Complete Story of The Prophet Hud (عليه السلام)

Prophet Hud – Following the flood the new life began on the planet. Humans grew as they did before. Families who relocated to different areas within the Arabian Peninsula and established new cities, structures orchards, vineyards, and vineyards in the areas they relocated to.

A person named Ad one of the descendants of Noah’s sun Shem was moved to the town of Ahqaf close to Hadramut within Yemen and settled in the area together with family. The Ad family Ad increased and grew into an enormous community over time. They were referred to as the people of Ad.


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The location where the nation in Ad came to was an area that was surrounded by hills of sand. It was a land rich in rain and water; the soil was rich.

The people of Ad was extremely hard-working and transformed the valley into the garden of Paradise. They constructed probably the most stunning city in the world.

There were stunning palaces and structures constructed on columns of marble. There were pools, parks gardens, wide streets and lush gardens throughout the city. The beautiful city was referred to as Iram. 

The inhabitants of Ad were well-built, tall and strong. When their wealth is taken into account together with the physical power of Ad, it can be stated that there was no nation that was better than Ad on the planet.

The strength and wealth that the Ad’s nation Ad had provided a huge gift for their people. Even though it was essential to praise and thank Allah for these blessings they were conceited. They were proud of themselves and resentful of other people. Wealth was the only thing that turned their heads.

It is natural for wealth and strength to become a tool of oppression at the hands of those who are averse to ethical and spiritual principles. In a bid to gain power as well as wealth country of Ad began to oppress and force the citizens and cities that surrounded them.

Their most enjoyable pastime was making fun of pedestrians and travelers. They would place erroneous road signs and chuckle at people who followed the wrong road. Sometimes, they beat, tortured and even robbed the poor.

In addition to oppression, the Ad residents Ad were also prone to imprudence. They also built other centres of entertainment and debauchery close to the highways. They were enticed by entertainment, games pleasures and debauchery completely.

As time passed the notion that oneness had been replaced with the idea of polytheism in Ad, the country of Ad that departed from moral and spiritual values due to the debauchery and oppression they engaged in. They did not realize that the people of Nuh was destroyed by idol worship.

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Prophet Hud – The number of people from the Ad nation Ad was increasing, Allah sent them Hud as a prophet.

Hud’s duty (pbuh) was extremely heavy.

The nation was urged to be believers in the Oneness of Allah first, and then in worship Him. He addressed them in the following manner:

“O my tribe! Worship only Allah. Do not worship others. You have no deity except Allah.”

The people of Ad responded to this call of the frequency of. Hud’s:

“Did you bring us here for this? You probably went crazy. Therefore, you dared to put forward wrong and unreal claims.”

Hz. Hud answered his nation the following way:

“O my nation! I did not go mad. I am sane. Allah has chosen me as a prophet among you so that I will show you the right way. My duty is to convey the message of my Lord to you and to advise and preach to you so that you will attain happiness both in the world and the hereafter. “

The people of Ad didn’t want to be obedient to Hz. Hud. They claimed he was lying and committing insanity, as well as lying to their fathers. Hz. Hud replied to each of these allegations. He assured them that Hud was the most reliable person in the group. Actually Hud was the most trustworthy person in the tribe. Hud was well-known for his integrity, honesty as well as his courage and wisdom by his people. Everyone knew it and believed in it.

The Prophet continued to convey messages to the people in a steadfast and unwavering manner.

The people of Ad that believed that there was nothing but power and interests, could not comprehend his efforts. According to them there was a real motive in his work. They once informed Hud the idea they had.

The Prophet Hud refuted this charge by declaring,

“No reward I’m asking of you: it’s all) in your best interest My reward is due to Allah. He will be the one to reward me. What I’m asking you to do is to be good as well as happiness .”He went on to say this:

“O my country! You construct strong castles that have no value but they give you pride. They are lavishly decorated with ponds and blooms as if you’ll live there forever. You play silly games in the towers that you construct close to roads, and you ridicule the people, especially my guests who drive through. My nation! You also oppress and torture vulnerable people in need of assistance.How could such a nation be on the right path and what can they do to ensure they don’t require help?”

By these words, Hud tried to make them do the right thing and reveal their errors. He told them how to eliminate the terrible acts by stating:

“O my nation! Be obedient to the commands and restrictions of Allah who gave you a bounty of cattle, camels, sheep, vineyards , and orchards. Do you not believe that these blessings require you to thank Him and praise Him?

“O my nation! If you do not believe in Allah, do not worship Him and do not thank Him for the bounties you have, I fear that a big wrath will hit you.” 99.

The people of Ad achieved a high degree of well-being due to the power of Allah, the ability of animals to produce fertile soil, lush valleys, and a lot of children given the nation by Allah. This situation only increased their greed, ambition and insanity instead of bringing them closer to God and worshipping. As time passed they deserve more destruction and wrath.

Becoming aware of the dangerous direction of his country, Hz. Hud did his best to fulfill his duty of prophethood conferred upon his by Allah and tried to protect their people from the curse which was about to strike them by announcing. When the people of his country was aware that Hud’s words were not heeded. Hud was not going to stop uttering the same words, they told him:

“O Hud! The threat you have made has little significance to us. You’ve been talking about the idols of our nation, their palaces, and towers and snarking at pedestrians who walk by by threating us with devastating anger.

Because, what we’ve done isn’t more or less than what our forefathers did. If they were a victim of wrath, how come they are sleeping at peace in their graves? They did not suffer. O Hud! Wrath won’t strike us. We will not trust the Lord and you. We will continue to live according to our wishes.” 

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hud in quran,aad people,aad tribe,qaum e aad location,tribe of ad,allah punish,city of aad ,hud a,hûd ,people of aad  ,qaum e aad houses ,story of ad ,the people of aad,the people of ad , prophet muhammad,prophets,what is a prophet, what is a prophet,a prophet,why is a great prophet not spawning ,what are prophets,where did the prophet go elden ring


Prophet Hud – The people in Ad declared their revolt against God Almighty in full and declared that they would continue in the same way.

After that, God Almighty stopped sending rain on their country. The orchards and vineyards began to dry out and fade, animals began dying The nation that was strong began to diminish. Thus, the birth rate dropped. It was a constant dry and hot breeze that dried out the lips of people. The mouths were opened in a tense manner and faced difficulties breathing. It was difficult for them to see beyond the tip of their noses because of smoking and dust.

According to a narrator that was told, the people of Ad was a shambles as it was for the next 3 year. Responding to this abysmal situation Hud. Hud requested that they apologize and seek forgiveness of Allah by showing their weaknesses.  However, this request of Hud’s anger grew rather than easing their hearts. They began to believe that Hud’s. Hud was the reason for them to be in this state and believed that it was essential to kill him to gain salvation.


Insisting on taking action with the goal of murdering Hud by accusing him of creating the trouble that occurred due to their oppression and rebellious attitude towards Allah, the group of murderers planned to question Hud several questions and make demands on him regarding things he was unable to complete from Hud. They intended to provoke people to attack him if he did not manage to comply by declaring, “Do you see? He is a liar.” So, the people of Ad angry because of famine and trouble and famine, were ready to murder Hud. Hud. They began to implement this strategy and then asked Hz. Hud:

“O Hud! You haven’t provided us with any evidence to prove that what you claim to be true We therefore don’t believe in you or stop worshipping the gods of our ancestral ancestors.” 

Hz. Hud displayed various miraculous feats at their request. He advised them to not worship idols. Their intention was to hurt him by following their scheme to not believe in him and abandon the idols they worshiped.  When Hud Hz. Hud demonstrated miracles on his request, the plan fell through and was twisted by the breeze. To get out of the situation, they stated,

“O Hud! We never speak to you in any way. We have known you since you were raised among us. We don’t accuse you of any crime. In fact, since you made such outrageous claims, our gods may have seized you with a sense of smugness because you hated them and stopped us from worshiping the gods.”  They also claimed that Hud was insane. Thereupon, Hz. Hud was up abruptly and said to them:

“I call Allah, who is the creator of this universe, who destroyed cruel and brutal nations like you and who left some traces of them to teach people a lesson, to witness, and you to bear witness by considering my words and deeds that the idols you have been worshipping cannot be useful or harmful to anybody. If they have any power to affect others, do not hesitate to do your best in order to eliminate me. Do not give me any time to think.” 

This brave and courageous challenge of the Hz. Hud’s astonished the audience and caused them to freeze. They didn’t expect this kind of a frightened response from Hud. In a bid to capitalize on the insanity of his country, Hz. Hud continued speaking:

“I put my trust in Allah, my Lord, after fulfilling my duty. This challenge of mine is based on my belief in Allah and my affiliation with Him. You cannot do anything to me.”

A person who has achieved the true belief in the universe can be challenged.

Following the speech After this speech, Hud continued to speak. Hud declared that his goal was only to bring people to the truth, and the fact that it wasn’t his responsibility to seek and take any action other than that. Hud also said that the people of Ad could harm themselves only in the event that they didn’t belie in Allah, and that they could never harm Allah as well. He also said that Allah will protect him from all the harms that his nation has to endure. 


Prophet Hud – Hz. Hud provided a myriad of proofs to convince the people of his country to believe. Hud also offered them good stories and even warned them. In all, he did his best to communicate his message. In the time of drought and famine the king called people back to the truth and urged them to leave their idols. He warned them that the wrath of God was coming. The entire population of Ad responded to the words of the Hz. Nuh:

“Have you come to disobey us from our gods? Bring us the wrath you’ve been warning us, if you’re speaking the truth.” 

Hz. Hud was tired of waiting in the present and was unable to believe that his country would be better. Hud began to address them one final time:

“The knowledge of the wrath that is to come lies shared with Allah. I’ve spoken to you numerous times about it. Yet, you are still begging me to unleash the fury. My job is to inform you of what I have instructed to convey. I am aware that you are a group of people who are ignorant and don’t know reality.  Be patient for the wrath that you’ve been asking for. I’ll certainly be waiting for it along with the rest of you.  Let’s see if your gods of deceit will shield your from the wrath that is coming at you.”

While Hz. Hud was speaking to his people in this manner the nation was told by him that the wrath of God would befall the nation. He was blessed with the joyous assurance that all polytheists would die and all the believers will be saved. In response to the message that he received, during one of the coldest winter days, referred to as “cold spell” [23″cold spell” [23“cold spell” [23], the frequency was Hz. Hud sent all his disciples to a far location after the dawn. They began to wait for the wrath of God.

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Story of Prophet Hazrat Hud (AS)

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Muhammad Sohail Ahmad is Chartered accountant by trade and is a lover of studying Islam and wants to share the Islamic scent across the globe through his writings. Sohail writes for all children.

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Prophet Hud – The people of Ad first noticed a large black cloud that was visible in the far horizon. It was coming towards them. They were in the grip of drought, and it was not rained in an extended period of time. The moment they were able to see clouds, they got up and cried with happiness.

“There is the cloud. Our idols showed mercy on us. They accepted our prayers. It is going to rain soon. Our vineyards and orchards are going to get rain. Hurray!”

The people of Ad was very happy. Many of them went to their fields, and started to sow seeds and plough. A few of them came across the frequency of Hz. Hud, and began to ridicule Hud.

“What happened to your threat of wrath? Our idols have accepted our prayers and sent us those black clouds. It is going to rain soon; our troubles will end.”

Some began praying, laughing, and have amusement in front of their idols.

Hz. Hud was a bit pale as he saw the happiness of his people. He was contemplating what might be the next thing to happen. He warned them one last time, as they were yelling “It is going to rain soon”:

You are wrong. What you see is not a rain cloud. It is the wind of wrath, which you do not think will come. It is going to destroy you soon. Repent and believe in me before it is too late.” 

The blackness that took the form of a cloud surrounded the people of Ad as they were merrily enjoying the most outrageously.

Then, a storm began to form. What they believed to be an invisible cloud was actually moving at a rapid pace and the coldness. This wind, known as Sarsar within the Quran is making an awful sound when it was being blown.

It was stumbling trees huge columns, and massive ramparts were falling. The inhabitants of Ad the city, who boasted about declaring, “Who can be stronger than us?”, were flying as a straw.

A few of them embraced huge rocks and trees to stop themselves from falling. Others sought refuge within their palaces, which they were proud because of their determination. But they couldn’t keep themselves safe from falling through the air due to the trees and rocks they were encircled by. The powerful wind tore out the windows and doors of the houses. Everything within the home, living or not was swept off by the wind like dust.

The wind entered the body of inhabitants who lived in Ad through their nostrils and mouths. their internal organs and intestines were empty and their bodies were carried away with no arms or heads as if they were the logs. 

Some were buried in sand that was a tonne. The wind then removed the sand and they were swept out into the sky in the breeze.  Some of the survivors were trying to get out by shouting. But, it was futile.

The terrible storm lasted 7 nights and eight days. The animals and the people were killed. The lovely Iram city Iram was destroyed in the same way as its residents.

Hz. Hud and his followers who accompanied him through the terrible storm without injury.

The wrathful wind, which destroyed the entire nation of Hud to the ground is referred to as “sarsar” in the Quran.  The days of wrath which last for a week are described as “ayyam an-nahisat” (inauspicious days). 

After the destruction of the polytheists along with their properties and homes Then they left the city of Iram. Hud quit the town of Iram with a group of about 4000 believers. He settled in a village close to Makkah. He stayed there until he passed away. According to another story the story goes that the place he settled was close to Oman. Sea of Oman.

It is believed that the person with the most similar face has the appearance of Hz. Adam the most. Hud. [30] The people of Ad which the Hz. Hud was designated as a prophet and who was defeated through “sarsar” is also called Ad al-Ula (the First Ad). The Thamud nation Thamud and is known as”the Second Ad, was formed by the faithful who were able to withstand the wrath of Ad.


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It is stated clearly within the Quran that many nations who were steadfast in their belief and rebellion were destroyed by God’s anger. Christians are instructed to view their land destroyed.

It is said that many nations were destroyed through “a single sayha”. It is derived from the lexical meaning of word”sayha” that it’s an explosion sound that is severe.

The idea of the severe vibrating of matter in magnetic fields, that has been studied by scientists in recent times is fascinating in the context of the concept of sayha.

When matter is placed in an intense magnetic field creates an initial natural vibration. When the magnetic field becomes extreme, this magnetic nuclear vibration develops an attribute that can drive the human body insane and even cause him to die. The resonance, which could be compared with extremely severe sounds, is the characteristics of a fatality.

One that believes in the science of modern times is fascinated by the Quran in the sense that the Sayha on the Day of Judgment is a vibration that can cause death because of these frightening changes.

According to the verse 6 of chapter of al-Haaqqa Ad nation Ad was destroyed through a freezing wind. The Middle East, a freezing wind isn’t possible in the normal climate conditions are considered. What was the cold breeze that caused the nation to be frozen Ad?

Answers to the question is in the science that is related to magnetic fluctuations. Heating is the movement of quantum in normal conditions. The principle behind chemical reactions such as electric heating, and in the heat effect caused by the sun’s rays is the quantum movement. In the past the concept of heat energy was thought of as an independent energy. In recent times it has been added in the electromagnetic forces of the four kinds of forces (gravitation electromagnetic effect, gravitational force as well as interactions).

If magnetic effects that are suitable are present in a particular area, the quant movement is reduced or increased. The entire nation of Ad was blown by a wind cooling magnetic effect. In the past, primitive intellectuals attempted to discredit the Quran in the belief that the Quran does not refer to coldness. But, the subject of coldness is discussed similarly to it is in the Quran as well as”zamharir” is a word “zamharir”, which is an Amharic word, and is Amharic origin is used to refer to the state of extreme cool within the Quran.

The notions of Doomsday and divine wrath referred to in the Bible give amazing implications in the context of modern Physics.

Through the wisdom of those of Ad and Thamud incredible ideas and messages are provided to people of in the present, and especially to scientists. The beauty in the words of the Quran will astonish eyes, unless people who read the Quran are blind.” [31]

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