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Professional Development for Teachers – QuranMualim. Schools are required to have a minimum of a college degree and experience with teaching children. To be a good teacher, teachers need to have a range of professional development skills as well as knowledge and experience about their subject matter.

As technology advances rapidly, so does the way teachers and students learn. Teachers must be able to use new skills and not just basic skills.

These are 15 21st-century professional development skills that teachers today should have, or, as we like to say, “modern skills”.

1. Adaptability

Teachers must be able to adapt to the changing digital environment. Administrators are constantly updating their learning expectations and standards. Every modern teacher should be able to adapt to changing circumstances, whether it is the way their students learn or the behavior they exhibit in class.

2. Confidence

Teachers must have confidence in themselves, their students, and their colleagues. Confident people inspire others to be confident. Teachers’ confidence can influence others to become better people.

3. Communication

Communication skills are essential for students and parents as well as staff. It is important to communicate clearly with your students and colleagues.

4. Team Player

Being a teacher means being able work in a group or as a team. Students have a greater chance of learning and having fun when they work in a group. It is a great way to network with other teachers and solve problems together. This fosters a sense community in the classroom and school.

5. Continuous Learner

Teaching is a process of continuous learning. It is your responsibility as a teacher to keep up with changes in the world and education technology. An effective and successful teacher will always be one who is willing to go the extra mile to learn.

6. Imaginative

Teachers’ imagination is the most powerful tool they have. Teachers must be innovative and find creative ways to keep students interested in learning. This is especially important now that so many states have adopted the Common Core Learning Standards. Teachers are often of the opinion these standards take all the fun and creativity out of learning. Therefore, teachers are looking for creative ways to make learning more fun.

7. Leadership

A teacher who is an effective mentor knows how to direct their students in the right way. They are role models and lead by example. They inspire students and help them reach their goals.

8. Organization

Teachers today are able to plan and prepare for anything. They are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. You need to get home sick? They have a replacement folder ready for you. Research shows that teachers who are organized create more productive learning environments. It is therefore even more important to organize if you want students who are more successful.

9. Innovative

Modern teachers are open to trying new things. Innovation is not just about trying new things. It’s also about asking questions, connecting with real-world people, and encouraging a creative mindset. It is encouraging your students to experiment and to learn to work with others.

10. Commitment

Although being dedicated to your job is a traditional teaching skill it can also be a modern one. Modern teachers must be involved in their profession. Students need to know their teacher is there and willing to help them.

11. Ability to manage online reputation

Modern teaching skills are definitely new in this 21 st century. The digital age means that most teachers, if they are not already online, have an ” on-line reputation“. Teachers need to be able to manage their online reputations and know which social media platforms are acceptable. LinkedIn is a professional network that allows you to connect with colleagues. However, other social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook should be kept private from students.

12. Capacity to Engage

Teachers today know how to find interesting resources. It is vital to find engaging resources and materials for students in today’s world. It is important to keep up-to-date with new learning technologies, apps, and browse the internet to connect with other teachers. Engaging students is key.

13. Technology: Understanding

Technology is rapidly evolving. We have seen incredible advancements in technology over the last five years, and they will only continue to grow. These developments are not easy to keep up with but they are something all teachers should be aware of. You need to be able to comprehend the latest technology and what digital tools are best for your students. This is a long-term process, but it will make a huge difference in your students’ success.

14. Know when to unplug

Modern teachers understand when it’s okay to disconnect from social media and relax. Teachers also know that teacher burnout is very high. Therefore, it’s important for them to slow down and take care of themselves. They know when to tell students to slow down and unplug. They allow their students to unwind and take a break each day.

15. Empowerment through Ability

Teachers are able to inspire. That’s not the only quality that comes with their title. Modern educators can help students become critical thinkers, creative, flexible, passionate, adaptable, flexible, and innovative. They help them solve problems, be self-directed, reflect, and lead. They equip them with the necessary tools to succeed in school and in life.


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