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Friday Blessings – The above powerful ayah simply suggests that Allah has created the whole thing He desired. After growing the whole thing, He chose and preferred a number of His introduction of others. This applies to people, places and also to the times He created.

Not all instances of the day, week or yr are the identical with Allah – He prefers a few over others. The Prophet (noticed) advised us to reveal ourselves to these blessed instances wherein Allah casts His winds of mercy into His introduction:

From those blessed instances is the blessed day of Friday!

The Arabic word for Friday is Yawm al-Jumu‘ah, which actually method the ‘day of accumulating or meeting’.

Quran Corner

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Friday Blessings – Prior to Islam, the Arabs used to referred to as these days ’al-‘Arubah’, which has the connotations of it being a nice day. It changed into Ka‘b ibn Lu’ayy, the seventh grandfather of the Prophet (noticed) who changed the name to al-Jumu‘ah, as he used to gather the Quraish, the tribe of the Prophet (noticed) on a Friday, after the sun reached its zenith. Ka’b ibn Lu’ayy changed into company at the religion of the Prophet Ibrahim (as), having absolute conviction in the coming of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Later on, the Quraish used to also ‘gather’ to listen to Qusayy ibn Kilab, known as ‘al-Mujammi’, the gatherer (the fourth grandfather of the Prophet (noticed)) in Dar an-Nadwah, which he mounted contrary the Noble Ka‘bah.

How to carry out Friday prayers?

Friday Blessings – To advantage Allah’s blessing, one need to recognise how to carry out prayers on Friday. Here is a manual to performing the prayers on one of the maximum essential days in Islam:

  • Take a tub and thoroughly clean the frame – The first step is to take a tub, smooth and clip the nails and put on clean garments earlier than heading for the mosque.
  • Visit a Mosque – It is critical that a Friday prayer is accomplished in a mosque. If there is a mosque placed close by, one must walk to it in a slow and comfortable way.
  • Hear the Khutbah – Khutbah is a speech that an Imam of the mosque grants. Muslims need to concentrate to every phrase of it, carefully, with out making any noise.
  • Call upon an goal to hope – After Khutbah, align carefully with Muslim brothers and speak to for an aim to pray, perform two rakat prayers and observe the Imam.
  • End the prayer – Imam recites the verses from Quran, and each Muslim standing inside the mosque must comply with him until the prayer ends.

In between the process of praying, a Muslim is likewise recommended to read and recite Surah Al-Kahf on Friday. A man or woman who has learnt the first 10 of its verses might get hold of safety from the Dajjal (Sahih Muslim) as a gift of Friday benefits. One have to also send blessings to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Fiqah Corner

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Friday prayer rakats

Friday Blessings – Before Jummah prayer one has to pray four sunnah ghair muakkadah. After that one ought to offer 2 fardh (praying in congregation). Following that one will need to pray 4 Sunnah muakkadah, and also 2 Sunnah muakkadah. Finally one will need to pray 2 nafl. The general quantity of rakats presented in Friday prayer is 14 rakats.

Hadiths about Fridays

  • Ibn `Abdullah said that the Messenger of Allah defined the importance of coming early for the Friday prayers. The descend starts with the one who comes at the earliest, and it’s miles equivalent to sacrificing a camel. Further delays are equal to sacrificing a cow, a sheep, a duck, a chicken, and the remaining is an egg, that’s the smallest sacrifice of all that you can actually provide when the person attends the prayer for the closing time.
  • Abu Hurairah reported the Prophet pronouncing that angels descend on the planet and sits at the doors of the mosque to record the names of Muslims who regarded for the Jumu’ah prayer. After the of completion of the final prayer, Imam comes out, and angels roll their scrolls up.
  • Abu Sa ‘id A-Khudari pronounced from the Prophet that the one who reads Surah Al-Kahf on a Friday night could revel in a stretch of divine light among self and the Kaaba, also called the Ancient House.
  • Abu Hurairah stated on the Prophet who called the 5 each day prayers, and prayers between two consecutive Fridays and one Ramadan to the next as a time when you can still repent for sins and be blessed with mercy and forgiveness. The most effective condition is one should no longer have devoted unavoidable sins in their lives.

Hadiths explaining Don’ts for Fridays

  • Abu Hurairah mentioned that the Prophet said that one must not talk whilst the Imam is turning in the Khutbah, now not even to ask someone else or a accomplice to concentrate attentively. It is believed to be idle speak, which is not ideal.
  • Ibn `Umar and Abu Hurairah pronounced that the Messenger of Allah stated that human beings should not neglect Friday prayers, or the almighty would seal their hearts and now not be aware of them at all. They would be many of the heedless for Him.
  • Praying with the right motive and doing appropriate deeds are definitely rewarded through Allah. To earn Friday blessings from Allah, one must attend Friday prayers as prescribed and follow the dos and dont’s encouraged through pupils.
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Friday BlessingsWe will now explore twelve particular virtues of Friday that makes it so unique!

It is the unique Blessed Day

  • The following hadith famous that the maximum blessed day of the week has usually been Friday:
  • This is because of preceding international locations disputing about this difficulty:
  • The Messenger of Allah (noticed) said, ’We (Muslims) are the last (to come) but (can be) the most on the Day of Resurrection, though the former nations were given the Scriptures before us. Then, this turned into their day (i.E. Friday) that changed into prescribed for them, however they differed approximately it. So Allah gave us the steering for it (Friday) and all the different humans are in the back of us on this appreciate: the Jews’ (holy day is) the following day and the Christians’ is the day after tomorrow’. [Bukhari and Muslim]

2) A Surah is known as after Friday

Allah most effective mentions two days of the week within the Noble Qur’an, specifically Saturday and Friday. Below is the only ayah that particularly mentions Friday through name:

Not best does Allah point out Friday, He also named a whole Surah after it, specifically Chapter 62, Surah al-Jumu‘ah. This shows the tremendous significance of this present day with our Lord.

3) Allah (swt) swears through Friday

Friday Blessings – We mentioned above that a Surah is called after Friday. Now we will see under that Allah additionally swears by Friday in the Noble Qur’an:

With regards to the above ayah, the Messenger of Allah (noticed) said, ’The Promised Day is the Day of Resurrection, and the one witnessed is the Day of ’Arafah, and the witness is Friday. The solar does no longer upward push nor set upon an afternoon that is extra virtuous than it. 

In it, there may be an hour wherein no believing worshipper makes a supplication to Allah for exact, besides that Allah answers it for him, and he does now not are trying to find Allah’s safety from evil, besides that He protects him from it’. [Tirmidhi]

SubhanAllah, now not most effective does Allah swear by means of Friday, He also singles out a selected time in it (the final hour earlier than sunset) wherein He solutions all our du’as!

4) It is deeply linked to the Prophet Adam (as)

There are five vast events within the life of our extraordinary forefather, the Prophet Adam (as), that came about on Friday:

  • ‘Allah created Adam’ [Ibn Majah]
  • ‘He turned into made to enter Paradise’ [Muslim]
  • ‘His repentance (Tawbah) turned into typical’ [Abu Dawud]
  • ‘Allah sent down Adam to earth’ [Ibn Majah]
  • ‘Allah brought on Adam to die’ [Ibn Majah]

The following hadith exhibits that Allah created the Prophet Adam (as) in the closing hour earlier than sunset:

As stated before, this is the hour wherein Allah accepts all supplications.

5) It is the excellent day of the week

Further to the above ahadith – which make it clean that Friday is a blessed and enormous day – the Prophet (saw) really explicitly stated that Friday is the excellent day of the week:

SubhanAllah, when it’s far placed into such clear phrases, there’s no question that we ought to be paying more attention to our appropriate deeds on Friday! Whether that is by means of reading extra Qur’an, praying greater prayers, or giving Sadaqah, it’s crucial for us to maximise our efforts on the first-class day of the week.

6) It is an afternoon of Eid

Friday is regarded by using Muslims as an Eid festival every week:

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, ’Indeed this (day of Friday) is a day of Eid (pageant), which Allah has made for the Muslims. So whoever involves the Friday (prayer), let him take a bathtub, and if he has perfume then permit him put a few on. And upon you (I urge to apply) is the enamel stick (siwak/miswak)’. [Ibn Majah]

The reality that Friday is like an Eid for us could provide an explanation for why the Prophet (noticed) counseled us now not to single out Fridays for fasting. Instead, in case you want to rapid on a Friday – for some thing motive – it’s miles first-class to rapid on Thursday or Saturday as properly:

The Messenger of Allah (saw) stated, ’None of you should fast on Friday, however only that he fasts before it or he fasts after it’. [Muslim]

7) Allah perfected the religion on a Friday

As we have cited, the extensive occasion of our father Adam’s (as) creation passed off on a Friday. However, there are numerous greater momentous events which Friday changed into divinely decided on for – such as the perfection of Islam for this Ummah.

On the authority of Tariq ibn Shihab (ra) who said, ’A guy from the Jews got here to ’Umar [ra] and stated, “O Commander of the Believers, if this following verse were revealed upon us – ‘This day I actually have perfected your faith for you, completed My favours upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion’ [The Noble Qur’an, 5:3] – (then) we’d have taken that day as an Eid day’“.

’Umar [ra] said, “I know really on what day this ayah was found out; it was discovered at the Day of ’Arafah, on a Friday“’. [Bukhari]

Islam become hence finished on a day which turned into ‘a double Eid’. It became Friday, that is an Eid for Muslims. And it turned into additionally the Day of ’Arafah (ninth Dhul Hijjah), that is an Eid for people who are on Hajj:

8) Friday includes the Hour of Acceptance

As cited earlier than, there is a very special hour that takes place every Friday in which supplications are widely wide-spread:

On the authority of Abu Hurairah (ra) who said, ’Abu al-Qasim (the kunyah of the Prophet) (saw) said, “Indeed, there’s actually a time on Friday at which no Muslim might stand, pray and beg Allah for what is good besides that He might provide it to him”. And he indicated with his hand that (this time) is brief and slender’. [Bukhari and Muslim]

The students gift two dominant opinions approximately whilst this blessed time is based totally on the subsequent two ahadith:

Friday Blessings – The Messenger of Allah (noticed) stated, ’It is between when the Imam sits right down to while the prayer ends’. [Muslim]

On the authority of Jabir ibn ’Abdullah (ra) that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said, ’Friday is twelve hours in which there’s no Muslim slave who asks Allah for some thing except that He will supply it to him, so are seeking for it in the final hour after ’Asr’. [Nasa’i]

The strongest opinion is that supplications are well-known inside the remaining hour after ’Asr, i.E. The hour before sundown. This is because this is whilst Allah created the Prophet Adam (as). And Allah is aware of quality.

As we maintain reading these ahadith, it becomes clearer that Friday is without a doubt a time of party for humankind. After all, it’s far the day on which we had been created, the day on which Islam turned into perfected – and it consists of the Hour of Acceptance. Every unmarried week, when Friday arrives, we have the danger to stay through this hour and ask Allah for whatever we want – honestly a reason for party and happiness!

Friday Blessings – As if this wasn’t enough reason for birthday celebration, Friday remains considerable for us even once we pass away, as we will see.

9) Protection from the trial of the grave

Another profound virtue of Fridays is that, if a Muslim passes away on a Friday, they’ll be protected from the trial of the grave:

10) The Day of Judgement takes vicinity on it

The Prophet (noticed) said, ‘The Last Hour will not take area besides on Friday’. [Muslim]

We are told in every other hadith that Allah’s advent fears Fridays due to this: ‘There is not any angel who’s drawn near (to Allah), no heaven, no earth, no winds, no mountains, and no sea that does not fear Friday’. [Ibn Majah]

Sadly, this isn’t the case for jinn and men. ‘On Friday, every beast is looking out from sunrise to sunrise in fear of the Last Hour, but no longer jinn and men’. [Abu Dawud]

The following hadith affords further information about Friday’s connection with the Day of Judgement:

On the authority of Aws ibn Aws (ra) who said, ’The Messenger of Allah (saw) stated, “Among the most extraordinary of your days is Friday. On it Adam [as] became created, on it he died, on it the remaining trumpet can be blown and on it the shout could be made, so invoke extra blessings upon me on it, to your blessings may be provided to me”’.

He (the narrator) said, ‘The human beings stated, “O Messenger of Allah, how can our blessings be presented to you whilst your frame has decayed?” He said, “Indeed Allah, Mighty and Exalted be He, has prohibited the earth from (consuming) the our bodies of Prophets”’. [Abu Dawud]

Thus, the Prophet (noticed) immediately advises his Ummah to growth sending benefits (Salawat) upon him on Fridays. This connects together with his declaration:

Interestingly, one of the names of the Day of Judgment inside the Noble Qur’an is ‘Yawm al-Jam’’, the Day of Gathering [The Noble Qur’an, 42:7 and 64:9].

The word Jam’ itself is from the same Arabic root word for Jumu’ah, thus proving the link among Friday and Day of Judgement. Scholars deduce that Fridays – and mainly the Friday prayers themselves – are a reminder and get dressed rehearsal for the Day of Judgment itself.

11) We will see Allah on a Friday

The greatest event and the finest reward of Friday is certainly to peer Allah – as we will on the Day of Judgement:

The human beings of Paradise can even revel in this last praise of seeing Allah. Scholars say that the following ayahs, which talk of ‘even extra’ (ziyadah and mazid), are alluding to seeing Allah:

’Those who do precise could have the finest reward and even greater (ziyadah). Neither gloom nor disgrace will cowl their faces. It is they who might be the residents of Paradise. They can be there forever’. [The Noble Qur’an, 10:26]

’There they will have something they preference, and with Us is even extra (mazid)’. [The Noble Qur’an, 50:35]

This fantastic reward is experienced with the aid of the people of Paradise on a Friday, where once more they will ‘accumulate’ and due to this revel in they will growth in ‘beauty and loveliness’:

Friday Blessings – The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, ’Indeed, in Paradise there’s a market to which they might come each Friday. The north wind will blow and might scatter perfume on their faces and on their garments and might add to their beauty and loveliness, after which they could move returned to their households after having an brought lustre to their beauty and loveliness, and their family would say to them, “By Allah, you have been multiplied in beauty and loveliness after leaving us”, and they would say, ”By Allah, you’ve got additionally extended in beauty and loveliness after us“’. [Muslim]

We definitely pray with all our hearts that Allah (swt) showers His favour and mercy upon us all and grants us access into His eternal Garden of Bliss in which we’re clearly blessed to see Him each Friday. Ameen!

12) Friday is the grasp of all days

After studying all the above ahadith, it will likely be completely unsurprising to you that the Prophet (noticed) outright referred to as Friday the master of all days. The rank of Fridays is so massive that it outweighs the virtues of other days and this even includes the times of Eid:

It is consequently undoubtedly important for us to reflect at the virtues of this day and maximise our efforts on Friday.

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Friday Prayer FAQs

Is it obligatory for all Muslims to offer prayers on Friday?

Friday Blessings – Only for ladies and youngsters, it’s far non-compulsory relying on the guidelines within the Mosques and international locations. However, for men of a certain age, it is obligatory to wait Al-Jumu`ah prayers.

How lengthy does the Friday prayer enlarge?

Each Mosque has its manner of conducting prayers on Fridays. However, if a wellknown manner is followed then the sermons ultimate for approximately 30-45 minutes. After this, a brief prayer is recited that takes about 5-10 minutes greater.

Can non-Muslim attend the Al-Jumu`ah prayer?

Yes, if non-Muslims are interested in providing prayers or need to revel in the devotion of Muslims, they are able to attend the Friday prayer. However, the sermons are directed to a Muslim audience and one won’t understand them completely or in any respect.

What is the great time to provide prayers on Friday?

The Mosques conduct prayers between 12.00 P.M. And 3.00 P.M. During this time, the daily afternoon prayers are changed through Friday prayers.

Can one wear perfume for Al-Jumu`ah?

Yes, you can still wear perfume best if it is non-alcoholic. It is part of bathing and dressing up for the prayers on Friday. Cleaning up is one of the first and the most vital tasks of the day.


Friday Blessings – The famous Yemeni partner, Abu Hurairah (ra), noted that the Prophet (saw) become as soon as requested, ‘For what motive become the day known as Jumu‘ah?’ He said, ‘Because on that day, the clay changed into fashioned from which your father, Adam [as] became made, and on that day can be the trumpet blast (at the Day of Judgement), the Resurrection and the exquisite seizure (of the disbelievers). And in its last 3 hours, there may be an hour while whoever supplicates Allah in it, it’ll be spoke back to’. [Ahmad]

Arabic Corner

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The above hadith fantastically summarises some of the tremendously specific virtues of the blessed day of Friday. Let us expose ourselves to the winds of mercy (Nafahat) of our Lord these days!

We can begin via giving some Sadaqah for Allah’s sake. Why no longer sponsor an orphan, deliver to our Water Fund, or installation a regular Sadaqah to the ones maximum in want? We pray Allah accepts our efforts from us on this blessed Friday, ameen

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