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Dua For ParentsRabbir hamhumaa kamaa , rabbayaanee Sagheera“My Lord, be merciful on them because they brought me up when I wasa child.”
Surah Isra Ayat 24


Dua For Parents – In the preceding ayat, Allah provides a specific commandment and outlines parental rights to their children:

  1. Do not create [as equalas Allah another god andyou will be astonished and disregarded.
  2. Your Lord has also ordered that you do must not be a worshipper other than Him. And to your parents, a good treatment. When one or both them get oldbeing with you], say not to them as much as “uff,” and do not resent them, but instead speak to them a kind word.

The Surah continuesto “lower to them the wing of humility out of mercy” and then say, Rabbir hamhumaa kamaa rabbayaanee Sagheerameaning”My Lord, grant mercy to them just as they lifted me up when I wassmall].

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Dua For Parents – This is a straightforward and beautiful du’a, which requests Allah to show mercy to parents of both our families just as they showed us as children. There aren’t any perfect children in our lives We’ve all made mistakes and most likely done a variety of unsavory things that irritated our parents, but they loved us, were there for us, and forgiven us.

This prayer is a call to Allah to give to our grandparents the mercy that they showed us.

It was in Sahih Muslim 1631 Abu Huraira (ra) stated Muhammad’s messenger () in the form of: When a person dies, his actions are finished however, three of them are recurring charity or information (by whom people) gain from it, or a holy son who prays (for his deceased father).).

One way we can remember your parents’ memory is to constantly keep their names through our prayer.

Parents, as parents have to be a good example to our children Give the children love, affection and teach them to follow the principles of Islam. There will be an age when the child wants to show the same devotion and sacrifices made by their parents. In a sense, the roles reverse. The kid (now becoming an adult) is responsible for seeking to be a source that can benefit and care for parents into their later years and even after their demise.

As as a family unit We should strive to support each other and offer support helping to make life more bearable. Avoid being rude, annoying or creating an unfriendly environment we fear returning to.

Instead of dwelling on what we want from each other, we should consider what can we do to be the most perfect husband, the most perfect mother, or even the best sibling or brother? What would that look like or appear like? What are the actions that a person holding that title would have to be accountable to?

However hard you attempt, you’ll never be able to alter your partner’s behavior. Begin by setting high standards, and then lead from the front with no expectation of getting any reward. If you provide and keep this performance for a sufficient time, you will see them come back. The respect you show is returned.

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Dua For Parents – According to the Hadith Sunan an-Nasa’i 2545 was reported by Abu Mas’ud, that the Prophet said: “When a man spends on his family, seeking reward for that, that is an act of charity on his part.” In Sunan the 3104 of an-Nasa’i, told by Mu’awiyah bin Jaimeh As-Sulami who came before his Prophet () and asked: “O Messenger of Allah! I’m planning to engage (in Jihad) and I came to seek your guidance.” He then asked: “Do you have a mother?” He said: “Yes.” He added: “Then stay with her and be with her, because Paradise is at its feet.”

According to the Qur’an “And In the Qur’an, we’ve enjoined on manand his parents, to treat them with respect. The mother of the child was a burden in difficulties as well as gave him birth through the ugliness of” ( 46:15)

Another verse from the Qur’an that I’m sure parents are fond of quoting, “And your Lord has ordered that you do don’t worship Him except for Him and also to your parents, they should be treated with respect. If either or both reach the age of old when they are with you, don’t say to them [as many times as “uff,” and do not resent them, but speak to them a kind word.” ( 17:23)

Ahmad recorded that one man of Banu Yarbu` said: “I went to the Prophet when he was speaking to people. I heard him say “The hand of person who gives is the best. Give to your mother and father and your sister, and then your brother, then to your closest and most close.”‘ (from tafsir by Ibn Kathir)

We must take the time to research how important it is to maintain and sustaining the family unit within Islam. The Qur’an puts a lot of emphasis on family relationships and rewards those who work hard to strengthen the family bond “Gardens of perpetual residence.” They will share them with those who were good between their fathers, spouses and their descendants. And the angels will appear into them from all gates saying, “Peace be upon you for all that you endured. The most excellent will be the final destination.” ( 13:22-23)

Then it explains the penalty for those who do not believe or accept it “Obedience and positive words. When the issue [of fightingwas decided If they had been faithful to Allah the decision was more beneficial for them. What would you do turn away, bring about destruction on earth and break your ties with others?” ( 47:21-22)

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Beautiful Dua For Parents

Dua For Parents – Step-by-step procedure to complete prayers for parents’ well-being from Quran.

Chant “Salallahu Alayhi Wassalam” 100 times.

“Rabbiaawziaaneee An Asshkuraa Niaamatakaa Allattee Annaaamta Aaalayya Waal awaalidayya Waan Aaamala Salihaan Tarddahuwaaslih Li Fi Thurriyyatee Innii Tubttuilayka Waa-Innee Miina Almu Usli Meen”. Recite this mantra minimum of 101 times, with an honest heart.

Last but not least, pray to Allah that your parents remain healthy and happy.

A prayer for your parents is a simple and powerful dua. It can be recited at anytime to ensure they are in good health. If they’re sick and you would like to read it in order to restore them to good health, do it every 15 days for 15 consecutive days.

If you require Dua for Parents Health and Long Lives to fulfill a particular purpose then contact with our Islamic scholar.

Dua For Parents Happiness

To carry out the prayer for the parents’ happiness Follow this practice:

Make the manzil dua at the beginning of the day in the early morning.

Recite the following dua to bring your parents joy: “Adhhib Al-Ba’s Rabb An-Naas, Wa’shfi Anta Al-Shaafi, Laa Shifaa’a Illa Shifaa’uka Shifaa’an Laa Yughaadir Saqaman.” 101 times.

After you have completed this after that, blow the cup of water. Your parents should take a drink as quickly as you can.

Finally, with a honest heart make a prayer to Allah to grant your prayer for the happiness of your parents..

You may also perform this ritual after the Namaz. Contact our Maulvi Ji right away in case you’re reading this dua due to the fact that you are worried about your parents. He will assist you immediately to achieve the best outcomes from this dua for parents..

Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding the dua to ensure the happiness of your parents. We can assist you in performing these prayers correctly. We can help you with the dua to protect your mother’s health in case your mother is suffering from illness. We also offer the dua for father’s health for those looking to return their father to good health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any duas for parents in the Quran?

Dua For Parents – Absolutely, Quran includes a wide range of details. If you can recite it all precisely and correctly you can get the results in just a few minutes. The holy Quran has multiple Surah like “Wa’budul laaha wa laa tushrikoo bihee” reference Surah An-Nisa ayat (4:36) also “Yaa qawmi innamaa haazihil hayaatud dunyaa” reference Surah Ghafir (40:39). These are some of the most powerful ayats that are found within the Quran to help improve the health of your parents.

How do you understand how to read Surah For Parents Health And Long Life?

The surah of Al-Isra is beneficial to parents’ health and longevity. For this dua be sure to stay completely clean after you have performed the wudu. Take the time to read this surah carefully to ensure that your parents are blessed with health and good health.

Is there a wazifa to ensure parents ‘ long lives?

Similar to the dua for parents ‘ health and longevity There is also an oath called wazifa to ensure parents live a long life. The wazifa has amazing results when done with sincerity. First, wash your face and then complete the Fajr Namaz. Keep Zamzam water in your vicinity and recite eight of them. Inhale the water make sure you take your mother’s or father’s names and make them drink the water. You could also make this prayer to make a prayer for your father and mother. If they are sick, this prayer will heal them within three days.

Which one of the prayers for parents in Quran is most efficient?

The holy Quran contains many prayers that aid us in different aspects of our lives. The reading of the prayer for parents is done in relation to one particular prayer, the Surah An-Nisa. Surah like “Wa’budul laaha wa laa tushrikoo bihee” and “Yaa qawmi innamaa haazihil hayaatud duniya” are the most powerful duas for parents.

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Dua For Parents


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