Reviving Spiritual Connection: Has The Power of Prayer Diminished?

The Power of Prayer – Exploring the Depth of Faith and Rediscovering the Potency of Prayer in Modern Times” Brothers and Sisters in Islam! Undoubtedly you frequently ask yourselves:

Why is it that the Prayer, accurate and beneficial as it’s miles, appears to make no difference to our lives? Why does it neither enhance our morals, nor rework us right into a force committed to Allah? Why can we continue to stay disgraced and subjugated?

The ordinary answer could be which you are not offering the Prayer often or inside the way prescribed via Allah and the Messenger. Such an answer won’t satisfy you. I shall therefore try and provide an explanation for the matter in a few detail.

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Parable of the Clock

Look on the clock fixed to the wall: there are plenty of small components in it, joined to each other. When you wind it, all the components start operating and, as these elements flow, the end result appears at the clock face outdoor it which you study.

Both arms move to denote every 2d and every minute. The motive of the clock is to signify correct time. All those elements which can be necessary for this motive had been outfitted together and the winding gadget has been made so that each of them moves as required.

Only while all the parts had been assembled efficaciously and the clock wound up nicely will it start pleasant the cause for which it’s far made.

If you do now not wind it, it’ll now not show the time. If you wind it but no longer in keeping with the prescribed method, it’s going to stop or, although it works, it will no longer supply an appropriate time.

If you get rid of a number of the parts after which wind it, nothing will take place. If you update some of the components with the ones of a sewing machine after which wind it, it’s going to neither imply the time nor stitch the fabric.

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If you keep all of the elements within the case however disconnect them, then no part will circulate even after winding it up. The presence of all the elements will now not serve the reason for which the clock is made due to the fact you may have disrupted their arrangement as well as their connection.

In all these situations, each the existence of the clock and the act of winding it come to be vain, even though an observer from a distance can not say that it isn’t always a clock or that you are not winding it.

He will simply recall that it is a clock and will assume it to be beneficial as a clock. Similarly, when from a distance he observes you winding it, he’s going to take it as a genuine attempt for your component to do the process, hoping to notice the result which comes from winding the clock. But how can this expectation be fulfilled whilst what seems like a clock from a distance has in reality lost its ‘existence’?

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Aim of Muslim Ummah

Imagine Islam like this clock. Just because the cause of the clock is to signify an appropriate time, so the purpose of Islam is that you should live on this world as the vicegerents of God, as witnesses of God unto mankind and as wellknown-bearers of truth. You have to yourselves follow the commandments of God and produce all other human beings below Him:

You are certainly the first-rate network delivered forth for mankind: you enjoin the doing of proper and forbid the doing of wrong, and also you believe in God (Al Imran three: 11O).

And therefore We have made you a just community, that you is probably witnesses unto mankind (al-Baqarah 2: 143).

God has promised those of you who believe and do righteous deeds that He will really make you to accede to strength on the earth (al-Nur 24: 55).

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Wholeness of Islamic Teachings

To fulfil this reason, various elements as have been required, like the ones of the clock, had been introduced together in Islam.

Beliefs and concepts of morality; guidelines for daily behavior; the rights of God, of His slaves, of 1’s own self, of the entirety within the world which you encounter; regulations for incomes and spending money; legal guidelines of battle and peace; standards of government and boundaries of obedience to it – these kind of are parts of Islam.

As in a clock, they may be linked to every different in the sort of manner that as soon because the winding is executed, every component starts of evolved transferring and, with the movement of some of these elements, the preferred result is received.

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Rule of God’s regulation within the world, begin manifesting simply as, with the motion of the elements of the clock in the front of you, the time appears on its face.

In order to fasten collectively one-of-a-kind components of the clock, screws and small portions of steel have been used. Similarly, to enroll in all of the parts of Islam collectively, there may be an arrangement referred to as the Jama’ah or business enterprise.

Muslims need to organize themselves, and feature leaders geared up with right expertise and endowed with taqwa; the brains need to help them and the limbs must obey them, as they all strive to live beneath God.

When all the components were delivered together and well assembled, ordinary winding is important to set them in movement and to retain their motion: Salah (Prayers) which is obtainable 5 times an afternoon provides that winding, growing the electricity which units an Islamic life in motion. Cleaning this clock is also essential: fasting discovered for thirty days (in Ramadan) a year cleanses hearts and morals.

Lubrication, too, is required: Zakah (Almsgiving) is just like the oil that is applied to its components as soon as a yr. Then it is also vital to overtake it periodically: Hajj (Pilgrimage) is that overhauling which must be performed at least as soon as in a lifetime. And the extra frequently it’s miles performed, the higher.

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Abusing the Clock

The methods of winding, cleansing, lubricating and overhauling are of use best while all of the parts are gift in the frame, whilst they’re connected within the order designed by using the clock-maker, and while all are so trained that at once on winding they start transferring and start showing results.

Alas, nowadays the state of affairs has end up very extraordinary. For a start, the very Jama’ah, the organizational shape, which changed into alleged to hyperlink the parts of the clock together has ceased to exist. The end result is that all the fittings have come apart, each has gone its very own manner.

Everybody does anything takes his fancy. There is nobody to impeach some thing. Everyone is self sustaining. If a person wants to comply with the Islamic code, he can; if he does no longer need to, he want not.

Since even this so-called freedom has no longer happy you, you’ve got pulled out many elements of the clock and of their area placed something and the whole thing: a spare element from a stitching device,

perhaps, or from a manufacturing unit or from the engine of a vehicle. You name yourselves Muslims, but you render unswerving provider to Kufr, yet you take interest, you insure your lives, you document false regulation suits, your daughters, sisters and other halves are abandoning Islamic manners and your kids are being given best secular materialistic schooling.

Some have become disciples of Gandhi; others are following Lenin. Which un-Islamic system is there that you have not constant into the body of the clock of Islam?

Despite this, you anticipate the clock to paintings while you wind it! And you suppose that cleansing, lubricating and overhauling it’s going to additionally be of use. With a touch mirrored image, however, you must see that within the condition to that you have decreased the clock you can wind it, lubricate it, and overhaul it, for the complete of your lives with none impact.

Nothing will manifest until you remove the components introduced in from different home equipment, replace them with the authentic parts, and restore the authentic priorities. Then, and most effective then, will the winding and so on produce any effects.

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Why Worship Rites Are Ineffective

This scenario is the actual purpose why your Salah (Prayers), Sawm (Fasting), Zakah (Almsgiving) and Hajj (Pilgrimage) make no impact upon your lives. First, there are so few among you who carry out these acts of worship. Due to the dissolution of Islamic Jama’ah everyone has end up autonomous.

Whether you fulfil your responsibilities or no longer, there’s nobody to care. Nor do folks who do apparently carry out their responsibilities accomplish that in a proper way. They are not consistent in attending the congregational Prayer.

People are selected to steer the Prayers inside the mosques certainly due to the fact they’re suit for no other paintings: those who exist at the unfastened bread doled out to mosques, who’re uneducated, who lack ethical caliber. How can congregations led by them turn you into the leaders of mankind? Similar is the situation concerning your Fasting, Almsgiving and Pilgrimages.

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Despite most of these facts, you can argue, there are despite the fact that many Muslims who do discharge their non secular obligations conscientiously. Why does that make no distinction?

But, as I even have said, whilst the parts of the clock have grow to be unhinged and numerous foreign our bodies were inserted in it, it makes no distinction if you wind it or now not, smooth it or now not, lubricate it or no longer.

From a distance it does appear like a clock. An out of doors observer can also say: This is Islam and you are Muslims. But what he can’t see is how badly its inner equipment has been tampered with.

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Our Deplorable Condition

You understand why it’s miles so you pray and fast and but remain trampled below the heel of merciless tyrants. But, ought to I let you know some thing even greater distressing? Although most of you no doubt regret this example however, I could say, 999 humans out of one thousand are not prepared to change their state of affairs.

They haven’t any urge in their hearts to collect the clock of Islam once more properly. They are afraid that such a reconstruction would imply that their personal favorite imported components would be thrown out, and this they’re not prepared to just accept. They are afraid that any tightening of numerous components would mean that they will ought to field themselves, and this they’re no longer willing to undertake.

Instead, they pick that the clock stays a bit of decoration on the wall for humans to be shown and informed how outstanding Islam is, what miracles it could carry out.

Those who are speculated to love this clock greater than others would love to wind it repeatedly and zealously and to clean it maximum laboriously; however they need to do nothing to reset its components nicely or tighten them, nor will they seek to get rid of the extraneous elements.

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I want I could advocate your attitudes and conduct, but I can not say some thing which I believe is inaccurate. I guarantee you that if, in addition to praying 5 instances a day, you have been to provide Tahadjud (pre-dawn), Ishraq (post-sundown) and Chasht (mid-morning) Prayers, examine the Qur’an for hours each day, and look at, over and above Ramadan, greater fasts for five and a half of months inside the last 11 months,

You’ll nevertheless reap not anything. What is needed is to repair the unique parts to the clock and attach them firmly. Then even the little essential winding will make it paintings smoothly; and the minimal quantity of required cleaning and lubrication can be wanted.

Wa ma ‘alayna illa ‘l-balagh

There is no obligation on us except conveying the truth!

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