Sailing with Faith: Unraveling The Meaning Behind The Breton Fisherman’s Prayer

The Breton Fisherman’s Prayer, Navigating Stormy Seas of Life – Discover the Deep Spiritual Significance in the Heartfelt Words of the Breton Fisherman” “Oh God, thy sea is so splendid and my boat is so small.”

The Arctic ice is melting at a document pace this summer season – simply one greater measurable phenomenon indicating that extremely good trade within the global ecosystem is in progress. As the ice melts, and the significant polar reflecting surface diminishes, the planet absorbs increasingly more of the sun’s strength and . . . Grows hotter. More ice melts. 

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So what?

Sitting at my table in Chicago, I changed into tempted to choose out of being concerned approximately this – trend Republican, you may say. Put it on the again, ahem, burner. It takes a jump of consciousness to align my own well-being with the destiny of the Arctic ice, the sea, the Inuits, the polar bears. 

I’ve lived my lifestyles pretty lots inside the gated community of the American middle magnificence, sheltered, extra or much less, no longer just from poverty however from the demanding situations of weather and simple bodily survival.

I have lived in the bubble of a functioning economy and had been capable of take the atmosphere that surrounds it as a right. No elders or teachers out of my early life ever guided me towards awareness that I even have an instantaneous relationship with that atmosphere, and that I can act in the direction of it both with reverence or abusive indifference. 

Indeed, the economy that sustained me was based totally on abusive indifference, which, ipso facto, was an amazing aspect. We have been triumphing, workout the human mandate to “have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over each living issue that movements on the earth.” 

Oh constrained world view! I recognize it all too nicely. So what if the Arctic ice cowl is popping, within the phrases of a research scientist with the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center, into “a massive slushie”?

So what if people, with no end in sight spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, are largely accountable? I can apprehend the incapability to care about this. It’s absolutely past reckoning.

“There aren’t any comparisons to be made,” George Monbiot writes this week in The Guardian/UK. The melting Arctic ice “is not like war or plague or a stock market crash. We are unwell-ready, traditionally and psychologically, to understand it, which is one of the motives why such a lot of refuse to simply accept that it’s miles happening.”

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“Oh God, thy sea is so excellent . . .” At some factor, as I pondered all this, a memory ripped unfastened from my boyhood. I thought about the Breton Fisherman’s Prayer, inscribed on a wall plaque. It hung on the wall of a cottage on Lake Erie, owned by means of pals of my parents, whom we visited each summer.

The piercing simplicity of the prayer’s give up, now not to a few theological abstraction but to the tremendous encircling herbal international, beguiled and unnerved me. I wanted there to be more – something instructional, perhaps – however that changed into it. It hung in my coronary heart like a Zen koan. It defined reverence.

I worry that, if we lack at the least a trace of this reverence, we will stay trapped inside the gated network of human dominion – trapped within the certain thing of our generation, while the sureness vanishes.

And the storm-haunted Republican National Convention convenes in Tampa. “The Republican platform slated for approval at the birthday celebration’s conference,” writes Ben Geman in The Hill, “includes accelerated offshore oil-and-gasoline improvement, beginning Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling rigs and thwarting Environmental Protection Agency climate change regulations.”

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Such a platform is not any less smug than the Russian power giant Gazprom’s Prirazlomnaya oil platform within the Pechora Sea, which Greenpeace activists occupied for 15 hours remaining week, enduring, amongst other things, water cannon blasts that nearly swept them into the frigid waters.

“And so I write to you today,” defined Kumi Naidoo after the profession had ended, “now not as the govt director of Greenpeace International, but as certainly one of a crew of activists who stood up to mention No to a Russian oil giant decided to ruin our fragile Arctic.”

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What’s fragile are the complex environmental situations that make existence – human and otherwise – viable. To apprehend this fragility is to apprehend our personal fragility. Perhaps, in a technological feel, we have “outgrown” the Breton Fisherman’s Prayer. The ocean is not so considerable that we cannot pass it in some hours. But our potential to achieve this has come at a extreme price, environmentally and, perhaps, spiritually. 

The largest monetary and political establishments we’ve to this point created – nations, multinational businesses – regard climate trade more often than not as opportunity. Suddenly they’ve access to a formerly hidden a part of the planet, to drill, fish, mine and in any other case take advantage of. 

The Breton Fisherman’s Prayer, -In our pursuit of dominion over the seas and the heavens, have we misplaced the potential to like the planet that has sustained us? Do we adore simplest our control over it?

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