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Short Answer No, coffee isn’t the equivalent of haram!

The coffee-related substances do not fall within the specific forbidden food items regulated by Islam. The caffeine content in coffee not regarded as an intoxicant, that’s why this beverage isn’t regarded as haram or illicit.

“Intoxicant” within this context implies that drinking coffee does not trigger alcohol-induced drunkenness as does beers, and euphoria as the result of cocaine.

While caffeine can be regarded as a moderate stimulant it’s still considered halal, or acceptable according to Islam norms. Food items or products are considered to be halal when its effects or content aren’t prohibited in accordance with Islamic law. Because of this, Muslims adhere to eating only halal-certified foods.

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The most common ingredients in coffee drinks like sugar, beans, and milk are not considered to be haram. Haram is a name given to foods that are prohibited under Islamic Law or Qu’ran. This means that you don’t have to limit your consumption of coffee even if you’re Muslim.

But, I’ve seen the following BBC report in which they mention the fact that coffee was prohibited from jurists and scholars who met in Mecca around 1511 since it was considered to be haram.

The reason for this is that coffee was linked to rebellion and revolutionary events and this led to an uproar throughout the following 13 years, until the prohibition became taken away in 1524, by Selim I, the Ottoman Turkish Sultan Selim I.

It’s a fascinating intro isn’t it? But there’s more for you. We’ll discover the truth!

What exactly is Haram?

Haram is an Arabic word that refers to prohibited by Islamic laws.

It is related to everything which is forbidden in the Qur’an or could cause an crime committed by an Muslim. For example, cheating taking, and adultery are haram.

Haram is applicable to certain foods and drinks like pork and alcohol that are prohibited to consume in Islam and can be considered to be haram.

Be cautious when using this word, as it could also mean “what is a pity” or “what an pity” in some Arab-speaking countries.

Can Muslims drink coffee?

Absolutely, Muslims can definitely drink coffee!

If you’re an Muslim then you are able to drink any kind of coffee you want however, I highly recommend that you use the best quality ingredients to ensure your safety.

Check out my tips for healthier alternatives to sweeteners for your coffee. As we’ve mentioned before it isn’t haram to drink coffee and coffee can be isn’t an intoxicant and it means you are able to enjoy your cup of coffee without violating Islamic laws.

However, you should drink your coffee responsibly by sticking to the recommend the caffeine limit, that is 400 mg caffeine daily for most adults.

Excessing the limit can expose you to the risk of developing OD with signs like headaches, anxiety diarrhea, nausea, trouble sleeping and numerous other symptoms.

But the effects of these medications will differ from one person to the next according to the tolerance.

That is while coffee isn’t haram you should not overindulge in any way!

Is Coffee mentioned In the Qur’an?

Coffee was not ever mentioned within the Qur’an.

So, a lot of people believe that the drink is considered to be halal or otherwise haram. Because coffee doesn’t contain properties which can trigger an euphoria or drunkenness It is legal under Islamic norms.

In fact, can make someone more active and awake, leading to greater productivity and concentration, and in return doing something beneficial for him.

However, be aware that these legal substances could cause harm to your health in the event of excessive use.

Does Coffee Count As A Drug?

Coffee isn’t an illegal substance, however the primary component, caffeine is regarded as a drug.

Caffeine is, in actual thought to be one of the most popular psychoactive substances and can be lawful and not regulated throughout the world.

This stimulates the nervous system and influences your mood and cognitive. It also provides the body with a temporary boost of energy that leads to greater endurance and overall performance.

However it can also increase anxieties and migraines when taken in large amounts. To get a more comprehensive view you can read my thorough analysis of “is coffee a drug.”

Which is better for Muslims Coffee or Tea?

Muslims consume both drinks equally!

When it comes down to picking between tea or coffee, it is always based on one’s personal preference. The tea leaves and coffee beans are made by nature that’s why they is no specific restrictions on their consumption since it comes from the natural world.

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This is why the tea and It is a staple for Muslims!

Check this out for a chance to learn more about the in-depth comparison of tea and coffee.

Does All Coffee have Halal?

Yes, the majority of coffees on the market are a bit shady. But, I would suggest that you look over the coffee’s packaging to make sure it’s certified as halal.

If you are able to see the Halal-certified label it is a guarantee you that your product has met international standards regarding preparation, handling and packaging.

Additionally, you can be sure that it has been specifically designed to meet what Islamic food needs for hygiene as well as quality and health requirements.

Halal Brands

Here are some here are a few companies which are certified as halal:

  • Nescafe
  • Vinacafe
  • PureGano
  • Kopiko
  • Laos Dao Coffee
  • Old Town

Is Sugar Haram?

According to me, sugar isn’t haram so you make sure to use it with care.

A diet high in sugar may raise blood pressure and raise chronic inflammation. Consumption excessive of sugary foods could result in the development of diabetes, weight gain, and fatty liver disease.

In this instance sugar can be viewed as an act of haram.

However you can put a small amount of sugar in your cup of coffee in order to sugar it up a tiny bit is fine and is not considered an act of haram.

In terms of coffee sweeteners, I would suggest using natural sweeteners like honey cacao powder, agave nectarand coconut sugar.

They are all safe options and are suitable for use in accordance with Islamic guidelines. Here’s a brief video that explains the dangers of sugar. Take a look!

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Histories Of Coffee in Islam

The most well-known legend about the coffee’s beginning was from the 7th or 6th century, when an Ethiopian goatherder known as Kaldi discovered a unique fruit that gave him energy.

Another story says the consumption of coffee found in middle of the 15th century of Yemen following Arab traders travelled across to Ethiopia in search of coffee, which was consumed for medical uses.

There are Sufi monks drink coffee to act as stimulants that helped them to stay awake while meditation or praying.

According to The World of Caffeine in the book, the Sufi monks consumed it on a daily basis, on Monday and on Fridays. Their leader used to pour it into small glasses and offered it to group members for them to drink while they chanted their regular prayers.

And that’s the way drinking coffee became popular throughout Sufi monasteries, coffeehouses and Islamic urban areas!

Many things have happened since this. I recommend you study further because there are many interesting historical details that are waiting for you to discover.

Is there a Tea Haram?

Tea is not the haram even!

The primary reason tea isn’t considered haram is because it’s an non-alcoholic beverage. Additionally, there is no indication to tea in the Qur’an to mention tea is not allowed in Islam. (If it is true, please inform me. )

Also, I’m pretty certain tea is not haram. I’ve witnessed my Muslim friend drinking at least four cups of tea every day.

Tea is very popular among the people of Islamic culture. In actual fact people from the Turks drink at minimum 9 cups every day, and the Moroccans with five cups per each day.

Therefore, tea is not the haram!

Which Food And Drinks Are Haram?

They are instances of foods and beverages that are considered haram:

  • pork
  • reptiles
  • insects
  • amphibians
  • scallops
  • shrimp

shellfish (including lobster, mussels oysters, and mussels) Animal products that are not certified and the by-products thereof

These are prohibited in Islam and you must avoid it!

Final Remarks (Is coffee Haram?)

IT is certainly and is not considered to be haram.

It can be stimulating; however, the evidence is no definitive evidence that it could result in euphoria, or even drunkenness. Furthermore, being a fact, there’s no mention within the Holy Qur’an regarding coffee being considered haram.

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My personal view is:

A balanced amount of coffee you drink is beneficial for your health and will help you improve every aspect of your daily life.

Remember that anything too extreme or abusive could be considered as haram. And I believe that means that you shouldn’t consume too much coffee! Therefore, you can drink your coffee moderately.

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Understanding what you are aware that coffee and caffeine are considered to be halal or harmful will surely help you and your daily life. If you decide to drink it or not, you’re able to make a decision based on additional information that will hopefully, put you at peace.

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