The Mughal Empire by Annemarie Schimmel

Mughal Empire by Annemarie Schimmel: India was the center of attraction for the people living outside the subcontinent. It was rich in minerals and was considered the golden sparrow for its wealth and place in the continent Asia.  The foreign invader had been coming to India for wealth and money. Form Sam to Mughal Empire, each nation tried to take control of India. Many succeeded and many lost their way in the labyrinth of the complicated land of India.

The Mughals belonged to the central Asia and their birth place was the old cities of Iran and Iraq. They migrated from their native land and came into India. After fighting many wars and battles, they succeeded in defeating Ibrahim Lodhi at the place of Panipat. Babar was the first Mughal who set up his rule in India and the Mughal Empire started taking strong hold of the entire land of India. Mughal Empire by Annemarie Schimmel is the true reflection of our traditions and values

The culmination point was the period of Jalal ud Din Muhammad Akbar. He ruled over the land for more than any other Mughal ruler. He was only twelve years of age when he came into throne after the early and sudden demise of his father Hamayon. Before Mughal, Salateen Delhi ruled the India but the period of these Muslim kings, though remarkable as for as welfare and progress of the land is concerned, but politically less strong and covered less period. In fact, the Mughal Empire was the strongest Islamic empire in the history of India. The land of India was seen and looked at as the exotic wonderland of the unimaginable treasures. 

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Mughal Empire by Annemarie Schimmel gives in detail all the achievements and the developmental works done by the Mughal rulers. The Mughal empire on the world map can be traced and it can be judged how large and the vast area. The book covers the detailed pictures of the routine of the common people during the great Mughal Empire. The society of that time is also painted very skillfully and with critical point of view. The different system present in the Indian Sub continent were also discussed in detail to reveal the fact that Mughal did take great care of their subjects irrespective of their caste, creed or color.

The Mughal architectural style is the main focus of the writer. She brings out the historical buildings and their designs which is not remarkable but unmatched in the history of not only of India but entire world. Taj Mahal which is considered the eighth wonder of the world is the most visited monument still in the modern world. 

The book The Mughal Empire presents our history and reflects the true origin of the Mughal Empire in India. Very informative and facts clearing book. You must have it in your book collection or library. Don’t waste time and jump up the chance of reading the golden gift.

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