Hijab in Islam by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Hijab in Islam: Long scarf is often used by the women who dress themselves with abaya. There are many types of scarf. Lina & Lily Floral Chiffon Hijab Muslim Scarf are the two major kinds that are in fashion in the markets. Another term used for the long scarf is the stole. Both are equal in the term of use and wearing.

The women of South Asia and Middle East are fond of these scarves. Even the women in Europe are resorting to the scarf and stole. It gives them the sense of protection and security among the men of different categories.

   The long knitted scarf is used to drape and wrap the body especially the upper part of the body starting from chest to head. Scarf Macys is also the type of long scarf and is in fashion in the America and other European countries. The long scarf is used to attribute the wide decorating sash that the women wear over the shoulder to look attractive and pretty. Importance of the hijab cannot be denied at any cost.

Importance of Hijab in Islam is very great and huge. The hijab is the symbol of purity and sacredness. Teachings of Quran and women are discussed in the book. Muslim scarf is becoming very popular in the world. The hijab also gives the feelings of protection from the evil eyes of the men.  These make the women more confident. Muslim scarf is also in fashion these days. The women are turning to the hijab more and more due to the increasing cases of harassment and rape in the different countries of the world.

Hijab in Islam is a Very Comprehensive Book for All Muslims and New Muslim

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Islam is the religion of peace and is the complete code of life. It touches each and every corner of the human being and does not leave unattended and untouched. Women are the important part of human beings. They are given very respectful place in the society as they are the builder of the society.

 Men in Islam are ordered to treat them well and give them their due share in each and everything. Islam also lays great stress on the protection of the women. They are not sex dolls. They are not for the pleasures of the men. They are ordered to cover their parts to avoid the bad eyes of the men when going through the bazaar or market.

Muslim girls are the delicate part of the Islamic society and it is the duty of the society to take necessary for their better care and look after. Hijab is one of those measures that could prove very valuable for the protection point of view of the women. Hijab is a shelter and keeps them secures and protected from the garish and temptation from outside as well as inside.

The book gives the detail of the hijab and its significance in the human especially the women life. You must study the book for knowing the logic of hijab in Islam and Muslim world. 

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