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Prophet Muhammad (ca. 571 – June 8, 6,32, peace be upon him. He is the Messenger of Allah and the Prophetof Islam. According to the Qur’an, and Sunnah, he is the last Prophet and messenger. During his lifetime, he was also a diplomat and merchant, philosopher, orator. He was also a reformer, soldier, general, and soldier.

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My First Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam PBUH

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The 12th of Rabi’ aI–Awwal is the most definitive date that has been documented for the Prophet’s birthday. His birthday is celebrated by the Milaad Un-Nabi, who are some of his closest friends.

He was born on a Friday (Jumu’ah) in A.D. 570/571, in the once prestigious, but now losing Bani Hashim clan, the Quraysh ruling tribe of Mecca.

Muhammad’s lineage is traced back through Adnan, his ancestor. He was the son of Ibrahim and Abraham. His father was Abdu’llah. He was the son Abd al-MuttalibShaybah Ibn Hashim, and the son Hashim, the first Hashemite. His father Abdu’llah was killed before Muhammad was born, while his mother Aminah Bint Wahb died five to six years later.

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The life before prophethood

The teenage years and childhood

Muhammad Sl, llh lyh, wslm was raised outside of the city with the family Haleemah bint Abi Dhuayb. He was cared for by a bedouin nurse and wet nurse. According to contemporary Arab customs, babies were moved outside of the city to live with their families in the country because they believed the environment would be more healthy and conducive to stronger children. 

Many miraculous events were reported to have taken place with Halemah’s relatives with the coming to Muhammad. These included the ripping of young Muhammad’s Slllhlyh wslm breast by Archangel Gabriel, who washed his heart using zamzam water to purify it (taken from Salih Muslim).

Muhammad Sl, llhlyh wslm, was sent back home to Aminah after she died. His grandfather Abd al-Muttalib took the boy’s charge. He loved him more than his kids and gave him special treatment. After Abd al-Muttalib died, leaving behind his eight-year-old grandson, Muhammad’s uncle Abu Talib, who was the father of Ali, and Banu Hashim, took over his responsibilities. He remained close to his nephew until he passed away at 40, some years after Muhammad was made prophet.

Muhammad Sl, llh lyh, wslm was 9-12 years old when he accompanied his uncle on a trading trip to Syria. They settled in Basra, which was then under Byzantine jurisdiction. It was there that Bahira the Nazarene, or as many Christians call it “Nestorian” monk, came out of his monastery and entertained the travelers. He saw Muhammad and took his hand. Then he prophesied that he would become the prophet of God. When asked how he could do it, he pointed to Muhammad’s apple-like mark under his neck and advised that Muhammad be returned to Mecca.

Muhammad Slh llh wslm, 15 years old, witnessed the “Sacrilegious wars” between the Quraysh (and their allies Banu Kinanah) and Qays ‘Aylan tribe (on the other). For many years, the wars continued with different fortunes and significant human loss. The inviolables became void, and the months prohibited were included. Muhammad Slh llhlyh Wslm was present at his uncles’ battles but did nothing to fight their enemies. His efforts were limited to picking up the fallen arrows and transferring them to his uncles.

Marriage to Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

Muhammad Slh llhlyh Wslm did not have a job in his youth. However, it was said that he worked as an assistant shepherd in Mecca and Bani Saa’d. He was 25 years old when he traveled to Syria to work as a merchant for Khadijah bint Khuwaylid. Ibn Ishaq said that Khadijah was an entrepreneur of great honor and wealth. For a percentage of her profits, she used to hire men to run her business. 

Khadijah learned of Muhammad’s truthfulness, honesty, and kindness. She offered her money to send him to Syria to run her business. He would be paid a higher rate than other people. He would also take Maysarah, her hired helper, along. He accepted and went to Syria with her servant for trade.

Khadijah saw more blessings and profits in her money after he had returned. She was also impressed by Muhammad’s honesty, good manners, sincerity, and faith, according to her hireling. These impressed Khadijah so much that she realized she was in love with Muhammad.

She wished to marry him. Although many prominent men had approached her about marrying them, she refused their advances. Nafisah bint Maniya was her friend and she revealed her desire to marry Muhammad. He immediately broke the good news. He accepted and asked his uncles to visit Khadijah to discuss the matter. They were then married. Bani Hashim, the heads of Mudar witnessed the marriage contract. Khadijah was given twenty camels by Muhammad as a dower. Muhammad Slh llh lyh Wslm didn’t get married to anyone after she died.

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The revelation of God’s word

Muhammad Slh llh wslm was 40 years old at the time. He began to live alone away from the city for long periods of time.

Archangel Gabriel appeared and told him to read. Muhammad, scared and startled, replied “I can’t read!” He was again commanded by the angel, and this time, the angel squeezed. The angel ordered him to recite the verses three times: Proclaim! (or read!) In the name of thy Lord, and Cherisher, Who created-Created man out of a (mere), clot of congealed Blood: Praise! And thy Lord, Who taught (the usage of) the pen is Most Blessed,-

Taught man what he did not know. (Quran. Surah 96 (Al Al-Alaq), Verses 1-5) He recited the verses, and ran home, trembling, and panting. His wife said, “Cover me!” Cover me! Khadijah covered him with a blanket or cloak until he restored his security. Khadijah was informed about the incident in the cave. He added that he was shocked. His wife tried to comfort him, and assured him that Allah would never shame him. You unify uterine relationships; you carry the burden of the weak; help the poor and needy; entertain guests; endure hardships on the path to truthfulness. “

The world before the advent of Islam

Family tree of Muhammad Slh lyh Wslm

Muhammad Slh llh lyh Wslm can trace his lineage back through Adnan to Ismail the first blessed son from Ibrahim. Many historical and biblical evidences support the claim that Arabs can trace their roots back to Ismail. Here is Prophet Muhammad Slh llh’s family tree:

Biographies of Prophet (“Seerat al-Nabiy”)

Marriage and family life

Wives for Muhammad

Muhammad’s Children

Prophets and Messengers
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A small piece of paper can’t capture the many qualities of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. His life was full of many qualities, whether you view it as a teacher or leader, husband or father. He was a man who lived a full life, and was dedicated to the worship of his Lord. Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi, the Prophet Sallallahu alaihi, wasallam was a reformer.

 He never criticized anyone or shouted at anyone. If we love Allah and follow the path of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, then our reward will be Allah’s loved ones. I will conclude my discussion by quoting Aaytul Mahaba, also known as the verse of love: “If you love Allah, then follow us.” Allah will forgive your sins and love you, because Allah is merciful and forgiving. Surah Ali Imran 3:31


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