Math IEP Goals and Objectives PDF Download

Math IEP Goals and Objectives PDF Download. How can you meet the needs of students with Individualized Education Plans in math classes? We were able help all students from the Howard County Public School System to make significant gains in math learning by using the Standards for Mathematical Practice during the IEP goal-setting and objective writing process. We will briefly discuss the key elements of an IEP goal-setting process that transforms instruction for students who receive special education services.

IEP goals and objectives were traditionally focused on improving student operations fluency. Now referred to as a myth, the prevailing belief was that students couldn’t engage in mathematics problem solving if their basic facts were not understood.

Joyce Agness and Kym Chase led a collaborative team that sought to change the traditional thinking about mathematics from one that focuses on basic facts fluency to one that focuses on learning behaviors as defined in the Standards for Mathematical Practice. The goal of the team was to improve a student’s ability to solve any math problem that they encountered.

Collaboration resulted in a tool that guides special educators to develop student goals and objectives that are focused on long-term math learning. Our special educators are changing their approach to supporting mathematics instruction by focusing on learning behavior. Instead of viewing mathematics as a set of skills that must be learned, teachers view problems as multi-faceted puzzles that require high levels of critical thinking and multiple solutions.

Teachers are also reporting that scaffolding the behaviors helps to determine where students’ skill levels lie, and how to adjust instruction to improve their math abilities. The IEP goals and objectives align to the every instruction for the first time. This means that students are less likely to be pulled from the first lesson.

The tool was designed to allow teachers to easily collect longitudinal and quarterly data on each student in grades 3-8. One teacher said, “I feel like we’re finally focusing on improving our students’ thinking and reasoning skills.” This will help our students in all classes, not just math.

A few educators have done a lot to improve the learning experience of students who receive special education services.

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