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It is recognized as a legal contract that requires the acceptance from both couple. The Quran supports marriage by making reference to the rights, behavior, and values that define happiness and success in a marriage. This article focuses on the 8 verses in the Quran concerning marriage.

Importance of Marriage

The Quran affirms that marriage is an extremely recommended act being emphasized as a top priority. The verse recommends marriage to everyone who is not married, and specifically mentioning the importance in being righteous. This means not only being in the right mindset and attitude as well as possessing the skills necessary to fulfill the obligations of marriage. 

The Bible states that wealth shouldn’t be seen as a cause for stress or as a barrier to wedding. In some instances, one might discover that a potential partner is rejected due to the lack of wealth , and some families restrict their children from getting married in the absence of a certain amount of income earned. But, the character of the potential partner is more lasting than the wealth.

Wealth is not certain and can fluctuate with the passage of time. This verse offers the assurance that Allah is always in control and a trusted assistance. Thus, a marriage or marriage with the right intention could provide doors. 

But, if you are in a position where one is not able to meet the requirements of a prospective spouse or have the funds to purchase the essentials to live a decent living and preparing for marriage, then the process is a possibility to postpone. One who cannot afford marriage is urged to fast to protect the purity of one’s life and rewards those who will help in the process of obtaining marriage.

“The Messenger of Allah said”O youths, for those you is able to afford it is allowed to marry, as it is more effective at decreasing the gaze and securing the purity of a woman, and for those who cannot then should abstain, since it is a discipline (wija’) for him. ‘” [Sunan an-Nasa’I, 3209]

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Cultivating a Shared Bond

Fourth chapter in the Quran, surah an-Nisa is a discussion of the shared rights of humans and also lays the foundations for a healthy family life. The opening verse calls on mankind to realize that humans all have the same ancestral roots as descendants of the Prophet Adam along with his beloved wife Eve (or Hawa), could Allah be content with their descendants. This is a sign of the connection that is shared by all because they share a common ancestral ancestor, the first female and male. This Quran verse on marriage symbolizes the connection between man and woman as spouses and as creatures created to be together.

“It is He who created you from one soul and created from it its mate that he might dwell in security with her… “[7:1897:189

The Bible verses describe the origins of man. It also affirms that all human beings come from the same place. In addition to encouraging a sense of shared humanity, the verse on marriage emphasizes the spiritual connection between spouses. Marriage is a blessing for spouses to live an era of peace and love for one another as described by the Quran. Couples are meant to be friends who have a bond which is strong.

The marriage life should be a place where contentment and happiness are experienced as well as nurtured and achieved by collaboration.

Role of Spouses

In this particular Quranic verse on marriage describes spouses as clothes or garments. In this regard both spouses must play the same role in their relationship. The purpose of clothing is to hide and protect so that spouses act as protection for one another and shelter. If one spouse is not strong in some aspect, it’s the responsibility of the other partner to make sure that the area does not come into the view of outside elements i.e. other people outside of the marriage.

Being similar to each others means that you are present and with each other’s back. If one spouse is insecure, the other is ready to cover their partner in warmth and comfort. Another issue that this verse focuses on is how important it is to spend time together, having a good time with each other and ensuring that they are fulfilling their rights. 

The spouses must be involved in trying to ensure that their relationship is one that is built on confidence and trust. The idea of spouses being clothing evokes vivid images of the bond and love that is the hallmark of a healthy relationship.

According to the Quran is an oasis and a source of warmth.

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Kindness and Fairness to Women

“O you who believed that it is unlawful for you to take women through pressure. Don’t create difficulties for them to get back a part of what you’ve given them, unless they do an obvious immoral act. Be with them in the spirit of kindness. 

Because if you do not like them, maybe you do not like some thing, and Allah creates in it much positive. If you’d like to substitute one wife for another, and have given one wife a huge amount of gifts Do not seek [back from it anything. Do you see it as an act of injustice and unfaithfulness?” [4:19-20]

Because marriage is a contract between two parties that are able to agree on different clauses and terms, which include the type of dowry and the amount of it and amount, reversing what was agreed upon is considered to be unjust. 

The marriage laws are intended to safeguard women from unfair treatment and ensure that women will not be considered to be property or possessions which men or their families are the owners of. Additionally, anything owned by a woman including her dowry, or gifts she receives are not able to be returned by her husband nor the heirs of his. If a wife is willing to give the money she has earned or is harassed and forced to offer it to gain access to her riches is considered to be oppression and unfair.

The Quran advises people to show women respect and kindness even during times of divorce or dispute. While being kind to your spouse is a basic conduct, the fact it is mentioned in the Quran emphasizes that it’s important to living with one another in love. The verses in the Quran recommend being kind to your spouse regardless of whether one might be able to dislike a particular characteristic or aspect of them in the sense that there could be things that are superior to the flaws that one might perceive.

Essence of Marriage

“And those who say, ‘Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous.'” [25:74The Bible says, “The Lord will give us comfort and peace.

This Quran verse on marriage is about people who pray for their marriage and behalf of their families, with the idea that the society as a whole will benefits from it. It states as a reward with the reward of the afterlife for this prayer and their desire for an exemplary and positive family.

 This highlights the importance of sending prayers to God the Creator in order to seek peace and joy in marriage and also for children who are morally upright. This verse shows the importance in caring about your family rather than solely focused on self-improvement regardless of the area of life, even worship. 

This verse teaches us that it is important to not only working to grow in our own lives, but also to be a part of helping in uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging others with goodness and virtue. It is only an effect of goodness that is a result of an unfailing marriage where care and consideration are the foundation of interactions as well as the most private prayers of spouses.

The verse from the Quran also reiterates that spouses should live in peace. The most important thing in marriage is the ability to find comfort in the presence of your spouse.

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Marriage as a Source of Tranquility

“And one of His indications is that He made for you from your own mates so that you could find peace within them. And He gave you love and compassion. In that, indeed, are the signs of a person who think.” [30:21″30:21″

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) desired Khadijah’s calm and comforting presence following his shock and overwhelming experience of receiving an initial revelation from Quran. Couples are supportive of each other during times of vulnerability or uncertainty. The passage above demonstrates the idea that spouses were designed to be together which emphasizes the importance of spouses as individuals that one can feel at ease and peace.

One of the main goals of a happy marriage is peace The key to that is love and compassion. The verse from the Quran on marriage explains the way Allah puts love and compassion within the heart of husbands and wives in order that they can lead peacefully. 

The love described is similar to the way the hearts of parents to their children are packed with a strong, natural attachment. The nature of love is influenced by God in the sense that God allows it to be easier to love and keep loving your spouse as time passes along. Being understanding and compassionate increases affection and creates an enduring and solid relationships that are able to withstand the hardships of life.

When a marriage is established, love and compassion are powerful factors that come into play and bind two people in such a way that they are one another’s defenders throughout life’s challenges and ups.

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Marriage in the Quran

These Quran verses on marriage demonstrate that marriage isn’t restricted to an “legal or religious” relationship. Marriage is a layered emotions of the human heart and is a bond that is knit by love, friendship and compassion. and the support of. The Quran calls spouses to treat one another with respect. Secure relationships are built through mutual trust to respecting the rights of each other and honesty in the intentions and actions.

In the end the marriage based on the Quran is about creating a life that promotes happiness and thriving in the relationship itself which in turn creates the quality of the home environment for the family that in turn can contribute positively to the society as a whole.

After that, I’ve picked the most beautiful 10 passages from the Quran concerning marriage:

1-“Our Lord, grant us from among our spouses and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous.” Quran (25:74)

2-“And We created you in pairs.” Quran (78:8)

3 -“And one of His indications is that He made for you a group of mates from which you can choose to give you peace in them. He also gave you love and compassion. Indeed , in that are signs for those who are thoughtful.” Quran (30:21)

4-“It was He who made you out of one soul and then created its companion to be secure with her. When He covers her, she is carrying the burden of light and stays within. If it gets too heavy, both invoke Allah the Lord of their lives If You grant us a child who is good We will certainly be among the thankful.” Quran (7:189)

5-“O mankind! Be mindful of your obligation to your God who made you as a single soul, and then created its mate, and from the two of them has spread an array of women and men. Take care of your obligations to Allah is the One to whom you have claimed (your right) of each other and also toward the women’s wombs (that bear your). Lo! Allah has been a watcher of your.” Quran (4:1)

6-“Wicked ladies (are) for men who are wicked as well as wicked people (are) for women who are wicked and decent women (are) suitable for good men while good-looking men (are) for decent women. They are (declared) not to believe what they (i.e. they say, or what those who are wicked) speak and will receive forgiveness and a pious arrangement.” Quran (24:26)

7-“And Allah created you from dust, and then with a sperm-drop, and then He gave you pairs of sperm; and no way could females be born only through His Wisdom And in the same way, no one can be granted a long life, (i.e., bear the burden of) or be less old, only because it is contained written in a Book. It is surely simple to Allah.” Quran (35:11)

8-“It has been allowed to you during the night prior to the fast to visit your wives [for sexual relationshipsfor sexual relations. They’re clothes for you and you’re wearing their clothes. Allah is aware that you have used to lie to yourself, therefore He accepted your repentance , and was gracious to you. Therefore, now you can establish relations with them and pursue that which Allah has ordered for you. 

Drink and eat until the dawn’s white thread is distinct and distinct from the dark thread (of nightand night. You must then keep the fast until sunset. Don’t have any contact with them if you’re staying in mosques. These are the boundaries set byAllah]. Allah and therefore avoid them. So does Allah declare His laws to His people so that they might be holy.” Quran (2:187)

9-“And Allah has made for you spouses and created for you the sons of your spouse’s partners (i.e. daughters and sons; seeds) as well as grandchildren and grandchildren, and He has also given you good (things). Are they then saying that they believe in lies and believe in the goodwill Allah Allah (do) they (do) not believe?” Quran (16:72)

10- “Glorified is the One Who created every kind of vegetables and animals [including the disbelievers] in male and female as well as other creatures that they do not even know about their existence” Quran (36:36)

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Surah to propose marriage

These are some of the Qur’anic verses regarding wedding. If you repeat these verses regularly, Allah SWT will enable you to get married immediately.

1. Surah Yasin

The Surah is the core of the Holy Quran because it has unlimited blessings. If you are able to recite Surah Yasin it will resolve all the problems you encounter while getting married. The surah can also resolve any marriage-related issues.

2. Surah Qasas & Duha Verse 24

The 24th verse in the Surah Qasas can be described as a dua which was performed by Musa AS when he remained exiled. Musa AS recited this dua to Allah SWT when he was sad and sad.

For men –

Islamic experts have suggested Muslim males to repeat this phrase 100 times each all day. In the end, Allah SWT will reward him with a perfect bride to marry.

For women

If you’re Muslim morally upright woman who is looking for an ideal marriage proposal you should be reciting Surah Duha in the wake of you have completed the Fajr Prayer 11 times.

3. Recite Names of Allah SWT

Do the following:

  • Then reciting Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Recite the names from Allah SWT 313 times.
  • End by repeating the Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • It is necessary to repeat the above dua for 41 consecutive days.

4. Surah Tauba Verse 129

Follow the prayer as follows each day

Say Bismillah 19 times

Recite the Surah’s 129 Verse Tauba 1100 times.

Repeat Durood Shareef 100 times

Finalize the prayer by repeating Bismillah 19 times.

It is recommended to pray for your family members to be married or pray that your child is able to get a marriage proposal quickly.

5. Surah Maryam

It is mandatory to repeat that Surah at the conclusion of all obligatory prayers only one time per day. However, either the mother or girl’s to recite the surah.

6. Surah Muzammil

If your daughter is deemed married and no marriage proposal is made. One of her parents should pray two rakaah Salah following prayer. Jummah prayer. When you are done praying the Salah it is required to repeat Surah Muzammil 21 times. Even that the proposal to marry you received is perfect We still advise you to prayer Istikhara to get married

Surah for problems with marriage

Surah Baqarah

It is recommended to be able to recite Surah Baqarah when you think you could have issues between you and your spouse. Your husband will be loyal to you if repeat Surah Baqarah frequently. Your husband won’t ever be attracted to another woman.

If you are able to recite this Surah and your husband is awed by it, he will be incredibly happy for you. You’ll enjoy a happy and prosperous marriage when you are able to recite Surah Baqarah daily. Your husband will have unending affection and love for you.

Islamic Principles when you seek an enduring partner

Here are a few Islamic rules to adhere to when you are looking for a spouse.

What is the Quran says regarding marriage?

1. You must consider, “Why do I want to be married?

The fact that your friends are already settled is not the only reason to get married. It is also advisable to ask your partner this same question when you are meeting to marry. This will provide you with an insight into the motives of the marriage, from an Islamic viewpoint.

Marriage is an important aspect of the Prophet’s (PBUH) Sunnah. It is essential to our religion. The goal of your marriage should be to find the right partner to create a successful family together.

It is important to take your marriage as a vow that is made in this lifetime and continues into the next life.

2. It is important to consider, “What am I searching for in the perfect spouse?

Prophet Muhammad PBUH mentioned –

Women are the most sought-after by men for four reasons –

* Money* Rank
* Beauty
* Religion

He gave advice to Muslim men to get married to wives who have a religious background. They will be successful. Muslim women must also decide to marry religious males. Always put the faith of your prospective partner and faith over everything else.

If you wish to build an affluent Muslim family it is essential to prioritize your deen. It is important to remember that marriage is only half of the deen.

3. Reduce your gaze when you search for your perfect partner

When you’re looking for your perfect partner, you have all the rights to be on seeking out the ideal characteristics. It is also essential that the person appear attractive in appearance. But , you have to reduce your gaze.

Quotes of The Holy Quran –


and tell the receptive ladies (that) they must reduce their gazes and be mindful of their chastity. They should not (to) show off their adornments beyond what is evident of it. Let them put their heads over their bosoms, but do not (to) expose their adornments only to their husbands or their fathers or parents (of) spouses, or their sons or brothers (of) their brothers or husbands, or their sons (of) siblings or their brothers or (of) of their sister or their female companions or those who hold their hands or attendants who have no (of) physical attraction to the men or youngsters with whom they (are) not aware of the private facets (of) women. Do not allow them to dance around to reveal what they hide behind their clothes. Then, turn towards Allah all the time, O faith-filled believers! To ensure that you succeed.

– Surah An Nur; Verse 31

The idea of looking at your partner is acceptable in Islam however, you have adhere to certain rules.

Narrated by Jabir Ibn Abdullah.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH mentioned:

“When someone wants to ask an elopement bride to marry him, if he could think of something that will convince him to get married then he ought to marry her. He (Jabir) told me that I had asked a girl for marriage. I used to stare at her with a secret eye until I realized the reasons that led me to ask her to marry me. Therefore, I decided to marry her.

– Sunan Abi Dawud 2082

If you are a couple can be able to look each other in the eye. But, you aren’t allowed to gaze or look. There should be a minimum amount of times you are able to look at one the other. Both of you must have the reverence for Allah SWT and bear in mind that your goal is to establish a successful Islamic family.

Make time to recite these duas in order to be grateful to Allah for having found the perfect spouse.

Love for one another in Islam has the following implications:

Religion: The love Muslim spouses share must be for the benefit of Allah and for His satisfaction. It is because of Allah we get our rights as a couple (Quran 4:4) And it’s in the name of Allah that we must answer for our conduct as wives and husbands.

It is a source of sustenance: Love is not meant to be consumed but to keep going. Allah shows His love for us by giving us food. The definition of love in Islam is to support the loved ones physically emotionally, spiritually, as well as intellectually to the greatest extent of our capabilities. (Note Sustaining financially is the responsibility of the husband. But should the wife wish, she could also contribute)

Allows Love someone means to love them as the person they are. It’s selfish to attempt to mold people into what we would like they would be. True love doesn’t try to stifle individuality or manage personal differences, but rather is generous and secure enough to be able to deal with the differences of others.

The Challenges It is a challenge for us all to be the best we can be It helps us tap into our strengths and takes pleasure in the achievements we have made. Helping our loved ones to reach their full capabilities is the most satisfying feeling.

The word “mercyful” means: It is the power of mercy that drives us to love and love requires us to show mercy. The Islamic context, both are inseparable. The reason Allah decided to use as the most important for Him can be described as being the Most merciful. This characteristic that is attributed to Rahman (the merciful) is mentioned more than 170 times in the Quran and emphasizes the need of being merciful for believers. The word “mercy,” in its literal meaning is to show compassion and demonstrate compassion and be generous.

To forgive: It is not too proud of love to beg forgiveness, nor is it too selfish to accept forgiveness. It’s willing to release hurts and disappointments. Forgiveness gives us the chance to learn and make corrections. Islam is a firm believer that if we would like God to forgive us for our sins and mistakes, then we must be patient with others as well.

Respect Love is the ability to appreciate and respect the individual, their contribution as well as their views. Respect doesn’t allow us to ignore our loved ones or disregard their contributions. The way we interact with our spouses tells us whether we are respectful of the relationship or not.

Confidentiality The most important ingredient in love. When trust is violated and confidentiality is compromised Love loses its soul.

caring: Love fosters a deep love that drives us to care and sharing in all we do. Our loved family members are more important than our own needs.

Goodwill: The biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is filled with examples of the acts of kindness that he showed to his family, and especially his wives. Even when his patience was tested and he did not show unkindness either in words or actions. To be loved is to be kind.

Develops: Marital love is not static. It develops and expands each passing day of marital bliss. It takes work and dedication and is sustained by faith when we’re grateful and grateful for Allah blessings.

enhances It enhances the beauty of our image and beautifies our environment. It offers emotional security and physical wellbeing.

Selflessness The love of God is unconditional and is a faithful protector.

The truth: Love is honesty without cruelty , and loyalty that is free of compromise.


Islam is an amazing religion that contains a variety of surahs and ayahs regarding marriage. There are many instances where Allah gives specific instructions to humanity to locate people who are single Muslims and to celebrate weddings. Prophet Muhammad himself was a good example of this and advised his companions to perform the same.

Marriage is a sacred relationship between a man and a female partner and is recognized by the Holy Scriptures and by the powerful wisdom from the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). I hope that you enjoy this list of the 10 most gorgeous verses from the Quran concerning marriage. Please let me know in the comment section if have anything that you think is valuable to share with us.

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