12 Expressions love in Arabic writing

love in Arabic writing – Arabs are enthusiastic, loving and extremely caring people. They are able to tell someone that they love them without saying, “I love you.” This powerful language will bring out the passion of the people who speak these words. For Valentine’s Day, show your gratitude to your partner and family, as well as acquaintances using any of these Arabic expressions to ensure they feel appreciated and appreciated.

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love in Arabic writing

1. Habibi or Habibti

Habibi (to males) or Habibti (to females) is “my love” or in Arabic. This is the most commonly used form of expression for love within the Arabic spoken to family members, children, friends as well as strangers. Mama and baby always use this phrase at the end of every sentence. It doesn’t matter if it’s to their children or to one another “habibi” habibi(ti) is heard constantly.

2. Hayati, ya hayati

Hayati is “my life” in Arabic this is what many couples say to one another to convey how deep their affection for one another extends. It is used mostly used in Arabic lyrics about love, and is used within the Lebanese dialect.

3. Rohi

The search for your soul mate is an amazing experience. It’s that person who you believe in the person you consider to be called your”rohi,” which means “my soulmate”

4. Eini

Arabs will be the sole ones who can comprehend this one. The word literally translates into “my eye” and although it may not sound romantic, it is a huge blessing to those you love. Eyes are considered to be precious as well as beautiful throughout the Arab world, which implies that your loved one is also. According to Amr Diab popularly written “habibi, ya nour el ein” in Arabic, meaning “you’re the light of my eye.”

5. Albi

Without hearts, one cannot live or be loved. In Arabic albi is “my heart” and it is the ultimate symbol of love. People are using albi to mean their family members or friends.

6. Ameli

Ameli, which translates to “my hope” is used to describe a significant individual in your life who provides you with confidence. Being hopeful from the people whom you cherish, are with or are surrounded by is crucial in relationships.

7. Omri

Since one way of saying “my life” is not enough, Arabs also use the word omri which, in turn, directly means “my life,” but as well “my darling.”

8. Ma Atyaback or Ma Atyabeck

Being called cute is amusing, but getting asked about your cuteness makes an impact. Arabs are asked this frequently. Your siblings, parents or cousins, significant others as well as your peta will ask you to answer this question every whenever she comes across you. Ma atyaback (male) or ma atyabeck (female) is a term that everybody has heard.

9. Bahlam feek or bahlam feeki

When you’re feeling in the love of your life, it’s normal to make statements that suggest you’re fantasizing about your partner. Bahlam Feek (to male) or bahlam feeki (to female) can mean I’m dreaming about you or I’m in my dreams.

10. Wahashtini

You know that you’re in love with someone when you feel that you miss them terribly. Wahashtini means “I miss you” and is a popular expression in the Egyptian dialect used to express affection towards someone else.

11. Ya Amar

The moon and the moon is among the romantic methods to express affection in Arabic. It’s the bright light that shines in the dark of night. “Ya Amar” signifies “the moon” and is an elegant way to express the love of.

12. Ana Bahebak or Ana Bahebik

The last but not least is ana bahibik (for males)) and ana Bahibik (for female) that mean “I love you.” This is the very first way people learn about how they can express their feelings that can be expressed in a variety of ways, be it rhetorical or metaphorical; it all leads all of us back to that exact significance of love during the day of Thanksgiving, and throughout the year.

Expressions at a Glance

love in Arabic writing – Below is a list of the words that are used in this article as well as their English equivalents. The Latin script will help in articulating the meaning of words in case you aren’t able to comprehend Arabic. Knowing your Arabic alphabet will help you greatly in the pronunciation of Arabic words.

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English EquivalentArabic (Latin Script)Arabic (Arabic Script)
I love you (to a man)ana bahebakN BHbk
I am in love with you (to women)ana bahebekN BHbk
I’m dying to see you (to an adult male)An adolescent bamout feekn bmwt fyk
I’m dying to see you (to an individual woman)Ana Bamout feekin bmwt fyky
Darling (to a man)habibiHbyby
Darling (to women)habibtiHbybty
I am my heart (to an adult male)inta rouhi‘nt rwHy
I am my heart (to an individual woman)inti rouhi‘nt rwHy

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