7 Major Sins in Islam | 70 Violations of Islam

Today, we will discuss the wrongs of Islam which cannot be accepted as forgiveness, and the seven most egregious sinssins that in Islam are not forgotten, no matter how many times you ask.

Before we get into the subject below are the summaries of our discussion today.

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What is an offense?

In Islam Sin is any action that an individual chooses to perform that is contrary to Allah’s laws. These are the actions that are prohibited to Allah through the Quran or by the Prophet Muhammad who was a prophet in the Sunnah. The Quran tells us about those who’s hearts are covered by the sins they commit. (Quran 83:14). In the Quran, Prophet Muhammad explained the meaning of this passage by saying if one sins, even just once, it’s as if the black dot has been placed in his heart. 

When someone has enough black dots, his heart will be completely coated and hardened. The way back to Allah will then become increasingly difficult but not despairing since Allah is the most forgiving and desires nothing more than to accept the forgiveness of people who turn to Allah for forgiveness.

“As for those who abstain from big sins and immoralities even if they commit minor mistakes, be assured that your Lord is great in his forgiveness. He is aware of you since He created you from earth and also when you were fetuses within the wombs of your mothers. Don’t claim to be pure. He is the most knowledgeable of all anyone who is awed by Him.” (Quran 53 32)

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The difference in a major sin and a minor sin?

Islam categorizes sins based on the seriousness of their effects for society and individuals. The most serious offense within Islam can be explicitly declared a sin in the Quran in reference to specific punishment whether in this lifetime or in the hereafter. This includes committing a violation against Allah like worshipping idols, or anything different from Allah all by itself. 

Other serious sins include theft, murder, perjury, bribery or slander as well as drinking alcohol. These crimes are considered to be serious due to the devastating effects they can have on people and their societies. Other actions that are more private in nature are considered minor. They’re the ones for that Allah has not expressed the most extreme anger, punishments or issued warnings.

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How can we avoid sin, particularly the most serious sins?

The most serious sins could be one of the main reasons Allah will not accept Your prayer. Find out why and how you think Allah be a favorable to someone who is in the state of sin and refuses to surrender or repent of it. It is crucial that a Christian avoid serious sins since they could result in severe punishments, and Allah has promised Paradise to those who abstain from these sins.

“If you do not commit the sins you were forbidden from doing We will abolish your (other) sins and allow you to go (to Paradise) with a worthy entry.”(Quran 4.31.)

Which are the seven most grave sins of Islam?

  • Shirk.
  • Unjustly accusing a woman who is innocent.
  • Removing from the battlefield.
  • Consuming the right of Orphan.
  • Consuming interest.
  • A person is killed.
  1. Magic

Here are the specifics of the 7 most serious sins in Islam and their authenticity is proven by The Holy Quran;

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1. Polytheism (Shirk)

Shirk or polytheism is being a companion with Allah (SWT) as a worshiper, leadership or in His name or attributes. It is also the sins that cause destruction that Allah SWT has revealed to Allah SWT, in the Holy Quran;

2. Sihr (Magic)

The other most destructive and serious crime is practicing magic, that is strictly forbidden in Islam. It is also called Sihr or the Islamic term. It imposes on all things the motive for that which is not revealed and all that is imaginable by speaking or usingcomparing which is regarded as hypocrisy.

A verse in the Holy Qur’an clearly states that the magician is only able to fool the mind of the person and convinces them that they’ve performed a real trick, but it’s just an illusion. Thus, the practice of magic, with all forms and types is a major offense.

Allah SWT has revealed that in The Holy Quran;

3. Unjustly killing someone

The act of murdering or taking someone’s life in a way that is not right is a grave crime, since it increases violence as well as chaos and disorder within the society. Islam is the religion of God that preserves the blood of Muslims and shields the society from violence and chaos. Islam does not permit us to shed blood. blood of innocent victims.

The Noble Quran, Allah SWT declares:

4. Having Riba

Riba can be an expression for an increase in certain types of wealth and goods. It is one of the most serious sins since Allah and His Messenger, the Prophet (PBUH) declared it as one of the most destructive sins. In the Quran it is stated;

5. In the case of an orphan, the money is used to purchase

Our faith was deeply concerned about the property and wealth of orphans. The religion assigned him, an individual, to serve as his guardian. He is accountable for his crying while also educating him as well as taking charge of his wealth or property. The stealing of the wealth of an orphan in a way that is unfair is illegal and is not permitted in the eyes of Allah (SWT).

6. Escape from the battleground

The second sin of destruction is to avoid the battlefield during conflict. Allah (SWT) as well as our beloved Prophet (PBUH) have sternly cautioned those who flee from fighting and threatened those who escape with Hellfire. Allah SWT said in the Holy Quran;

7. Indicating adultery on a woman

The women who accuse pure ladies in a way that is unfairly accuses them of adultery and illicit sexual relations are cursed both in this world and afterward and must face severe punishment. In the Quran it is stated;

A further Secholor, There are a further 60 major sins . In reality the sin of committing an oath of punishment or the future explicitly mentioned in or in the Qur’an or Hadith or a legal penalty, is referred to as major crime. One must keep in mind that some of the most serious sins are more obscene in comparison to others. Below is a list of the top 70 violations of Islam.

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  • Ascribing Associates to Allah, The Most High (Shirk)
  • Killing a Human Being
  • Sorcery
  • Not Performing the Prayer
  • Not Paying Zakat
  • Breaking one’s fast in Ramadan without a reason
  • Not Performing the Hajj When Able to do so
  • Showing Disrespect to One’s Parents
  • Severing the Ties of One’s Relatives
  • Adultery
  • Sodomy
  • Accepting Usurious Gain
  • Wrong Consuming an Orphan’s Property
  • Lying About the Prophet
  • Fleeing From the Battlefield
  • The Leader Who Misleads His Followers, the Tyrant, and the Oppressor
  • Arrogance, Pride, Conceit, Vanity, and Haughtiness
  • Bearing False Witness
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Gambling (Qimar)
  • Accusing a Woman of Adultery
  • Misappropriating Spoils of War, Muslim Funds or Zakat
  • Theft
  • Highwaymen Who Menace the Road
  • The Engulfing Oath
  • Taking People’s Property through Falsehood
  • Collecting Taxes
  • The Consumption of Haram
  • Suicide
  • Telling Lies
  • The Dishonest Judge
  • Bribery
  • Women Imitating Men and Vice Versa
  • The Pimp and the One Who Permits His Wife to Fornicate
  • Marrying Solely to Return to the Previous Husband
  • Not Freeing Oneself of All Traces of Urine
  • Showing off in Good Work
  • Studying Sacred Knowledge for the sake for this World or hiding it
  • Breach of Faith
  • Reminding Recipients of One’s Charity to Them
  • Disbelieving in Destiny
  • Listening to the People’s Private Conversations
  • The Talebearer who stirs up Discord between People
  • Cursing Others
  • Breaking One’s Promise or Pledge
  • Believing Fortunetellers and Astrologers
  • A Wife’s Rebellion Against her husband
  • Picture-making
  • Loudly Lamenting For the Dead or When Afflicted With an Adversity
  • Excess Against Others
  • Uncaring and arrogance toward Others
  • Hurting One’s Neighbor
  • Hurting or Reviling Muslims
  • Harming the Servants of Allah
  • Dragging the Hem of One’s Garment Out of Conceit
  • Men Wearing Silk or Gold
  • Fleeing of the Slave
  • Slaughtering in Other Than Allah’s Name
  • Falsely Claiming Someone is One’s Father
  • Arguing, Picking Apart Another’s Words, and Quarreling
  • By preventing Excess Water from Others
  • Stinting When Weighing or Measuring Out Goods and Similar Merchandise
  • Feeling Secure From Allah’s Devising
  • Despairing of the Mercy of Allah and Losing of Hope
  • Forgoing the Congregational Prayer to Pray Alone Without a Legal Excuse
  • Always Missing the Friday and Congregational Prayer without a valid excuse
  • Bringing Loss to the Bequest
  • Deception and Evil Schemes
  • Spying on the Muslims and Revealing Their Weaknesses
  • Disparaging the Companions of the Prophet
  • May Allah be merciful to us for our sins and shield us from all sorts of wrongs.


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Major Sins in Islam

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