Unraveling The Timelines: Is the Quran Older Than the Bible?

Is the Quran Older Than the Bible?” Delve into Historical Insights and Scholarly Perspectives on the Chronology of Sacred Texts” If day after today morning,

I make a claim that an angel of God had regarded to me within the night time and advised me to put in writing a new holy book and to call it the very last and closing scriptures for the entire world, might you be given what I say?

You’d snigger at me. You’d call me delusional. You might even undertaking me to reveal some shape of proof or evidence, that an angel had clearly regarded to me. If I can’t provide any evidence, what could you call me? A lunatic and a liar?

But allow’s say, you select to provide me the advantage of the doubt, and determine to take a look at my new e-book, just to humor me. Then as you begin studying my e-book, you locate that it does now not agree with the earlier found out e book, the Quran.

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Would you take delivery of my claim that my e-book is the proper one and that your book must be rejected? Of route now not. I will want to show proof that what I kingdom in my e-book may be sponsored up by using solid proof!

What if I explain to you that the purpose my scripture differs from the Quran is that it is the Quran that has been corrupted? Would that be ridiculous? Of course, that doesn’t make feel.

I higher be geared up to back up each declare in my book that differs from your e book. And not make allegations that the Quran is modified, and consequently my ebook is real.

In different phrases, you will now not judge your Quran based on what my new e-book says. Rather, you’ll judge my e book based totally on what your Quran says! If my ebook contradicts the earlier revelation of the Quran, then my ebook is incorrect. As simple as that.

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Unraveling The Timelines: Is the Quran Older Than the Bible?, Quran, Quran Arabic Text, House of Quran

The Burden Of Proof

The Quran became written in the seventh century AD through the recitations of a person within the barren region who claimed an angelic being visited him. I’m now not saying it didn’t take place. I’m asking, can all and sundry affirm this visitation? Or is it simply the claims of 1 man?

There were no witnesses to what honestly passed off. And Muhammad did no miracles to prove what he turned into announcing, like the prophets of vintage like Moses or Elijah.

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Yet, he revealed a new e-book, the Quran, that contradicts the sooner revealed scriptures, the Bible. The Bible become written between 1400 BC & AD 95. By AD 400, loads of years before Muhammad, the Bible became already extensively distributed all through the recognized world at that time in multiple languages.

And but, Muslims claim that it’s miles the Bible that has been corrupted instead of showing evidence that what the Quran claims are true. Muhammad himself in no way claimed that the sooner scriptures were corrupted or misplaced. In truth, he affirmed and praised them.

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You can’t choose the Bible based on what the Quran says. Rather, you have to judge the Quran based on what the Bible says. Since Islam came many centuries after Christianity, Islam has the weight of evidence and now not Christianity. The Bible exams and judges the Quran.

If the Bible and the Quran contradict every other, the Bible should logically take delivery of first vicinity as the older authority. The Quran is the only in mistakes until it proves itself. 

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Unraveling The Timelines: Is the Quran Older Than the Bible?, Quran, Quran Arabic Text, House of Quran

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