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  • Question: Can one take bath while in Ihram?
  • Answer: Yes, one can take bath.
  • Question: If a Muhrim (Person in Ihram) has semen discharge as natural phenomenon, what should he do?
  • Answer: If a person in Ihram has a semen discharge as a natural phenomenon, he should take bath and put onother clean Ihram clothes.
  • Question: Can a person in Ihram (Muhrim) hunt land animals?
  • Answer: It is prohibited for a person to hunt land animals while in Ihram. If he does so in Ihram, he has to payfine i.e. fast for three days or feed six poor people or sacrifice a sheep.
  • Question Can a person in Ihram catch a fish or sea animals? Yes, it is permissible for Muhrim to catch fish or take any sea animals for eating for the benefit of himself and those who travel with him.
  • Question: What are the restrictions of Ihram? After putting on the Ihram, restrictions are as follows:
  • Men are not allowed to use stitched clothes, cap, socks above ankles. 2.Quarreling, arguing or fighting with companions, servants or others.3.Using perfume on body or Ihram clothes by a man or a woman.4.Nail clipping, cutting or shaving the hair of head.5.Sexual intercourse with wife and all the actions provocating to it such as kissing etc, or even talkingabout such matters are prohibited.6.Women should not cover their face and hands up to wrist. But they can cover their face in presenceof other people (Non-Mahram).7.Person in Ihram cannot contract marriage, nor help other to contract marriage, nor can send message for marriage.8Hunting on land is forbidden.

Hajj Definition – Restrictions of Ihram can be divided into 3 parts:

  • If somebody uses scent, clips the nails, cover the head or uses the stitched clothes by mistake, there
  • is no Fidyah or fine on him, but he should stop it immediately as soon as he realizes his mistake or he is told. If someone does it deliberately then he has to slaughter a sheep or feed six needy people or fast for 3 days.
  • If somebody is involved in hunting on land, contracting marriage or helping to contract marriage,shaving or cutting the head hair in Ihram, then he has to slaughter a sheep or feed six needy people or fast for 3 days.
  • Sexual relations with wife in Ihram invalidates Hajj or Umrah. He has to perform Hajj/Umrah again. However, he will continue to complete the Hajj. He has to sacrifice a camel and this sacrifice of camel will be separate from the normal sacrifice of Hajj. As his Hajj is invalidated, he has to comment year or any other time during Hajj period to perform Hajj again group of people, when you start yourtravel or finish your travel, while ascending or descending a hill, on arriving at a place, after every prayer, in the morning and evening.

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  • Question: What are the various types of Tawaf?
  • Answer: Tawaf means doing seven rounds or circumlocutions around Ka‘bah. There are five types of Tawaf which are as follows:
  • Nafl Tawaf
  • Tawafal-Umrah
  • Tawafal-Wida‘‘ or Farewell Tawaf.
  • Tawafal-Qudoom or Tawaf of arrival
  • Tawafal-Ifadah or Tawafaz-Ziyarah or Tawaf of Hajj.

Hajj Definition – Tawafal-Qudoom or Tawaf of arrival

First Tawaf done on arrival at Makkah (Scared Mosque) is called Tawafal- Qudoom. Tawafal-Umrah: When you put on Ihram from Meeqat and intend to do Umrah, the Tawaf you do on arrival at Al-Masjid Al-Haram is called Tawaf for Umrah. NOTE: For those doing Hajjat-Tamattu‘ or Hajjal-Qiran this Tawaf of Umrah will be replacing theTawafal-Qudoom (Tawaf of arrival).

Tawafal-Ifadah or Tawaf az-Ziyarah or Tawaf of Hajj

This Tawaf is essential part of Hajj. Without this Tawaf, Hajj is incomplete, null and void. Tawafal-Ifadah is done on 10th Dhul-Hijjah after the sacrifice of animal. If one can not do on the 10th, he can do on 11th or 12th  Dhul-Hajjah or up to the end of month of Dhul-Hijjah.

Tawafal-Wida‘ or Farewell Tawaf

It means to bid farewell to Ka‘bah. Farewell Tawaf is the last thing you do before leaving Makkah foryour home country or place of residence outside Makkah.

Nafl Tawaf : Any Tawaf that you do besides the above four types is called Nafl Tawaf. This is done when you arein Makkah and on entering the Sacred Mosque, the best prayer is to do Nafl Tawaf. It is done innormal clothes and is comparable to Tahiyyatal-Masjid i.e as we pray two Rak‘at as greeting one ntering in any other Mosque.

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