Hardness of Heart Paperback by Andrew Wommack

The people in the fight for rights and rights of others aren’t the only ones to have hearts that are hard. According to the dictionary, one defines”hard” when it comes to issues of the heart as “cold and insensitive, callous inflexible; indifferent; unforgiving.” This condition has affected every Christian in a particular aspect within their daily lives. This hinders people from hearing the call of God as the Lord and being inspired by Him in our everyday life.

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The Reason

Heart health is dependent on the things we focus on. No matter what we are aware of, it’s the beliefs we hold that will determine if our hearts are hard or soft (Proverbs 23:7). Once we have this in mind, similar law which assists in bringing our hearts closer towards God can also be utilized to make us more resistant to Satan. Satan.

The Cure

The most effective way to heal a broken heart is to take a total commitment to remain on the Lord. This will enable you to attain an extremely exact knowledge of the relationship between unbelief and faith you’ve ever experienced.


I used to believe that those with hard hearts were God-haters or at a minimum are rebels against God. That was the way I believed until the day the Lord told me that my heart was with a hard heart.

When I was on a plane heading to an event, I was reading about Jesus going with the followers along the waters as mentioned in Mark 6:45-52. They were caught up in an extremely storm. Within ninety-nine hours they were half-way across to the Sea of Galilee, normally an hour-long trip. They were at risk in their fight for the lives of companions. But, there was Jesus in the exact object that was trying to bring them down. He was in complete control.

It was so painful to me, that I laid the book down Bible and stared out the window. A cloudy layer was forming underneath the plane. In my mind , I thought of what it would be like to watch Jesus walking through the clouds. It’s not as difficult than Jesus being on the water! It was amazing as I considered this.

As I read, I reread Mark 6:51 and noticed that the disciples too experienced the same reaction. The second section of the Scripture declares,

“They were amazed at their own awe and were astonished. 

That’s exactly what I felt. I was thinking that everybody who is thinking about the sheer magnitude of this miracle is experiencing the same feelings. They should be amazed and stunned by the amazing power of God. I then read the following passage:

“For they were not able to see the wonder of the bread: because their heart was in a state of hardening” (Mark 6:52).

It was like I had been slapped on the face. The moment I first realized that the feeling of being stunned or amazed by something amazing is a sign of having an incredibly robust heart. WOW! Another way of saying that being part of natural phenomena instead of supernatural may be an indication of a heart that’s tough. In this sense, it was my heart that was not soft.

This set me on a three-and-a-half-year journey seeking the Lord. I was determined to discover the reason behind an uneasy heart was, the root of it and the most effective way to handle it. It was one of the most important things the Lord has ever taught me.

Dictionary defines”hardened” as being cold sensitive, not feeling and rigid. If you’re honest to yourself, you’ll have to recognize that there are certain aspects of your life where aren’t able to feel toward God.

God designed for us shut the eyes of our children and shut out all negative influences. This was intended to be a positive thing however, we’ve not fully grasped this, and what God thought was beneficial actually swayed against us.

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One of the best examples of a heartless person is found within the Book Exodus. Pharaoh did not want to let the children of Israel Israel quit to the Land of Egypt according to the rules God had instructed him to do. In 15 instances of Exodus the Scriptures mention his heart Pharaoh getting hard. This is the sole reason Pharaoh’s stubbornness when it came to resisting God at a point in time, because it was evident that he could not beat Him. A hardened heart hinders the capacity of an individual to see and understand. It’s akin to spiritual decline.

In Mark 8:17, Jesus talked to His disciples on the characteristics of a heart, with an intense smouldering:

“And when Jesus noticed this and saw the situation, he asked them, What do you consider yourself to be hungry? Are you able to discern or comprehend how your heart is tense and your eyes are open, don’t you? And hearing, do your ears not? not even remember anything?” (Mark 8:17-18 ).

In these verses, Jesus gave us symptoms which indicate heart problems: (1) incapable of discernment, (2) unable to understand, (3) unable to discern, (4) unable to hear , and (5) incapable of recalling. All of these are signs of spiritual weakness. realm.

The heart which is difficult is defined as the inability to perceive spirituality. When spiritual elements are observed by the heart that is difficult is it preventing people from absorbing the information they can discern. They may be able perceive the message that the Lord seeks to convey to the world but they can’t comprehend it in a way which allows them to integrate it into practice.

If people are not averse towards God is like being physically blind, or even deaf. They’re unable to discern spiritual truths or hear the Lord speak to them. They also don’t have the capacity to recall everything. Their inability to remember anything and the fact they are unable to remember anything is an indicator of their state of mind. their hearts.

A lot of people tell me that they’re not able to maintain a log of Scripture in the same way that I do. They claim that I have the ability to recall images. They can tell me who won at the Super Bowl last year or within the last 10 years and also tell me about the Major League batting averages of the most well-known baseball players and the names actors in a movie.

I’ve watched Super Bowl games, but I’m unable to remember the details. This isn’t because my brain isn’t functioning but rather an issue with the heart. I’m able to remember Scripture because it’s where the heart is. I have no memories of entertainment or sports, since my heart does not want to be involved in things that are very popular. It’s all about the heart.

Here are some of the most significant things I’ve learned about my heart’s sensibility. From the beginning, what you’re thinking about, your heart opens up towards. However, whatever you do not think about with your heart is hardened. It’s precisely what Mark 6:52 demonstrates.

The verse further states,

“For they were not enthralled by the miraculous bread loaves because their hearts were stiffened. 

Consider refers to “to contemplate, study or deliberate, look over or contemplate.” The biblical word that could be used in conjunction to “consider” is”meditate. “meditate.” We could also substitute “focus” instead of “consider.” So the hearts of the disciples were heavy since they didn’t “focus” upon the miraculous act of Jesus feeding the 5,000.

The sin wasn’t what made the followers’ hearts turn difficult, but they were focused on things that did not relate to the miracle that Jesus did in his own way. They weren’t in the habit of reading pornographic magazines, fighting, or doing anything else. They tried to protect their lives amid the chaos. It wasn’t even sin.

If you decide to sail with me I’d like you to have some basic knowledge of sailing. If I were to take you for the road in an automobile I would not want you to drive with faith. I’d like to see you remain open and keep your mind functioning. It’s not an issue.

If we ever find ourselves in a situation where the human capacity and wisdom aren’t enough to save us, I’d want to see you able to go above and beyond and tap into the abilities to harness that power from the beyond. It’s impossible to limit our world to only the natural environment.

This was the wrong thing for the disciples. They had seen Jesus eating five pieces of bread and two small fish, and feeding a large crowd at most

15,000 people. Amazing! If they had focused their attention to the miracle and not been stunned or amazed to to see Jesus walking through the water.

Also, note that Mark 6:45 is specifically referring to the significance of Jesus “constrained” the followers to get into the boat and then move to the other side. This indicates that He was forced to get them out. They were not ready to leave but Jesus forced them to leave. This implies that they did not get themselves into the mess because of an oversight by them because they were under the direct instructions from Jesus. This implies that Jesus was the one to blame for the events that transpired.

If they had contemplated it from a spiritual perspective, instead of being impulsively thinking that it was a coincidence, they would have realized that Jesus will take over them. Instead of being stunned by the sight of Jesus standing on the water, they could have anticipated seeing it.

The same way, if we were not that ruled by nature as the only method of living, we aren’t likely to be amazed by the astounding. We should be able to see God’s power God evident all the time. But the truth is that our hearts and souls have turned away from God and the power of God due to our failure to pay attention to the spiritual aspects of our lives.

The benefit of knowing the causes of the hardhearted is that you are able to turn the tide and utilize it to become more envious of the Satan. It is definitely true. You have the option of deciding what you’ll agree with or not accept.

My book, as well as my teaching book, Hardness of Heart, I go into more detail. In particular, you should not be attracted by something you haven’t thought about. It is unlikely that you will behave in a way that you haven’t considered in your head. Therefore, you must take control of your thoughts and take control of your actions. It’s a simple idea and yet it’s vital. A majority of people do not think like this.

This essay only scratches at the top of wisdom that the Lord has given me regarding how to open your heart attuned to God. It is imperative to go through all of the details to gain the most benefits. It’s crucial because one of the most effective methods of making the heart open God is to take time to absorb the truth. It’s not enough to just listen for the Truth. You have to take it in. This course will aid you with this.

This commandment has been available to the public since the time of the 80s’ beginning. It’s one of the most profound and practical revelations I have received from the Lord has ever offered me. Recently, however I was able present this course on television and make it the basis of a four-part series, instead of a three-part initial series. It’s now a full four-part series. I recommend that you purchase the updated edition of the course to yourself and to gift it to your friend.

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Andrew Wommack

Andrew’s outlook on life was forever altered after he was able to experience the divine belief in God in the morning of the 23rd of March 1968. The possibility exists that Andrew’s faith transformed in the blink of an eye. Andrew was able to move from believing in God as a god from whom one must get approval, and instead an God who was adamantly loyal to him and was willing to show his love to his. Being the writer of over thirty works, Andrew is on a quest for the last five decades to change the way people view God by focusing on God’s love and his mercy.

Andrew’s mission is to go as deep and wide in gospel preaching as far and deep in Gospel as is feasible. His message is heard through Gospel Truth, a Gospel Truth broadcast on radio and television that is accessible to more than half people around the globe. Additionally, he owns an extensive library of teaching materials available in printed, audio and video. Many of them are downloaded for free on his website. His organization has distributed millions of teaching materials for free all over the world.

The message goes deep through discipleship–training, equipping, and mentoring the next generation of leaders through Charis Bible College, founded in 1994. The college has more than 70 Charis campuses and over 6000 students spread across the globe, all determined to accomplish the same mission to change the way that people see God.

What God can accomplish through a person whose perception has changed to see Him accurately is the tale that Andrew left to follow.


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