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SATAN In Islam – According to the Holy Quran, Iblis (Satan), is a physical being made from fire. He is depicted as a rebellious creature who basks in the glory of the material he was made from and shows arrogance towards man, who is made of clay. Satan believes that fire is superior to clay, as it can kill clay with its power. His rebellion against God was caused by the high regard God gave Adam for his creation and for his future role on Earth. This is especially evident when God instructed the angels to prostrate to Adam. According to the Quran, Satan was a member of the angelic group.

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SATAN In Islam – To show the hatred this creature harbors against mankind, the Quran continues to display pictures of the dialogue with Satan. So that he could focus on his vendetta against mankind, he asked God for immortality. He wants to remove man from the high place God has placed him and to rouse the fight between good and bad in him. He will not spare any effort to tempt man into doing what would ultimately spell disaster for him.

The Holy Quran tells us through the dialogue that Satan was granted his wish by God for reasons He knows best. However, He made it clear to us and him that His power doesn’t limit his ability to lure us into doing the vile things and disobedience. Satan has no direct authority to impose force, coercion or repression on men. 

It is the man who chooses to believe in unbelief, waywardness and trampling his faith, rather than feeling enmity towards Satan, that gives Satan control. Because of his belief, the person who chooses to believe does not allow Satan any opportunity to manipulate him. Satan’s attempts to mislead such people are doomed to fail. All of this is what the Quranic dialogue tries to capture, and it highlights the general characteristics that make Satan a bad person.

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Satan’s role as a character in Adam’s creation story

SATAN In Islam – God created Satan, and He honoured him and preferred him to many other creatures. Satan’s status was established when God ordered all angels to bow to Adam. This celebration was intended to glorify the new creature for his inherent characteristics and the important role he played in representing God on Earth.

The Holy Quran contains many references to Satan’s characteristics in numerous verses. He is generally portrayed as an insignificant creature that is at odds with God, particularly in the major issues. His arrogance and self-centeredness, as well as his belief that his physical appearance is superior to other people, are all reasons he is depicted. Satan seems to not give much thought to other qualities that could make him superior to others, such as the intellectual, spiritual, and behavioral. These are the characteristics that help man compete for a better future through sound ideology and better work.

Different approaches are taken by the Quranic verses to show the entire picture in scenes that appear alive, moving, and lively, with the goal of increasing the gap between Satan and man. The other is the importance of the horribleness of arrogance, indulgence in self-worth, and how it can affect the lives of living creatures, such as Satan.

These Quranic verses help to define the boundaries of the portrait.

SATAN In Islam – And behold, we said to the angels, “Bow down Adam”, and they bowed. But not so Iblis (Satan), he refused to bow down and was proud: he belonged to those who reject Faith. (2: 34)

We created you and gave your shape. Then We asked the angels to bow to Adam. Not so Iblis. He refused to bow down. (God), said: “What kept thee from bowing down when he commanded you?” He replied: “It is not for thee for thee to be arrogant: Get out, for thou art the most (of creatures) mean.” (7: 11-13).

Behold! Behold! This is the one whom Thou hast honored above me! If Thou willst only spare me until the Day of Judgment I will certainly bring his descendants under mine – not just a few.” (17: 61-62)

These verses will give you a good idea of Satan’s personality. It’s the story of an arrogant creature who values his physical fiber so highly that he rebels against God when it conflicts with his intrinsic conceited nature. He seems determined to face the consequences of his rebellion, not caring about his fate, and he is determined to keep his “pride”.

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Satan’s tragedy, a delusion

SATAN In Islam – Some philosophers tried to make Satan’s belief seem tragic by describing his position. They portray him as a true monotheist, believing man who refused to bow to Adam in order to worship God alone. No one should bow down to anyone but God. For his love of God and truthfulness in belief in Him, he has been shown as willing to rebel against God’s commands and accept His punishment. This argument is not supported by logic or religion, and has two main reasons.

1. It is difficult to see Satan as a living entity. However, we can get some details from our own experiences. It is a matter that cannot be seen, but which we have learned about God through His revelations to His prophets. It is important to consider its features and details in the context of religious traditions, particularly God’s divine revelations. 

The above-mentioned verses show that Satan’s refusal of prostration to Adam was not caused by monotheism or love for God. It was rather due to arrogance. In the following discussion, we will see how he is a stubborn character. His resentment is so strong that he doesn’t hesitate to inflict injury on his offspring and the new creature as a way of venting his hatred. 

He pleaded with God for his life until the Day of Judgement in an effort to attain that evil end. This is the image of Satan as depicted in Holy Quran. Where did the philosophizer’s get the portrait of the true believer, lover of God Satan, to the point that he is willing to be consumed by fire to preserve his love for God. This is a poetic figment.

 It is a poet daydreaming, trying to inflict a sense of tragedy on criminals by identifying with their emotions, but not giving thought to the true motives of the crime or its effects on the land. Similar cases include the one who condemns the death penalty for murderers [as punishments in the Islamic penal codes], based on naive emotional feelings and losing sight of the conscious planning that legislation is made for man’s lives. This subject may be covered in more detail by the Progeny and Prophet (a.s.).

In Biharul Anwar [a compendium o traditions ( hadith),] and in the contexts of the stories about the prophets, Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq was quoted as saying that Satan was to bow down before Adam. He replied: O Lord! If You forgive me for not prostrating before you, I would worship You in a way that no other person could match. God Almighty said, “I wish to be obeyed from wherece I have decremented .”

This is similar to what some traditions from the Progeny and the Prophet (a.s.) have said. Tuhaful Uqool has Imam Ja’far as Sadiq (a.s.), who said, “The angels’ prostration to Adam was a sign that God is being submitted to and out of love for Adam.”

Abu Basira asked Imam as Sadiq (a.s.): “Did angels perform the prostrating act of putting their foreheads on earth?” He replied: “Yes, as a sign of glory to God Almighty.”

According to the hadith tradition, Imam Ali (a.s.), said, “Their [the Angels] prostration wasn’t out of submission.” They worshipped Adam to the exclusion God, the Most High. It was done to acknowledge Adam’s higher station and ask for mercy.

Satan’s Role Vis a Vis Man

SATAN In Islam – What is Satan’s role in relation to man? Is Satan able to exert such an overwhelming control over man that he can’t lead the way of harmony and submission to God?

How can we understand the “God-given”, domineering power? How can this be reconciled with God’s Justice Satan can lure man off the right path by luring him to his death, and God threatens him with punishment if he violates His commands.

This could be a common impression among people. It is a way to blame Satan for many of their ills and to avoid commitment. They see Satan as a whipping boy. In other words, they believe that their falling prey to Satan’s schemes is the natural consequence of their going astray. The Holy Quran however paints a completely different picture.

Satan does not have any power over man. He may only try to mislead him through devilish insinuations or create tempting conditions for him to do the vile.

Man on the other side has a conscious intellect that can distinguish between good and bad and see the Divine messages. These messages open all avenues to acquiring the knowledge necessary to get to God’s path. Man is also blessed with a strong will, which helps him make sound decisions and follow the right path.

This is why the battle between Satan and man is equal. This fight is one in which man can make his own decisions despite the temptations, devilish ideas, and evil inclinations. He has the willpower, intellect and conviction to win this battle without succumbing to weaknesses or failing.

The Holy Quran portrays Satan’s character and his role in misleading men. It has instilled in believers the conviction that can defeat all evil forces, particularly with mental power and strong belief. Those who succumb to his temptations are not weak, but because they have contributed to paralyzing and eventually neutralizing the powers available to them.

This is why we can see that Satan’s death and the freedom to seduce men, who are armed with all the weapons needed to fight back, is an indication of man’s confidence. This is because man should be free to make his own decisions and not be forced or repressed. This is what makes the difference between someone who is influenced by the events and falls under their control, and someone who is in control of his destiny and subordinates to his willpower.

Let’s now focus for a moment on these Quranic verses that describe the roles of Satan and man.

SATAN In Islam – (The Pagans), who have left Him, call upon the female deities. They instead call upon Satan, the persistent rebel! God cursed him but he said: “Ill take of Thy servants an amount marked off; and I will mislead and create in them false desire; and I will order them slitt the ears of cattle and to deface (fair) nature created God’s by God.” Anyone who forsakes God and takes Satan as a friend will suffer a loss that is obvious. Satan promises them and creates false desires in them; however, Satan’s promises can only be deceitful. (4: 117-20)

He said, “Seest Thou?” This is the one whom Thou hast honored above me! If Thou willst only spare me from the Day of Judgement I will certainly bring his descendants under mine – All but one!” (God) stated: “Go thy route; if any of their paths are followed by thee, verily Hell is the reward of you all – an ample recompense. With thy (seductive voice), rouse them all, and give them promises. Satan promises them only deceit. Concerning My servants, thou shalt not have any authority over them: Enough is the Lord for a Disposer.” (17:62-65).

(Iblis/Satan) said: “O my Lord! Give me then rest until the Day the (dead), are raised.” (God). (Iblis) stated: “O my Lord!” Because Thou hast placed me in the wrong I will make them (wrongs) fair-seeming on the earth and I will put them all (except Thy servants), in the wrong. You shall not have any authority over My servants, except those who put themselves in danger and follow thee.” (15. 36-42).

He replied, “Because thou hast cast me out of my way, lo!” I will wait for them on the straight way. Then I will attack them from behind and before them. “If any of them follow you – Hell shall I fill with all of you.” (7: 16-18).

Satan will then say: “It is God Who promised you Truth. I also failed to keep my promise to you. I had no authority except to call you, but you listened to my words: then don’t reproach me but your souls. I can’t listen to your cries and ye cannot listen to mine. Your previous act of associating God with you is unacceptable. “For wrong-doers, there must be a severe penalty.” (14-22)

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The limits of Satan’s “authority.”

SATAN In Islam – The verses above show that Satan is determined to tempt Adam’s children away from God’s right path by lying at their feet and promising them impending blessings if they don’t turn their backs on God. God denied Satan’s wish but warned him not to indulge in his fantasies and show of his power to mislead. He cannot mislead people who seek guidance. He cannot tempt those who strive for honesty and good works. Satan’s only power is to make people doubt themselves. Those who become overwhelmed by wishful thinking might succumb to his temptation and follow him unassisted.

Satan is not afraid to lead people astray. He openly admits to his sins before all those who were caught by his deceitful ways on the Day of Judgement. He claims that he was only responsible for misleading those who followed him, and that his role was to tempt them with evil suggestions. He did not have the ability to access their minds so that he could affect their willpower or freedom of choice.

It is clear that the issue does not involve straying from the path of justice that created man and directed his steps. As God willed. It is a way to awaken struggle in man’s mind, so that he can choose his own path by exercising his free will and not through compulsion or suppression. The following verses illustrate this: “And upon them did Satan prove his idea true, and they followed him. He had no authority over them except that We might question the believer in the Hereafter from the doubter: “And thy Lord watcheth over all things” (34, 20-21).

The picture is made even more clear when one examines the Quranic verses that call for man to be unambiguously hostile to Satan. These verses are also intended to help man avoid Satan’s temptations and to make his destiny his own.

If thou doest read the Quran ask God for protection from Satan, the rejected one. He has no authority over those who believe in the Lord and trust him. His authority is only for those who accept him as their patron and become partners with God. (16: 98-100)

Verily Satan is your enemy. Treat him as such. He invites only his followers, that they may become Companions in the Blazing Fire. (35: 6)

If Satan’s suggestion is to you, seek refuge with God. He knows all things. When Satan’s evil thoughts attack them, those who fear God bring God back to his memory. They see! Their evil brethren, however, push them further into error and don’t let up. (7: 200-02)

The Quranic dialogue between God, Satan and Satan is a powerful reminder of Satan’s bitter attitude towards mankind. This reveals that Satan is determined to destroy man and undermine the high station God has placed him at. Satan does this because he is angry at God for removing him from His Mercy. It is clear that Satan’s belief that he has been treated unfairly, in that he is a true believer, is absurd. It is clear that this picture shows a psychopath. This picture shows him disobeying God’s commands and taking positions that are induced only by selfish reactions. He doesn’t think about the consequences of these actions on his future in this world or the hereafter.

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9 Facts You Need to Know About Nine Things

SATAN In Islam – These nine incredible truths about Satan can help you understand him better. These truths should help us prepare to face his attacks.

First: Satan and Iblis

SATAN In Islam – Satan can be described as a title or designation. Iblis can be described as a name. The Qur’an uses both the former and the latter 88 times, respectively.

Iblis, a Jinn, was somehow affected when Allah ordered angels to prostrate in front of Adam. (This knowledge can only be obtained from the revelation).

Iblis, however, refused to follow angels, and instead prostrated before Adam. He claimed that he was superior because he was made from fire, and Adam of clay.

Second: Satan did not thwart Allah’s plan

SATAN In Islam – Satan did not refuse to prostrate before Adam, and he caused Adam’s wife to be expelled by Jannah. This was in no way to disrupt Allah’s heavenly plan.

Positively, no one can alter the will or plan of Allah. He is the Creator and Master. All other beings are His creations or servants. Everything that Satan did and Adam and Eve did was within the context of their God-given freedoms.

Third: Satan is the source of all evil, even modern-day sophisticate

Satan, supported by his army from the Jinn and humanity of satans, is the source and incarnation for all sin. He also paved the way to today’s most destructive forms of evil: rampant materialism and agnosticism.

He only saw Adam’s form and matter, and built his flawed judgments around these factors. He was so blinded by his jealousy, haughtiness and self-regard that he couldn’t see or appreciate the cerebral, spiritual and moral considerations in Adam. This outlook was the root of every materialistic and covetous behavior that followed.

Satan also promised that he would mislead the people and create sinful desires in them to the point that they might eventually resort to changing Allah’s creation ( Al-Nisa, 119).

Fourth: Satan is man’s sworn adversary

SATAN In Islam – Satan is jealous of humanity and is what he has become. He doesn’t accept Allah’s decrees regarding them or him. They are too much for him and he wants to get rid of as many as possible.

Accepting man as Allah’s vicegerent on Earth and as an honorable being was not compatible in Satan’s delusions or self-absorption. His iniquitous traits consumed him to the point where he worshipped them. He was unable to submit to Allah and worship Him .

Fifth: Satan’s weaknesses and strengths

SATAN In Islam – Satan is neither weak nor powerful as far as the people are concerned. The people determine his condition. Satan cannot do much for believers. He is weak. Satan is weaker the more one believes and acts with piety. Satan’s trickstery is defeated by everything believers do. He is weak and desperate. He is a lost cause.

Further, believers are in control over Satan. They don’t worry about Satan, but how they can keep him away by increasing their devotion and worship. They take care of themselves and everything that is associated with Satan .

Allah affirms that Satan’s cunning is elusive ( al Nisa’, 76).

Sixth: The nature of Satan’s strategies

Satan does not have any power or authority over people. His strategies revolve around tricking, seducing and misleading them via endless was (whispers, incitements).

For example, the Qur’an uses dallahuma bi ghurur to describe how he deceived Adam and his wife. The Dalla word means to “let down, hang, or suspend,” and Dalw also means “(water-well) bucket,” which means to let down or lower into a well.

This means Satan “hangs down” (or “suspends”) his deceptions. He chooses strategic locations, conducive environment and attractive baits and then waits for people “bite” to catch him. He conspires incessantly to “hook” and ambush people. He can wait for the right time and then adjust his tactics as needed.

Satan doesn’t get what he desires quickly. He must plan, organize and wait. It’s not easy to negate people’s intelligence or inborn disposition ( fitrah).

Seventh: Satan’s fear and cowardice

SATAN In Islam – Satan is a coward. When things go his way, he pretends to be someone and strong. He falters when the tables turn against him. He cracks under real pressure.

The Prophet (PBUH), for example, said that Satan withdraws when the son of Adam recites the verse of prostration, and he prostrates. He weeps and says, ‘Woe is me! The command to prostrate was given to Adam. He did so, and he will be going to Paradise. “I was told to prostrate, but I refused. So I will go to Hellfire” (Sahih Muslim).

Satan was also present with the polytheists on the eve the Battle of Badr. He made their actions pleasant to him. He encouraged them by saying that no one could defeat them that day from the ranks of the people. He assured them that he was there for them and was their protector ( Al-Anfal 48).

Eighth: Satan & shooting stars

SATAN In Islam – Satan and his army attempt to listen in on Allah’s commands, which are sent from one angel to another across the seven heavens. They steal what they hear and pass it on to their friends (nonbelievers and fortune-tellers and astrologers) in order to con people.

When angels see the Jinn doing this, they attack them using meteors.

One day, upon seeing a meteor (shooting star), giving off a dazzling light and a meteor shot (shootingstar), the Prophet (PBUH), asked his companions what people used to say back in pre-Islamic times when such a meteor shot was common. They replied that the companions used to say that every night a great person was born or died. The Prophet (PBUH), however, stated that the meteors were not shot at the death or birth of any person. They were actually shot by satans, the snatchers Allah’s revelations and commandments. “If they (the Jinn), narrate only that they manage to snatch it, but they mix it with lies or make additions to it,” concluded the Prophet (Sahih Muslim).

In the Qur’an, different parts of the same truth are referred to. Rajm is the process. It means “stoneing” or “pelting someone with stones”. Rajm also refers to “missile” or “meteor.”

Ninth: Satan’s time and space and humanity

SATAN In Islam – Satan, who was now expelled from Jannah by Allah, asked for a break until the Day of Resurrection. He desired more time to accomplish his ungodly mission.

However, he had another request.

He requested to be granted reprieve until the Day that all people are resurrected. This is after everyone has died and been brought back to life. Satan was trying to deceive Allah and ask for His permission to not die. He asked for eternity. He hoped to be in some way equal with Allah at this particular point.

He was a fool. One can only imagine the extent to which he would go to ruin mankind if he wasn’t yet ready to fool Allah. Allah said that his request was granted but not until the Day of the time known, which is the time for his own death ( Al-Hijr 38).

Despite this, Satan still has all of the time that humanity and all life on Earth will have.

Satan had secured the existence of time and began to seek out the space dimension. He thought that his dominance over man would be complete.

He stated, outlining his plans: “I’ll surely wait for them on Your straight track. They will be grateful to You if I come from their right, their left and their right.

Satan stated that he would try every course of action to get people’s lives (their souls and bodies) as well as their minds.

He didn’t mention that he would come to people above them. This is because he doesn’t have access to this direction. Allah’s mercy descends from the highest, and Allah is the only one who has these attributes.

Satan is not qualified for the role of being in relation to highness or sublimity.

He also did not say that he would come to people from beneath them. It was because it was humiliating to him to say that and to act accordingly.

Why didn’t he choose to prostrate before Adam and fall to the earth? He should not do it again, even if it seems a little bit more sinister. Satan also made a mistake here. It is only through humility and obedience, as demonstrated by the recurring prostration of Allah by believers, that one can rise and prosper.

Because of this constant “going down”, believers keep on rising and going higher. Their most authentic lives are centered on a vertical axis connecting their terrestrial bases with the highest points of Heaven.

It is believed that those who follow Satan’s ways will see their bodies burn in flames and their spirits burn in repentance. This last repentance won’t be of any benefit; they will not have the ability to save themselves from fire.


To avoid such a terrible end, it is important to be protected against Satan. It is important to first understand the protections available to Satan, and then to use them. The next chapter will explain how to protect yourself from Satan. The individual’s will determine how they are applied. It is impossible to cure someone who doesn’t use the medicine. They will not work if they don’t use the protection of Satan.

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