Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy by Jacky Davis

Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy by Jacky Davis. “This picture book is for boys and girls, it’s a happy picture book about conflict resolution and working together. Seira Wilson, Amazon Editor

Lulu asks Sam, her friend, if he would like to play with her at the playground. Sam prefers Diggers while Lulu likes Monkeys. Sam suggests that you play under the castle. Lulu, however, knows that it’s the best place to have fun. They can’t agree on anything! Lulu then asks Lulu, “Have any of you ever played Ladybug Girl?”

Ladybug Girl, Bumblebee Boy and Lulu save the playground from big mean robots and hairy monsters. They also have their own parade on the bouncy dinosaurs. They discover that playing together can make them both enjoy games.

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About the Author

Jacky and David Soman are husband-and-wife creative partners behind the New York Times best-selling LADYBUG GIRLS books. The stories are written together, and David then illustrates them. 

The stories are all based on their children’s and their family experiences. Many of them take place in their backyard. Jacky has experience in television and publishing. David Soman is from a family full of artists. He is an instructor at New York’s School of Visual Arts. He and his wife live in Upstate New York, with their two children.

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What parents need to know

Parents should know that Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy continue the adventures and antics of Ladybug Girl. Lulu is here at the playground where she learns to balance her needs with those of others and discovers new ways to have fun.

Talk to your kids about…

  • Families can discuss whether it is more fun to play together or with their friends. How is it different to play with friends?
  • Sam and Ladybug Girl pretend everyday objects are fun and exciting. What kind of objects do you pretend to be?
  • Sam and Ladybug Girl come to an agreement on which game they will play. What if you and your friend were at first divided but then came to an agreement? Was it fun? What was it? Did you have fun together?

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Product details

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