Complete Story of The Prophet Yunus (عليه السلام)

Prophet Yunus (عليه السلام) – Yunus Ibn Mata (referred to as Jonah as Jonah in English) was the messenger of Allah who was sent to Nineveh which is a city located in northern Iraq with an estimated population of more than hundred thousand. Prophet Yunus was a seemingly ordinary person who was born and raised among the people of Nineveh.

The city that was booming in Nineveh was long gone from their message to Allah and turned into a city that was awash with idol worship and the sin of. Allah determined to choose Prophet Yunus who was born in their midst as a Messenger to guide them along His path, which is the pathway of illumination.

Prophet Yunus immediately began to fulfill the Lord’s request and urged his people to surrender to Allah and to abstain from idol worship. However, Nineveh’s people Nineveh were not awed by Yunus like numerous nations have rejected prophets and messengers prior to them. Yunus was not discouraged by their rejection; he continued to summon people to worship Allah by reminding them of the punishment of Allah which was directed towards Ad, Thamud and the Nuh people.

They resisted and declared, ” We and our forefathers have worshipped these gods for many years and no harm has come to us.”

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Prophet Yunus (عليه السلام) – Prophet Yunus was determined to aid the people and was persistent. He did not give up on his followers; despite their lack of knowledge and cruel words, he kept on to warn them about Allah’s punishment.

” Let it happen” The men laughed, and then informed Yunus the fact that they weren’t worried about the empty threat. Prophet Yunus was demoralized; he quit his followers. With no permission from Allah the Prophet Yunus made the decision to leave Nineveh. of Nineveh hoping to find an outside community that would accept him, and then join into the community of Islam.

The clear skies above Nineveh rapidly changed to red, ready to unleash the fury of Allah. Children, women and men were gathered on the tops of the mountains looking at the battle of the sky above them, with hearts filled with terror.

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They quickly remembered Yunus’s warning about Allah’s punishment and were terrified of the fate for Ad, Thamud, and the inhabitants of Nuh. With a newfound faith, they sank to their knees, and with their hands spread out they began to plead for mercy and forgiveness from Allah.

 In awe of this display of repentance sincerity, Allah lifted His curse, accepted his victims’ forgiveness and poured blessings on them. The skies cleared and the people prayed for secure return to their Prophet Yunus in order they could be guided in the direction of Allah.

Then Prophet Yunus who had left Nineveh to join the small vessel of a passenger with the intent of traveling as far from his family as he could. The ship traveled through peaceful waters throughout the day. However, as night drew near an engulfing storm was raging and shook the ship around. The passengers and crew were forced to take a risk for their lives as seawater began slowly rushing into the deck, gradually taking the ship down.

The storm continued to rage throughout into the evening, captain of the ship ordered his crew to take the luggage and any other unnecessary load onboard to reduce the load on the ship. The crew, as per the order, took away the excess load, but the ship continued sinking because it was still heavy. The Captain was forced to make a choice: he was forced to sacrifice the life of one person in order to ensure the safety of his crew members and passengers. Since it was a standard custom among men of the time the Captain decided to draw a lot to select the person to be sacrificed.

The results were drawn, and the name of Prophet Yunus was drawn. The participants were aware that Yunus was young, righteous and honest, and a good man, and they resisted to let him go and decided to draw the lot again.

Then the votes were taken, and the name of Yunus came up again. The cast members were unable to throw Yunus by saying, “We are not going to let go of Yunus. Yunus is our blessing on the vessel. He is the greatest man on the vessel; we’re not going to rid ourselves of him.” They then drew three times and the name of Yunus was drawn again! The men were puzzled and confused, but the prophet Yunus realized his fate. judgment of Allah because he had quit his family without his Lord’s permission. Then Yunus leapt from the boat into the dark, savage waves of the ocean.

As Allah was commanded, the largest whale that was in the ocean swallowed Yunus when he was thrown into the water. Yunus was conscious, awoke to discover him surrounded by darkness.

He thought he had died, however, as his awareness grew the man realized that he wasn’t in his grave, but actually inside the stomachs of massive fish.

Deep inside his stomach, the whale the Prophet Yunus kneeled before Allah and stated, “O Allah, I am prostrating to you in a place where no one has prostrated to you before, in the stomach of a fish.” He also prayed to Allah in a resounding voice, “None has the right to worship but You. Glorified be You. In truth, I’ve been among those who have committed wrongdoing.” All the creatures from the deep ocean received the chants of Yunus and gathered around the whales to go with the worship of Allah.

Allah The Most-Merciful was deeply attracted by the confession of Yunus. He told the whale to throw out His Messenger on the closest shore. The whale obeyed Allah’s commands and went to the closest shore and released Yunus. 

Yunus’s body was inflamed due to the acid that were in his stomach. He was not protected from the elements of the sky and the wind, therefore Allah instructed that a tree grow over Yunus to give him shading and food. Allah accepted his forgiveness and told him that if without his honest prayers, Yunus would continue to be trapped in the whale’s stomach until when the day of Judgment.

Once Yunus had fully recovered, he returned to Nineveh to finish his mission. When he arrived at his home town, Yunus was stunned–the entire inhabitants of Nineveh was accepting Islam and were waiting for his arrival. Along with his fellow citizens, Yunus prostrated to his Lord and thanked Him for His blessings.

Complete Story of The Prophet Yunus (عليه السلام) – Yunus was the sole Prophet whose entire community embraced Islam. Allah declared within the Holy Quran regarding the people of Yunus Ibn Matta: “Was there any community in the town that believed after having seen the punishmentand, in its faith at the time protected it from punishment? (the solution was none)–except Yunus’s people. Yunus who believed that when they did that we had lifted them from the burden of shame in the lives of the present and let them have a good time for a few minutes.” The Shariah Yunus Ayat 98[Surah Yunus Ayat 98]

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The Prophet Jonah as well as the Whale story from the Quran

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