Complete Story of The Prophet Ismail (عليه السلام)

Prophet Ismail (عليه السلام)Also, that in the Book (the tale of) Ismail: he was (strictly) in line with the promises he made and had the status of a messenger (and) prophet… (Maryam, 54)


Hz. Ismail is the first son of prophet Ibrahim. He was born to the frequency of. Hagar whom was the maid from the frequency of. Sara.

Hz. Sara and Hz. Ibrahim aged, but they didn’t have children. Therefore, Hz. Sara was adamant that her husband should marry her maid Hz. Hagar. Hz. Ibrahim married Hz. Hagar. Hz. Ismail was born from this union.


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After a few minutes and a while, it became Hz. Sara began to become attracted by Hz. Hagar due to she was a Hz. Hagar gained respectability in the eyes of Hz. Ibrahim. This affected the feminine feeling of the. 

Sara. She pleaded with her husband to bring Hagar to a different place. Allah Almighty granted a revelation to Hz. Ibrahim and instructed him to follow to Hagar’s request. He sent the Hz. Hagar and his son Ismail with him to Makkah. The revelation forced the father to abandon the son as well as Hagar in the bleak valley. Hz. Ibrahim acted accordingly.

Following the settlements of Hz. Hagar in Makkah, and Ismail at Makkah, Jurhumis from Yemen was also a guest and settled in Makkah. In the Valley of Makkah, which was dry and dry and arid, was transformed into a city within a short time.

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Hz. Ismail was raised there. Prophet Ismail (عليه السلام)

Hz. Ibrahim visited his wife and son occasionally and then returned to Damascus.

One night, Allah ordered Hz. Ibrahim to give up his son Ismail in a dream. After he had seen the identical dream three times at day three, he told his son Ismail about the dream. Hz. Ismail demanded his father’s attention cold-bloodedly and showed a lot of patience to complete the divine request. 

It was a test for both the father as well as the son. Therefore, Allah Almighty evaluated their devotion and loyalty. Their performance was exemplary being extremely patient and dedicated. Allah Almighty sent Ibrahim a Ram and instructed Ibrahim to sacrifice it in lieu on his son. Thus, Hz. Ismail is saved.

The Prophet said from a hadith “I am the son of two sacrifices.” He was referring to his ancestor Hz. Ismail as well as his father Abdullah by this hadith. His grandfather Abdulmuttalib also promised to give up Abdullah, his child. Abdullah. After that, Abdullah was saved when Abdulmuttalib sacrificed a hundred camels.

Hz. Ibrahim visited his wife and son Makkah at times.

Once, Hz. Ibrahim saw his son at his Zamzam Well and talked for an extended period. Then, they began to construct the Kaaba in accordance with the divine command. Hz. Ismail transported stones as well as Hz. Ibrahim built the Kaaba with the stones. The creation of the Kaaba was completed. All the believers performed hajj with the guidance of Hz. Ibrahim. Therefore, hajj became to believers in the form of fard.

Afterward, Allah Almighty gave Hz. Ismail the prophetic duty. He assigned him the responsibility to guide those living in Amalika to Yemen. Hz. Ismail was a part of this nation for 50 years and gave their divine messages as well as instructions. A few believed in the Hz. Ismail however others argued for belief in polytheism and unbelief.

It is written within the Quran that it is. Ismail first commanded his wife, later his children, his relatives and the nation to offer prayers and offer the zakah (alms). 1

There is a wonderful lesson to learn from his character:

Man must help himself and grow and then to lead and develop his family, friends and clan, as well as his nation. In reality, anyone who is not able to improve himself will be unable to help others. Someone who doesn’t adhere to his word can’t influence others through preaching. The ones one must learn and help include his family and friends. 

It is much easier and important to make improvements in them as there is kinship among the two of them. In actual truth, all prophets began to communicate messages to families as well as close family members at first. The people that believed in the Messenger to Allah at first, were his wife, Hz. Khadijah as well as his brother Hz. Ali. Allah Almighty gave Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) with the command: “Admonish your nearest kinsmen.”

Based on the words of the Quran the Quran, It is said that. Ismail did his work in accordance with this guideline. At first, he was a practicing Muslim. Then the rest of his family members were made to follow the religion; then he communicated the religious message to his people.

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Prophet Ismail (عليه السلام) – When Hz. Ismail was a young man He had learned Arabic from the Jurhum tribe Jurhum and became popular with Jurhumis. Jurhumis was married to a girl of their tribe. Hz. Hagar passed away when she was ninety-years-old. Her burial was in Hatim close to the Kaaba.

After Hz. Ismail’s marriage, Hz. Ibrahim visited his daughter-in-law and son one day. When Ibrahim arrived, Hz. Ismail was not there. He inquired with his daughter-in-law about what he did and where he went. She told him he went out in search of food.

Hz. Ibrahim asked his daughter-in law a few questions to determine if she was worthy to be Ismail’s wife, and to find out how much she devoted to Allah. Allah:

“How is your livelihood?” Ismail asked. Ismail’s wife responded,

“We are apathetic and deprived of food. We live a very miserable existence.” She was unhappy about her situation.

Ibrahim was able to discover her character. When he was about to leave she was leaving, he told her:

“When your husband comes, give my greetings to your husband and tell him to change his doorstep.”

When Hz. Ismail returned at home, he felt his father was there. He requested his wife to come home.

Did anybody come to our house?” She asked,

“Yes an old man in vintage clothes stopped by and inquired about you. I responded. He then asked me about our situation. I told him that we were in difficult times.” After that Ismail asked me about our finances. Ismail told me,

“Did he advise you anything or did she tell you to say anything to me?” She answered,

“Yes, he told me to give you his greetings and to change your doorstep.”

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Thereupon, Hz. Ismail told his wife,

“The older man in my life is my father. He ordered me to divorce you. You are welcome to go to your parents’ home.” The couple divorced, and then got married another woman. He began to live an easy and peaceful life with his new partner.

After a few minutes and a while, it was. Ibrahim visited him once more. Hz. Ismail was not his home. His second wife was delighted to welcome the arrival of. Ibrahim. He asked his daughter-in law what he did and where he went. She told him she was to the market in search of sustenance.

To test his daughter-in-law’s new husband, Hz. Ibrahim asked:

“How do you feel? What is your source of income?” Hz. Ismail’s wife told him,

“Thank Allah, we are in a good state and we are happy.” He said. Ibrahim asked,

“What do you eat and drink?” She replied,

“We eat meat and drink water.” Then the it was. Ibrahim prayed for them in the following manner:

O Lord! Lord, make their water and their meat abundant and abundant!”

At the time of Hz. Ibrahim food items like grains and vegetables were not cultivated in Makkah. The locals ate the carcasses of the hunted animals. If there were grains and vegetables. Ibrahim would have offered prayers for them, too.

As he left when he left. Ibrahim told his daughter-in-law,

“When your husband comes, give my greetings to your husband and tell him to keep his doorstep.”

When Hz. Ismail returned home he was astonished to discover that his father was there. He requested his wife to come home.

“Did anybody come to our house?” She asked,

“Yes an old man with a luminous face came.” She thanked Hz. Ibrahim and said: “He asked me about your name and I explained to him that you went to seek out sustenance. Then, he questioned me about our income. I told him that we were doing well and content.”

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Thereupon, Hz. Ismail was asked,

“Did the man provide you with any advice?”She replied,

“He told me to give you his greetings and to keep your doorstep.” He was a Hz. Ismail was thrilled to hear this. He told his wife,

“He is the father of my children. You are the most prestigious door of our home. My father instructed that I treat you nicely and to be a good friend with you.”

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Prophet Ismail (عليه السلام) – Hz. Ismail died at the age of the age of one hundred thirty-seven. His sons laid him to rest close to Hagar. Hagar.

In the year that he passed away In the year of his death, In the year he died. Ismail traveled to Makkah. Then, he traveled on to Palestine to visit the grave of his father. In the meantime He visited and spoke with his older brother Ishaq (Isaac). Ishaq and his children were Ays (Is) as well as Yaqub (Jacob). Hz. Ismail was a father to a girl, Sabiha. Sabiha and Ays were married. Then they had a son, they had a Hz. Ismail was returned to Makkah and passed away in the year following.

Hz. Ismail had several sons. They emigrated to various locations and settled in Makkah. But two sons of his known as Qayzar and Thabit remain in Makkah. Thabit took on the responsibility of caring for the Kaaba. Qayzar was among the ancestral ancestors of Allah, who was the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). The Qayzar tribe of Quraysh originated from the descendants of Qayzar.


The greatest quality of the Hz. Ismail is that he keeps his promises. 2 He was always faithful to his promises and was extremely serious.

One time, he wanted to meet someone and they set a date. Hz. Ismail arrived in time, but the other guy did not. Hz. Ismail sought out the man for two days.

Another notable quality of the frequency of. Ismail was his perseverance and dedication. Hz. Ismail demonstrated his devotion and patience when his father requested that he sacrifice himself. Allah Almighty provided him with great bounty in exchange for his steadfastness and dedication. Additionally, Allah sent Muhammad (pbuh) the seal of Prophets derived from his progenitors and is the most coveted reward.

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Maryam, 55.

2 Maryam, 54.

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