In The Shade of The Qur’an Vol.9 ( Yunus, Hud)

Volume 9 covers Surahs 10, Surat Yunus, and Surat Hud. In The Shade of the Qur’an is widely recognized as an outstanding contribution in Islamic thought and scholarship to which scholars and students, as well as current Islamic revivalist movements around the globe, owe a lot. 

It is now available in English and will continue to inspire and educate millions more. It will be an indispensable reference work for understanding contemporary Islamic thought. A monumental tafsir is located in the Shade of the Qur’an. It is the largest and most profound.

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Surah Younas

Surah Yunus, the 10th Surah in the Holy Quran is Surah Yunus. It has 109 verses. It contains 109 verses. This Surah was revealed at Makkah.

Name of the Surah

Name of the Surah is based on the Prophet Yunus’s name. Verse number 98 in the Surah mentions Prophet Yunus’s Name.

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Summary of Surah Yunus

Here is the verse-wise summary of Surah Yunus:

  • The surah’s first two verses address the issue. He (SAW), is performing magic and gathering young people to His side.
  • The third verse reveals that Allah Almighty is the creator and ruler in the universe.
  • The fourth verse promises Allah to those who believe in Him, and who do good works. Allah will reward them with a good reward when they die.
  • Allah stated in the 6th and 5th verses that anyone who wants to walk the right path will see signs in my ruling universe.
  • Allah explains in the 7th through 11th verses the rewards that are available to those who believe in Him, and follow His path. Allah also explains what punishment will be for those who refuse to follow His instructions and do not follow the correct path.
  • Allah stated in 12-15 verses that man should return to Allah during his worst days but later forgets Allah Almighty. These verses also warn the Quresh e Makkah. He warns them using the example of previous generations. They did not follow the instructions of their Prophets and Allah destroyed them.
  • Allah addresses Quresh e Makkah’s behavior regarding the Holy Quran in 16-18 verses. Quresh e Makkah claimed that these verses were written by the Holy Prophet (SAW). They were challenged by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), to write one such verse if they have the ability. That challenge was met with failure by the Quresh E Makkah.
  • It is stated in 19-24 verses that people call Allah for help during Hard times, but forget Allah and his commands during the comfort period. Allah Almighty stated that idols can only harm or benefit people who believe in them.
  • Verse 25 explains how Allah sends rain to earth and vegetables grow. These vegetables are used by man to satisfy his hunger.
  • Verses 26-28 Allah promises that He will give heaven to the good deeds of those who follow His commands and hell to those who commit bad deeds.
  • Verses 29-30, Allah stated that everyone who was sent to earth would return to Allah. Allah is the true creator and master of the universe.
  • Verse 31 and 32 of Allah’s Quran declare that he is the master over your eyes and ears. Allah saved the living from the dead. Allah sends His signs to the earth, so why should you fear Him?
  • Verse 32-36 are addressed by Allah to nonbelievers who say they don’t believe in Allah’s oneness and worship other gods. They deny Allah’s orders, but Allah knows all their inner thoughts.
  • Verse 37-39 show that Allah told them they couldn’t bring a book similar to the Quran. They should accept the Quran and be grateful for the oneness of Allah if they are unable to do so. They didn’t know what the results of previous generations were.
  • Verse 40 and 41 show that Allah says some people believe in Allah, while others reject his orders. Allah is very familiar with all of them.
  • Verses 42-47 declare that Allah has declared non-believers to be persons without moral values. They are useless.
  • Verse 48-50 explain that Allah sends prophets for all nations. Each prophet comes from a different time and places on the earth. While some people follow the prophets’ orders, others ignore them.
  • Verse 51-60, Allah stated that nations who follow the instructions of their Prophets will reap the rewards. The punishment will be given to those who do not follow the orders of their Prophets. Allah holds the fate of every person in His hands. To show believers the right way, the Holy Book Quran was sent.
  • Verses 61-70 of Allah’s Quran state that the Holy Prophet is not under the control of the divine powers. Nonbelievers can’t harm Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Allah will bless all who believe in him and have feared Allah Almighty.
  • Verse 71-80 of the Quran state that Allah declared Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (SAW), to be the Prophet of Allah Almighty. Allah named a few Prophets who have died, such as Hazrat Nooh and Hazrat Moa (AS), and Hazrat Aron (AS). They were sent to different countries, but they did not obey their orders.
  • Verse 81-94 show Allah’s picture of the Prophets of the past and their countries. Only a small number of those nations believed in the prophets. Allah punished the unbelieving. These Prophets believed in Allah and were trusted all their lives. The Moses prayer saw Allah destroy the Egyptians and Pharaoh, along with his family, was drowned by the sea. The body of Pharaoh was lifted by Allah Almighty from the sea to the Earth so that others can learn from it.
  • Verse 95 to 109 show Allah Almighty turning his back on the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (SAW), and the people of Makkah. Allah promised that no miracles would be done to non-believers. Because Allah forbids them from believing in the Holy Prophet, people don’t believe in him. Allah instructed the Holy Prophet patience and faith in Allah Almighty.

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 Surah Yunus’s Benefits

Imam Jafar as Sadiq (AS) narrates the importance of Surah Yunus. He tells us that Surah Yunus will be recited by the one who is close to Muqabreen on the Day of Judgement.

A Surah Yunus is said to be a reward for someone who recites it. This will equal the number of people present in the country of Hazrat Yunus.

Allah has given examples from the past generations to prove the authenticity of Holy Quran. Surah Yunus mentions that Quran is the only path to the right path. Allah also highlights hell for non-believers and heaven for believers.

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Surah Hud

Surah Hud (, named after Prophet Hud is the 11 th surah of the Noble Quran. It is named Hud because it tells the story of Prophet Hud (of the tribe of d), which is why it is called Hud. 

Moreover, it tells the stories about the wretchedness of six prophets, namely the stories of Noah, Saleh Ibrahim, Lot and Shu’ayb. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, his descendants said that this surah age me greatly because verse 112 is where Allah commands the Prophet be steadfast with those who have turned towards Allah. The following topics will be covered in this article:

Reciting Surah Hud has many benefits

  • Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, said that “whoever recites surah Hud” will be rewarded ten-fold the number who believed in Noah or rejected Noah and also the number who were advocates and enemies prophets Hud and Shu’ayb and Lot. Furthermore, such an individual will prosper on the Day of Judgment.
  • Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Ali said that “Whoever recites surah Hud every Friday will be united with the prophets at the Day of Judgment. All his sins will also be forgiven.”
  • Abu Abdullah Ja’far ibn Muhammad said that Allah will grant an extraordinary power to anyone who writes surah Hud with him wherever he goes. Furthermore, he can keep it with him and fight his enemies. This will make him a hero to all who see him.

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Surah Hud Content

Surah Hud’s first four verses mention all Quranic teachings, which have been detailed throughout the surah. Surah Hud shares the good news about paradise for those who believe, and warns of Allah’s punishment for those who do not believe or commit sins. Surah Hud also discusses major Islamic issues like monotheism ( Tawhid; tawHyd), prophethood and resurrection ( Ma’ad) It also speaks about Allah’s promises for believersand those who are righteous. This surah is unique because it tells the story of seven prophets.

  • Prophet Noah
  • Prophet Hud
  • Prophet Saleh
  • Prophet Ibrahim
  • Prophet Lot
  • Prophet Shu’ayb
  • Prophet Moses

Prophets of Allah first invited people to monotheism. The most important belief everyone should hold is worship of one God. The majority of Noah’s people rejected him. They finally said, “Bring me what you threaten me with, if you are truthful.” This was when Allah ordered Noah to build the Ark. The great flood followed, and all the disbelievers were drowned. Noah’s son was also a disbeliever. Noah called his son and asked him to join the other disbelievers on the Ark. His son, however, was arrogant and claimed he would climb a mountain to escape the punishment.

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Surah Hud, one of the most noble surahs, is one that can be recited because it offers many benefits and rewards for the reader. Surah Hud is unique because it tells the stories of seven prophets including Prophet Hud (after whom the surah was named). Reciting surah Hud will bring you all the virtues, rewards and benefits that it offers, God willing.

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