Introduction to Surah Yaseen and Questions Answers

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In this Article we will learn about Introduction to Surah Yaseen and Questions Answers. Read Surah alyasin or Listen Audio Surah alyasin – It is the 36 Surah in the Koran with 83 verses, you can read full Surah alyasin online, PDF, Download. The surah’s No in the Koran in Chapter No 22 – 23 and it is called Makki sura of the Koran. Some Makki Surah Names :01-Surah Al Fatihah, Surah Baqarah, Imran and An-Nisa PDF Free Download

Surah ya sin

This Surah Yaseen is known as the heart of the Holy Koran. Many people read Surah alyasin that is the 36th chapter of the Koran which consist 83 verses and 5 rukus. It is placed in the Koran in Chapter No 22 and Chapter No  23. It isa Makki surah and talks about Tawheed al-uloohiyyah and Tawheed al-rububiyyah (Allah Almighty) which means the Oneness of Allah and of His Lordship and the penalty for the individuals who do not acknowledge it. This Juz remarkable the Holy Koran coming from the divine source. It closes with disagreement preferring Allah’s Almighty supremacy and the presence of the day of Judgment.

The Holy Quran Surah Names- Surah Yaseen

Quran Surah NamesTypeType
1:Al-FatihahEnglish-The KoranPDF
2:Al-BaqarahEnglish-The KoranPDF
3:Al-e-ImranEnglish-The KoranPDF
4:An NisaEnglish-The KoranPDF
5:Al-MaaidahEnglish-The KoranPDF
6:Al-An’aamEnglish-The KoranPDF
7:Al-A’arafEnglish-The KoranPDF
8:Al-AnfalEnglish-The KoranPDF
9:At-Taubah English-The KoranPDF
10:YounusEnglish-The KoranPDF
11:HudEnglish-The KoranPDF
12: YusufEnglish-The KoranPDF
13: Ar-RadEnglish-The KoranPDF
14: IbrahimEnglish-The KoranPDF
15: Al- HijrEnglish-The KoranPDF
16: An-NahlEnglish-The KoranPDF
17: Al-IsraEnglish-The KoranPDF
18: Al-KahfEnglish-The KoranPDF
19: Maryam English-The KoranPDF
20: TahaEnglish-The KoranPDF
21: Al-AnbiyaEnglish-The KoranPDF
22: Al-HajjEnglish-The KoranPDF
23: MuminunEnglish-The KoranPDF
24: An-NurEnglish-The KoranPDF
25: Al-FurqanEnglish-The KoranPDF
26: Ash-ShuaraEnglish-The KoranPDF
27: An-NamlEnglish-The KoranPDF
28: Al-Qasas English-The KoranPDF
29: Al-AnkabutEnglish-The KoranPDF
30: Ar-RumEnglish-The KoranPDF
31: LuqmanEnglish-The KoranPDF
32: As-Sajadah, English-The KoranPDF
33: AhzabEnglish-The KoranPDF
34: SabaEnglish-The KoranPDF
35: FatirEnglish-The KoranPDF
36: YasinEnglish-The KoranPDF
37: As-SaffatEnglish-The KoranPDF
38: Sad English-The KoranPDF
Az-ZumarEnglish-The KoranPDF
40: MuminEnglish-The KoranPDF
41: FussilatEnglish-The KoranPDF
42: Ash-ShuraEnglish-The KoranPDF
43: Az-ZukhrufEnglish-The KoranPDF
44: Ad-DukhanEnglish-The KoranPDF
45: Al-JathiyaEnglish-The KoranPDF
46: Al-AhqafEnglish-The KoranPDF
47: Muhammad English-The KoranPDF
48: Al-Fat’hEnglish-The KoranPDF
49: Al-HujuratEnglish-The KoranPDF
50: QafEnglish-The KoranPDF
51: Az-ZariyatEnglish-The KoranPDF
52: At-TurEnglish-The KoranPDF
53: An-NajmEnglish-The KoranPDF
54: Al-QamarEnglish-The KoranPDF
55: Al-RahmanEnglish-The KoranPDF
56: Al-Waqiah English-The KoranPDF
57: Al-HadidEnglish-The KoranPDF
58: al-MujadilahEnglish-The KoranPDF
59: Al-HashrEnglish-The KoranPDF
60: Al-MumtahinahEnglish-The KoranPDF
61: As-SaffEnglish-The KoranPDF
62: Al-Jumu’ahEnglish-The KoranPDF
63: Al-MunafiqunEnglish-The KoranPDF
64: At-Taghabun English-The KoranPDF
65: At-TalaqEnglish-The KoranPDF
66: At-TahrimEnglish-The KoranPDF
67: Al-MulkEnglish-The KoranPDF
68: Al-QalamEnglish-The KoranPDF
69: Al-HaaqqahEnglish-The KoranPDF
70: Al-MaarijEnglish-The KoranPDF
71: NuhEnglish-The KoranPDF
72: Al-JinnEnglish-The KoranPDF
73: Al Muzzammil English-The KoranPDF
74: Al-MuddassirEnglish-The KoranPDF
75: Al-QiyamahEnglish-The KoranPDF
76: Al-InsanEnglish-The KoranPDF
77: Al-MursalatEnglish-The KoranPDF
78: An-NabaEnglish-The KoranPDF
79: An-Nazi’atEnglish-The KoranPDF
80: AbasaEnglish-The KoranPDF
81: At-TakwirEnglish-The KoranPDF
82: Al-Infitar English-The KoranPDF
83: Surah Al-MutaffifinEnglish-The KoranPDF
84: Surah Al-InshiqaqEnglish-The KoranPDF
85:Surah Al-BurujEnglish-The KoranPDF
86:Surah At-TariqEnglish-The KoranPDF
87: Surah Al-A’laEnglish-The KoranPDF
88: Surah Al-GhashiyahEnglish-The KoranPDF
89: Al-FajrEnglish-The KoranPDF
90: Al-BaladEnglish-The KoranPDF
91: Ash-Shams English-The KoranPDF
92: Al-LaylEnglish-The KoranPDF
93: Ad-Dhuha, English-The KoranPDF
94: Ash-SharhEnglish-The KoranPDF
95: At-TinEnglish-The KoranPDF
96: Al-AlaqEnglish-The KoranPDF
97: Al-QadrEnglish-The KoranPDF
98: Al-BayyinahEnglish-The KoranPDF
99: Az-ZalzalahlEnglish-The KoranPDF
100: Al-AdiyatEnglish-The KoranPDF
101: Al-Qari’ah English-The KoranPDF
102: At-TakathurEnglish-The KoranPDF
103: Al-’AsrEnglish-The KoranPDF
104: Al-HumazahEnglish-The KoranPDF
105: Al-FilEnglish-The KoranPDF
106: Al-QuraishEnglish-The KoranPDF
107: Al-Ma’unEnglish-The KoranPDF
108: Al-KautharEnglish-The KoranPDF
109: Al-Kafirun English-The KoranPDF
110: An-NasrEnglish-The KoranPDF
111: Al-MasadEnglish-The KoranPDF
112: Al-IkhlasEnglish-The KoranPDF
113: Al-FalaqEnglish-The KoranPDF
114: An-NasEnglish-The KoranPDF
Introduction of Surah Yaseen and Questions Answers , surah yaseen pdf, surah yaseen full Download

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Benefits of Surah ya sin

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Some people prefer to listen Surah Yaseen audio while relaxing or driving, Sleeping, during travelling, . Although, Surah Yaseen recitation helps them in this regard. The LKoran is the best wonder, Dua, Prayer healer and blessing of Allah Almighty which He gave to people and whole Muslim or New Muslims All over the World.

Dear brothers and Sisters Although, Surah Yaseen is considered as the heart of the Holy Koran and it is among the most admire, important Surah of the Koran. Surah Yaseen has a lot of benefits which are:

Sunan Abu Dawood Hadith number 3121, Narrated Maqil ibn Yasar: The Prophet صلی ‌اللہ ‌علیہ ‌وسلم said: Recite Surah Ya-Sin over your dying men with mubeen.

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Surah ya sin and Questions Answers

  • surah yasin Number?
  • It is the 36 Surah of the Quran.
  • How many Verses of surah yasin?
  • There are 83 verses of Surah Yaseen.
  • It is Makki or Madani Surah?
  • Surah Yaseen is a Makki surah.
  • Juz Number of surah yasin ?
  • Surah Yaseen Chapter 22 – 23 in the Quran
  • In Which Para is Surah ya sin ?
  • Surah ya sin start is Para 22 the end Start 23 Para of the Holy Quran.

Surah ya sin – Quran yasin full PDF Download


surah ya seen – Surah ya sin in Arabic PDF


Surah-yaseen PDF format Download


Surah-Ya-Sin URDU Translation PDF


yasin – Surah ya sin read PDF Download



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