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This time of sales and sales have you considered of buying your kids something similar to or an Islamic Game?

I bought the Islamic educational game from Amazon. It is referred to by the name of Quran challenge Game. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and wanted to inform you about this fantastic game. This isn’t just for entertaining game. It is a fantastic way to have a good time with your family to honor the memories of Allah .

When I first opened the box, I thought I was playing an actual game on an actual board. However, as I read the directions in the box, I realized it was very interesting. Quite interesting!

It’s Quran Challenge Game. Quran Challenge Game is a distinctive game that is inspired by The Holy Quran. The aim of this game is to provide participants with a lot of fun as well as knowledge. The game’s questions originate from Quran. They’ve been cleverly included into the game . The kids will have fun solving the questions.

It can be used in many diverse ways. You can have fun with your children , or even organize the personal Islamic Quiz competition among the kids at home or at the school .This is not only a way to enhance curiosity about Quran and boosts your learning capabilities and also help develop an interest in Quran. This is referred to as high-quality playtime.

The full instructions for playing the game are provided in a an easy to understand the language book included in the box.

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Sample Quran Challenge Game Questions

If you are located in India and are located within India this product is priced at 534 rupees, and you can purchase it on Amazon.

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I am sharing a few questions that I have collected in my participation in the Quran Challenge Game :

The game has more than 600 questions.There is a total of 100 playing cards and each one has six answer options on one side and their answers are located on the reverse.

The questionnaire has six sections in the questionnaire. Each category is represented using a different symbol.

The six categories are:

  • Quranic Knowledge
  • Prophets
  • People from Quran
  • Land and other places in the Quran
  • The teachings of the Quran
  • 99 Names of Allah.
  • Q1 ) Name the first Surah in the Quran
  • Q2) Name your Prophet, who you think was patient
  • Q3) Which among Allah’s names of Allah is the symbol of his power in make the universe?

Answer 4) Which Ayah or passage from the Quran was handed by Muhammad Saw? Muhammad Saw? etc…

As you can see, the issues aren’t that difficult, and they’re not difficult either .

What is the best way to participate in the sport?

A group of more than 2 players are able to be playing simultaneously. There are pawns with different colours for each group or team. It is determined by the player who is the first to complete the game .

The game isn’t straight forward. Like any other game on the board there are rules that which are outlined on the instructions card. There are stops and markers which can give you an additional turn.

The overall game is very enjoyable .I strongly recommend this game .If you’re planning to purchase this amazing gift for your child you can buy it through Amazon .It costs just 534 rupees Indian dollars.

Information about the product

Item Weight2.05 pounds
Manufacturer-recommended ageAges 8 and over
Top Sellers425,469 is the top number in Toys & Games (

Customer Reviews4.3 5 stars 5 star ratings 79 reviews
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo


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