behind the scenes that you can’t see? You can see the sun; you can see its light; the heat is felt; observe its rise and can see the setting of it – you know all this, but what’s the force operating behind the scenes? Are you aware of this? 

he HereafterWhat do you notice are visible signs but not the force that runs these huge cosmic bodies. What do you think of these Bedouins even the top scientists in atomic science are unable to see this force. You can’t see the force that drives the sun, but you say that you’ll believe in IMAN after death only when you can see in your own eyes how the dead that the earth has consumed are brought back to life to be questioned? What is so absurd about this claim? The Quran would like them to think further using an example:

50:9-11)”We send down from the heavens water-rich blessings, and we cause the gardens to expand, as well as grains fields, as well as tall palm trees with their densely-clustered dates, which provide nourishment to the people; and through all this, We restore dead land and even will be man’s return from the grave. [Asad]

This is the law of Allah, according to which dead land is brought to life through rain. A similar law will result in the resurrection of the dead..

The seed is sown in the earth. It appears that the earth has eaten it. There is nothing to be seen. Then, it is noticed that an erupting shoot appears through the seeds. What’s happening here? It is true that the seed contained in it a new life which grew out , and all the soil ate the remainder part of it. 

Do you see how from a small seed this shoot grows slowly to become an enormous large date plant? Every tree and plant undergo this cycle producing delicious fruit and vegetables to nourish everyone. Nature ensures that this cycle is not over:

Humans start seeds; and nature creates an harvest. There won’t be a harvest if there was not buried in the seeds to create plants with new life, even though the seeds were eaten from the ground.

50:4) Do We know what happens to their bodies, because With Us is an unrelenting record. [Asad]

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he Hereafter – We are aware of the things the earth eats. The tiny date seed grows into a huge tall tree stuffed with layer upon layers of date fruit. From where did it come from the tiny seed? The earth didn’t eat the hidden potential of the seed. The whole thing is happening in front of you and the dead earth is brought back to life; the dried seed is revived. The dead human being you have buried will be given a new lease of life.

It is explained Arab desert Bedouins 1400 years ago. What is the practicality of this story that even Bedouins in the time of Jaahiliyya could understand! Note this word “kadhalika” – meaning “the same way”. In your face, dead earth comes alive. Do you believe this? Yes, absolutely there is no way to disprove that it is true. Also, it is true that human beings will be revived the same way , kadhalika the lkhuruwju. This is the amazing aspect that the Quran clarifies its own. This Book is not from Allah. Allah.

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The Quran provides a clear explanation the Quran’s meaning to Bedouins who were asking Muhammad (PBUH) concerning the dead returning to the life. The Quran declares death will be made alive in the same way that the earth that is dead becomes alive when rain falls on it. They will be required to be accountable and answer for their actions – and for their thoughts in the future.

11:5)”Oh, how terribly the ones who are bent to deny the truth of the divine writ] are hiding their hearts to keep them from Him. Even even when they cover their bodies in their clothing [in order to not to be seen or heardHe is aware of all that they hide and also the things they reveal to the open. For, it is true that He has complete knowledge of the things that are in the hearts of people. [Asad]

This is a real-life illustration that perfectly illustrates the concept. They couldn’t argue against it, but they did engage in untrue debates against the prophet (PBUH) since, if they did not, they would have to alter their lives; otherwise they would no longer be able to pursue their narrow and selfish interests. The Quran declares that this isn’t unique to the people who are living it. Similar to the previous times, other nations did the exact things to their Messengers:

50:12-13) (50:12-13) – Long before the people (who today deny resurrection) Noah’s people gave the lie to this fact as did the people of Ar-Rass and the tribes of Thamud. and Ad and Pharaoh and Lot’s brothers. [Asad]

he HereafterThe refusal to believe in the existence of the afterlife is due to the fear of having to face Requital. Law of Requital. The earlier nations influenced by similar beliefs also denied the truth of the afterlife. They all denied the Messengers of Allah. However, their denials did not affect the outcome. Their actions were evident and the doom and destruction swept over their actions.

Allah’s Law came to the world with a brutal real. The reason they tell their story is that they were powerful nations in their time, but they did not follow their messengers warning that regardless of how powerful a nation might be, is, if it continues to wield its power to degrade and oppress the people that it must be accountable and the nation could end up being destroyed. They didn’t trust their prophets. They did not believe in the afterlife. They were therefore devastated. Now the remains reveal their story.

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Provisions for the Hereafter

he Hereafter – Allah has sent His Prophet (S) with direction and the Faith of Truth. The strict adherence to the direction from His Messenger (S) is required of those who follow Islam. The experts from The Islamic community have attributed the importance of this to them and created texts about how to conduct the Acts of Worship, Dealings and Habits according to the guidance of God. This book is among the most renowned works written about this topic. 

The book is one of the primary sources of information for those seeking to understand how to read the Seerah that their prophet (PBUH) and, as well the Fiqh gained from it. This book is unique in the sense that it clarifies how to understand the Sunnah via the Seerah and also the Seerah by the Sunnah. It is an important classic work that has many pages of writings by Imam al-Qayyim during the hajj journey and pilgrimage that he took from Damascus up to Makkah. 

Despite being composed from memory, the many thousand incidents, hadiths, ayahs and fiqh benefits, and the details of his companions he associated with them, were extremely accurate but with a few minor mistakes. For those who have a good understanding of the importance, status, knowledge and Ta’hqiq Imam Ibn al Qayyim held is likely to be pleased to find out the facts. It is still remarkable that ibn al-Qayyim was able to compose this volume while travelling to Hajj in particular, as he was far from the sources of knowledge

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Provisions for the Hereafter
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Knowledge of the Hereafter

he Hereafter – “All major religions have dealt with questions of life after death, although many do not treat it in detail as have Muslim theologians and traditionists. The present text attributed to Imam al-Ghazali was based on a translation of his Durrah al-Fakhirah (The Precious Pearl).

he Hereafter – Al-Ghazali gives a much less theoretical description than in his other works, and makes much use of stories and traditions. Many of these traditions are common in Islamic sources, particularly those giving details of the period immediately after death and the events of the eschaton. Throughout this book, al-Ghazali stresses on the freeing of the soul from the body, the comparison of death with the sleep of this world, and the eternal abiding in the presence of God.”

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