La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah (لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله)

As Muslims as a community, we can be united in one thing that is universally true, there is nothing that can be accomplished without the permission of Allah.

It is one of the fundamental tenets of Islam and is known to all who have heard the famous zikir “la hawla wala quwwata illa billah”. If you understand its meaning, then you are a brief prayer, you are in agreement with…

There is no power or no strength , except for Allah.

Subhanallah is an extremely short, but powerful phrase that is extremely powerful. This phrase, (often called Hawqala) is found in more than 10 narrations from numerous hadiths that speak of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) telling his followers to recite this dhikr on a daily basis.

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They are believed to be authentic and is classified as Sahih which means authentic, by numerous scholars. This is the reason why we should make the effort to integrate this saying every day.


Here’s what it would look like should you choose to read the following in Arabic:

Transliteration: lahawla wala quwwata, illa billahEnglish Translation There is no strength or strength except for Allah.


This is an audio version that we’ve made to aid in pronunciation to help you learn how to say and then inshallah remember.

The term could be translated word-for-word into:

  • La = notone, nor none.
  • Hawla is a synonym for change motion, alteration, change, motion, alteration.
  • The Wa and the La are not and neither, nor, none, neither, none.
  • Bi means to go, within, by way of in, by means of, by means of, through.
  • Allah is Arabic name for the Supreme Being.

Progress can only be achieved by transformation and change. spiritual advancement requires the greatest amount of transformation and change.

We might want to make changes but we are the only ones who cannot be the ones to make these modifications.

This transformation and change is only possible by the Tahwil (transformation) by Allah.

In other words, true transformation and change occur only because of the magnificent and mighty capabilities of Allah.

Here are a few literal translations of the phrase lahawla wa la quwwwata illa Billah which reflect the concept of transformation and change:

  • There isn’t any power or change except through the Allah’s help. Allah.
  • It is impossible to achieve strength or transformation apart from Allah.
  • There isn’t any progress or might unless it is through Allah.

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In translation from Arabic into English we can lose the subtleties that can only be understood by native English speakers. Here’s what the writer of the website wahiduddin wrote in relation to the standard meaning of the expression.

. The word hawla is translated as power is a cliche. The Arabic root h-w-l is a representation of every ways of transformation and change. [..] Progress can only be made through transformation and change… as well as spiritual growth requires the greatest degree of transformation and change. We might want to make changes however, we cannot be the one to effect such changes.” 1

We are always evolving and growing, but we must realize that this isn’t due to our own genius It is God’s plan of Allah by which change takes place.

The variant of the phrase”la hawla wala qwwata Billahil, by including the words aliyyil azimfurther praises Allah by referring to Allah through the one of his 99 names (Azim). Azim’s meaning Azim is that it means he is of Allah the supreme and the powerful The One who is worthy of glory.


Anyone at any time can say the prayer. Its goal is to display that we are remembering Allah. The message and wisdom of this verse is that the human nature is fragile. Our egos love to present that we’re powerful, strong and independent , however real confidence is found in the person who is able to admit that they aren’t.

A person who is a servant of Allah is aware of this and will acknowledge that he is weak and ineffective, and unworthy and is not in the will of God. Therefore, the importance of praying this prayer “La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah”.

The thing you’re doing is seeking Allah to make what you want to happen.

Everyone needs assistance from time to time, there’s no shame asking God for help. Actually, we should seek more from Allah because he isn’t limitless. If you are struggling with difficult financial situations, marital issues or dealing with stress, this could be a potent Dhikr that can help you get through.


Here’s a selection of Hadiths which mention that the prophet (saws) concerning the following phrase:

It was reported by the Prophet Abu Musa. Abu Musa said: “The Prophet (saas) was listening to me say”La hawla wa quwwata, illa billah (there there isn’t any power or no strength other than Allah). The Prophet declared: ‘O Abdullah bin Qais! Do I not need to inform you about a phrase that is among The treasures in Paradise?’ replied”Yes, Messenger of Allah.

Say During Adhan

It was reported by ‘Alqamah Bin Waqqas who stated: “I was with Mu’awiyah at the time that the Mu’adhdhin called for the Adhan. Muawiyah echoed what the Mu’adhdhin had said and then when he stated”Hayya ‘alas salah (come to a prayer) He said”La hawla wa quwwata illa billah (There are no powers or no strength unless with Allah) and when it was said that ‘Hayya’alal’falah (come towards prosperity)”, he said”La hawla wa quwwata, illa Billah (There are no powers, and any strength except for Allah). After that , he said what the Mu’adhdhin had said Then he added”I have heard Allah’s Messenger to Allah () declaring exactly the same thing. ‘” 3

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La Hawla Wala Quwwata Benefits

Anyone who recites this dua will be able to overcome his troubles or distress will be cured since it’s the medication and cure for 99 illnesses.

It’s one of the entrances to Jannah The other door is Tirmidhi and is one of the most treasures of Jannah which is Sahi Bukhari. Anyone who loves it will be able to enter Jannah.

Anecdotal evidence suggests (riwayat) when you repeat the entire sequence of this Dua the angels descend to give your Shifa (cure).

If one is able to repeat it daily is safe from the 70 Balayen (spiritual trials and troubles).

If one does it with a lot of devotion, Allah will end his poverty and he will no longer be dependent on anyone else.

If a person repeats La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illah Billah 100 times a day, Allah will remove his Mohtajgi (poverty).

The act of reciting it will give the recipient Rizq (sustenance) in the event that you’re unemployed and do not have a job, it can provide a myriad of possibilities for Rizq.

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