Biography of Maymuna Bint al-Harith (رضي الله عنه)

Maymuna Bint al-Harith – Maymuna bint al-Harith (RA) was the only female to be a part of the Umm Mo’mineen as the her mother to the believer and later became the last wife of the holy Prophet (peace be on him).

Maymuna ben Harith (RA) was the daughter of Haris Al-Halalia as well as Hind bint On on 594 AD. Her birthname was “Barra”, which was later changed by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Maymuna’s (RA) family tree was very multifaceted and was interspersed in that of the Holy Prophet’s (peace be upon his) family tree.

Her sister, Umm al-Fadl Lubaba was the mother of Abdullah Ibn Abbas whom was also the Holy Prophet’s (peace be upon his) nephew. Her other sibling, Salma bint Umays, was married to the Holy Prophet’s (peace be upon his) Uncle, Hamza (RA). She was also half-sister to Zaynab and Khuzayma (RA) the spouse to her husband, the Holy Prophet (peace be on him).

In the last few years of her lifetime, Maymuna (RA) had wanted to marry her Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) for quite some time. Therefore she decided to speak with her sibling, Umm al-Fadl, about the matter.

She then spoke to her spouse, Al-Abbas. The issue was reported before the Holy Prophet’s (peace be upon his) notice by Al-Abbas who then made Maymuna’s (RA) proposal for marriage to Muhammad (peace be with him) himself who accepted the proposal.

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Maymuna Bint al-Harith – The wedding ceremony took place during the holy month of Shawwal during the year 7 AH. The wedding took place shortly following the signing of Hudaybiyya was signed, in the year 7AH. Muslims who resided in Medina were permitted to enter Mecca to perform ‘umrah’ in accordance with the terms of the treaty. Jesus Christ the Saintly Prophet (peace be upon his soul) was sixty an old when they got married. wedding and Maymuna (RA) was only 36 years young.

Following their wedding after their marriage, the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) changed her birth name from ” Barra” to ” Maymuna” which literally translates to blessed. Some think was the result of blessings conferred by the agreement of Hudaybbiya that was signed on a few years prior to. But Maymuna (RA) had only 3 years in the presence of holy Prophet (peace be upon him) prior to his death.

The holy prophet (peace be upon his name) died after his death, Maymuna remained as a resident in Medina for the following 40 years. It is believed that Maymuna (RA) was a good and caring woman who was much about keeping the ties to her family and taking care of the people she was around. 

Like the wives and wives of Prophet (peace be upon his name) Maymuna (RA) was renowned for her religious zeal and devotion to her devotion to Allah (SWT). Furthermore, it is thought that she was the one in her bedroom in which Jesus Christ (peace be upon his soul) was able to feel the beginning of earlier signs of his final illness prior to his death. He then sought the permission of his wife to move to Aisha’s (RA) house afterward.

Maymuna (RA) Was an outstanding woman with a wealth of knowledge and intelligence. She was known to teach Muslims numerous aspects from the Sunnah and hadiths that were attributed to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon his name). There is a belief that she was the author of approximately 13 hadith, a portion of which are found in Sahih-Bukhari and Sahih-Muslim.

Maymuna Bint Al-Harith (RA) died at age 80 during the period of the 51st year AH. The Prophet’s last wife was her. (peace be on him) to pass away. When she passed away she requested to be buried at the same place that she had been married to with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) at Saraf and her request was granted after her death.

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maymuna bint al harith, family tree of maymuna bint al-harith, maymun, maymun, who is maymuna bint al-harith,  hajah maimunah delivery	, maimunah ahmad, hajah maimunah, maimunah mohd sharif

Maymuna Bint al-Harith – There is consensus among the Islamic experts that it was shortly after his (peace be upon his) wedding with Maymuna Bint Al-Harith (RA) his final wife and his last wife, in which Allah (SWT) provided the Ayah:

“It is not lawful for you (O Muhammad, to marry more) women after this, nor to exchange them for other wives, even though their beauty is pleasing to you, except those whom your right hand possesses (as maid servants); and Allah is always watching over everything” (Quran 33:52).

It is believed that the Messenger of Allah (SWT) did not marry following Maymuna (RA).

The wives of all the wives and companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) were exemplary to their sacred title of ” Umm al-Mo’mineen” and are, to today, timeless role models for all mankind. They were passionate about God’s holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and dedicated their entire existence in service to conserving and spreading Islam.

 They were chosen to be our holy Prophet’s (peace be upon him) blessed wives due to their exceptional character and the determination to believe in God. Following The Holy Prophet (peace be upon his name) has passed away, it is his family and friends who provide a wealth of knowledge and wisdom for Muslims and non-Muslims across the world.

This is the burial site of the Maymoonah (rDy llh nh) one wife of Prophet (). It is situated in the Hijrah Road, 20 km from Makkah in a town called Sarif. It is also the place that they were wed in the year 7 AH.

  • Maymoonah (rDy llh nh) was Harith’s daughter. Her birth name was Barrah but she was later changed to Maymoonah after Allah the prophet (). She was first married to Aburehm-bin-Abduluzza. According to some sources that she was twice married before she was able to become Ummulmominin (mother of the Believers). She was recently widowed after she was married to the prophet () got married at Sarif which was a location in his way to Makkah as he was travelling to the ‘Umrah’ in Zil-Qa’dah 7 A.H.
  • The prophet () was planning to live with her while in Makkah after the ‘Umrah, but since the Qureysh would not permit him to go into Makkah and he had to call her to him at the same spot upon his return. Later, Maymoonah (rDy llh nh) passed away and was buried in exactly the same location in the year 1951 A.H. (at the age of 81). It is an odd coincidence that at one spot during a journey she gets married, and at exactly the same location on the return journey, she begins to live in the presence of Prophet () and then exactly at the same place on another trip she dies and is in the same place for burial.
  • Aisha (rDy llh nh) declares: “Maymoonah was the most pious, and the most mindful of her kith and kin, among the Prophet’s wives.”
  • Yazid-bin Asam claims: “She was seen either working in salat or doing domestic chores. If she wasn’t doing any of these she was at Miswak.”
  • She was the final woman to marry The Prophet (). Certain Muhaddithin have however, reported the possibility of two or three other marriages that were arranged with the Prophet () following her.

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