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Are there any Muslims have birthday celebrations? Muslims shouldn’t celebrate birthdays because they violate Islamic beliefs as well as the Quran. Birthday parties are prohibited in Islam since they encourage pagan beliefs. There is no birthday celebration in Islam and it is an Islamic custom. Even though it has become to be a common practice it is not a Hadith or guidance in Islam which tells Muslims to observe it. Muslims celebrate birthdays.

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Does Muslims observe birthdays?

Does Muslims have birthday celebrations? If there’s one birthday on earth worth remembering this was the Prophet’s birthday. Muhammad.

There is nothing more significant than celebrating the Prophet’s birth however, he did not.

He didn’t do this for his daughters or himself as well as his wives, daughters or close friends did not celebrate Prophet Muhamad’s birthday following His passed away.

Anyone who commemorates the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) shouldn’t be tied to Islamic theology.

Non-Muslims commemorate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad to attract Egyptians for a visit to their houses.

In Islam Why is the celebration of birthdays prohibited?

What are the reasons Muslims enjoy birthday celebrations? It is considered haram to Muslims within Islam since the candle on the birthday cake symbolize morally impure lifestyles that were prevalent in the early days of Europe.

The people of the past used to hibernate in order to keep warm during brutal winters.

The reason for this was that nature was trying to take them down with cold. And since they had fought their battle and gained a foothold, they were able to combat it through blowing candles.

They lit candles according to their ages , then blow them up to show their power to overcome the forces of nature. We believe this is rooted in the middle ages of Europe and has a long roots in the history of Europe. They aren’t based on Islamic convictions or the way that Muslims are expected to do.

Nowadays, a few Muslims are wondering what’s wrong with blowing candles but they don’t realize that this is a pagan custom. Muslims are tricked to believe that when they get an extra year old, that they have to be celebrating it.

This is achieved by arranging an enormous celebration that everyone is required to go. They aren’t aware that they’re getting closer the point of death.

Since we live in an age where people are throwing events, our children press us to plan birthday parties for their birthdays.

But, we should be able to engage them and try to explain the reasons Muslims shouldn’t celebrate birthdays in order to are aware of the history behind these celebrations.

You shouldn’t get up in the morning and think, “Islam needs to be adjusted,” since you’re already an altered Muslim If that’s the scenario. Inform people that you’re an altered Muslim If they inquire about whether you’re an Muslim.

Birthdays and the Islamic Law

What is the reason Muslims are happy birthdays? The Islamic belief that Muslims to celebrate birthdays, is they’re not a common custom as Muslims are not permitted to host birthday celebrations.

This is a serious cultural issue in modern society especially in the West and is becoming more prevalent in the east.

Muslims are prohibited from adopting other practices, so let’s look at the history behind birthday celebrations and the reasons why they are celebrated like we mentioned earlier.

If the companions of the Prophet Mohammad celebrated birthdays, it would be allowed for Muslims to celebrate birthdays as well.

If they did not however, which is unfortunately the case it’s illegal for Muslims to conduct this kind of celebration in the same way as non-Muslims.

Muslims are unique and have an unique identity and individuality. So they aren’t able simply to duplicate the culture of other people because it’s attractive.

This is the reason why an Islamic person’s appearance and clothing is a means of identifying them anywhere. Therefore, birthday celebrations are not allowed in Islam According to Islamic scholars.

Why do certain Muslims celebrate birthdays?

Certain Muslims celebrate birthdays as they believe it’s an act of habit, not being a ritual of faith.

They provide examples like driving in a car. They say that you use a car for convenience and not to worship. In the end, Muslims consistently declare birthday celebrations are not considered haram in Islam so long as there are no prohibited activities.

This means that you are able to have a birthday celebration in Islam in the absence of music or blow candles or dance, dress in a way that is inappropriate or consume any food that Allah prohibits.

Certain Muslims celebrate birthdays more as a ritual than a sign of appreciation since the Prophet or Sahaba didn’t celebrate birthdays in accordance with Islamic practices.

This has led some to think that it is acceptable celebrating birthdays within Islam when you cut cakes and express your the gratitude of Allah in the moment that you were created while enjoying time with your loved ones.

However, Actual Islam teachings state that you should not imitate the practices of non-Muslims merely because they look attractive.

If you really desire to celebrate something is possible by helping those in need by delivering food to those who are in need and making people smile.

Or, in other words, Muslims should do and apply the principles that the Quran can teach them. Therefore the devout Muslim is expected to follow the guidance of the Prophet and not participate in celebrations. Muslims shouldn’t celebrate birthdays since their roots aren’t Islamic.

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What are the ways Muslims observe birthday parties? In Islam birthday greetings

Do Muslims celebrate birthdays? Muslims believe that greeting someone on their birthday is appropriate because these greetings are merely gestures of appreciation? It’s similar to telling someone you’re well-dressed.

It would be helpful by avoiding participating in the event because it is in violation of Islamic laws and norms of culture.

It is equally important for the Muslim to be aware that a feeling of the act of congratulation is an expression of joy.

You must be aware of the significance that your wishes convey when you send someone a pleasant times at any time no matter if it’s Halal or Haram.

We are all aware that Prophet Muhammad and the rest of his followers did not bother with celebrating birthdays because it was never their thought that it was important.

Can Muslims to be invited to birthday parties?

What are the reasons Muslims have birthday celebrations? Not really, Muslims are not allowed to be present at birthday celebrations since they are not permitted to celebrate these events in the first place.

If Islam does not allow birthday celebrations What can you do to attend birthday celebrations when your religion does not permit it?

The intentions of a Muslim’s hearts are the reason they identify themselves. So, it is important to be aware of your intentions if attending a birthday celebration as you are a Muslim.

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20 Islamic Ways to Celebrate Birthday

The tradition of celebrating birthdays as Milad in Arabic was first introduced in Europe. This celebration of anniversary was created in order to avoid the evil spirit which would appear on the birthday. To guard against evil spirits the family and friends are invited to join in on the day of the birthday to express the best prayers and wish birthdays well.

Gifts are also believed to create a feeling of happiness to someone who is celebrating their birthday, and to dispel negative spirits. Birthday celebrations are fine so long as you do not spend excessively and with the intention to express gratitude to Allah. Islam does not instruct its followers to spend money on the extravagant celebration of birthdays.

Here is the Islamic method to celebrate the birthday.

1. Make the birthday prayer

The most important part of celebrating birthdays is to pray the birthday prayer. Asking forgiveness from Allah and being thankful for the blessings you were bestowed to you is the most effective way to commemorate your birthday. Islam encourages us to pray to Allah with joy and sadness, and by praying, the heart will remain calm and the desired thing will be accomplished. Without Allah we cannot enjoy this birthday celebration and might not live to the present.

“The prayer of the Muslim towards his brother who is in the privacy of his home and away from him is greatly rewarded. On his side is an angel who is appointed by Allah. If he prays for his brother in a kind way then the angel said (to the angel): “O Allah, grant it, and (may) be for you too (get a reply) that is like.” (HR Muslim)

2. Thank Allah (not praise and worship)

For the majority of scholars, they usually accept birthdays. The reason for this is that birthdays aren’t ritual celebrations and solely to offer praise to Allah. Insofar as there’s any prohibition explicitly mentioned within the Quran or in the Sunnah The laws of the origin are permitted according to the guidelines for “al-ashlu fil asy-yaa’i al-ibahah.

” The fundamental rule of the muamalah issue is capacity to be able to do so, provided that there is no law that explicitly restrict it. Concerning the reasons for imitating the infidels it is answered by the claim that not all acts of an unbeliever is illegal. The only thing that is prohibited is worship. prohibited, and muamalah is not so long as there are there are no explicit texts that prohibit it and the law allows it in the event of an apparent resemblance.

When you proclaim to the name of your Jesus Christ, “If you are thankful, surely I will increase you; but if you are ungrateful indeed, My punishment (is) surely severe.” (Ibrahim 14:7)

3. Be modest and simple, in accordance with Allah’s wishes

Celebrations for birthdays are accompanied by lavish and numerous food items in addition to being served to the masses. In fact, Allah does not require it. In the eyes of Allah it is sufficient for us to eat food that is simple and see the birthday in something easy. This is enough to be an expression of thankfulness to Allah. Also, it is to emulate how simple the prophets were of the past, who did not enjoy being pompous arrogant, smug and waste money.

“O you who believe! Enjoy (the) goodness (of) things that we have given you, and be thankful to Allah for the sole reason that you believe in God .” (Al-Baqarah 2:172)

4. Offer sadaqah to those that are less fortunate

We all recognize how much wealth as well as wealth are available to us are temporary and cannot not be redeemed. Instead, we make use of it to throw lavish birthday celebrations. We should put aside money to make sadaqah as it is a requirement of Sunnah and if we do it then we’ll get an award. What a delight to have a birthday celebrations, as we also earn benefits and help those who are less fortunate as us.

5. Say Bismillah

The growing age of an individual is sure to bring some challenges and difficulties we’ll have to confront in the near future. When faced with these challenges we must use the word Bismillah to invoke the strength of Allah as that Bismillah words is one Muslims” weapons” of Allah which makes us stronger and able to tackle any challenge. We wish that we do not make mistakes and sins also in the future.

6. Goodwill or good intentions

Goodwill is the most important factor in every action, and then you can incorporate goodwill or good intentions into the celebration of birthdays. For example, the desire to be thankful for the blessings of faith, a healthy body and mind, and every blessing and grace provided by Allah SWT from the moment of birth until now.

When we celebrate the birthday of a loved one, it is essential to inspire good intentions in us. If we don’t, it is possible that the birthday celebration won’t have a positive effect and may even have a negative effects. “All deeds depend on the intention.” (Hadith Muttafaq’Alih)

7. Not Tasyabbuh

[AdSense-A[AdSense-A Rasulullah SAW teaches us not to copy the appearance, style and style of unbelievers. There are a myriad of hadiths to explain this. Birthday celebrations shouldn’t be a time to decorate with decorations that resemble the practices of the unbelieving and the wicked at every celebration , such as the Happy Birthday song, candle blowing, cake dishes trumpet blows and so on.

A perfect celebration is one that follows traditional Nahdlatul Ulama Tradition (NU) traditional model that is typically accompanied with Qur’an Recitations, or the reading of Rasulullah SAW.

8. It’s not redundant or a waste of time to make fun of things

This is usually seen at every birthday party and especially among young people. People celebrate birthdays with flour, eggs or other food items to send birthday wishes, however, they do so by throwing or spreading to celebrate the birthday. It is evident that this it is not in line with the principles of the Islamic faith, since there are elements of waste that is, a waste of food that is not used again.

If you are thinking you know the truth, the practice to ” throwing eggs ” is absurd and a ridiculous idea. Instead of being wasted it is more efficient to have the eggs and flour are mixed then sprinkled with spices and then cooked, consumed together or donated to those poor or in need.

9. Give a gift that is beneficial

You can gift a present to someone who is on their birthday. The present should be beneficial for the person and not something extravagant or costly. It could be a novel to expand the knowledge of him and help make his studies better , or an Al-Quran that will make him take it in every day and be a follower of the principles there to help him be better acquainted with Allah. When we give these gifts you can earn rewards also because we have done something beneficial and assist the person.

10. Notice the Invitees

It is essential that guests who are attending the anniversary that they do not be mixed with men and women who aren’t mahram. There must be a separate area or at the very least, an male and female barrier for guests. In order to avoid any incidents which could violate Shariah laws, like friendships, sharing views, meeting one in a sexual relationship or any other. Of of course, we do not wish to commit sins while celebrating birthdays.

11. Relax and have fun celebrating the birthday.

It’s nice to take a break and relax, enjoying the birthday without having any issues which make us anxious. If we are celebrating a birthday celebration, it is important to let go of all worries let go, relax and enjoy this day to the fullest.

12. Social activities

Birthday celebrations do not require extravagant spending, however, it is not often done by the majority of people and you’re probably not the primary source of donations. To get started you could organize and ask your guests to participate in charity work, help orphans or visit an elderly care facility. A birthday celebration with this kind of activity can make you feel even more thankful to Allah for all that has been provided to you from Him.

13. With family and friends to deepen the bonds

A birthday celebration with your family and friends is the most effective way to build a stronger bond between them. Islam has taught us how to be more close to our families and friends since they are the greatest treasures we can find in this world. In absence of them, you won’t change into something like today and continue to live.

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More Islamic Way to Celebrate Birthday

Here’s a more Islamic methods to mark the birthday.

  • Exploring and enjoying Allah’s creation
  • Smiles and greetings.
  • Eating halal food
  • Salat and praying
  • Self-introspection and self-improvement
  • Thank the family and your friends.
  • Smile and make other people happy

It’s an Islamic method of celebrating the birthday. We hope that we are able to keep it simple and spread joy to others on the day of the birthday.

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It is clear from the discussion above that the majority of birthday parties that are celebrated today could fall under the Makruh (disliked) category due to the many unfavorable reasons discussed above (cakes candles, cake as well as music, dance lavish spending, etc.).

When it comes to the field of custom is in question, the general rule is that it’s permissible to practice them as long as when doing the customs we keep in mind the following rules:

1. We should avoid any wasteful or extravagant activities, as we do this with the intention of depriving people of the essential resources they require to survive. `Ali the holy caliph was quoted as saying, ” The poor people starve only because of the overindulgence or extravaganza of the wealthy.”

2. We must stay free of any actions that go against the rules in God’s Divine Laws.

If one is able to avoid the negative aspects of this and is looking forward to celebrating (especially for children or in the interests of children) you can do it however in a manner that is in keeping with our religion, and particularly to express gratitude to Allah Almighty for all He has provided and to establish or revise resolutions to become a more virtuous Muslim beginning today.

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