Biography of Aminah Bint Wahb (رضي الله عنه)

Aminah Bint Wahb (رضي الله عنه) – In the womb Aaminah Bint Wahb was certainly the most noble and most reverent among all wombs, since that was the place which was the place of the seal of the Prophets, as well as the leader for the messengers. In the womb where the most magnificent Fetus (Allah’s Messenger) was born. 

Aminah Bint Wahb (رضي الله عنه) The seed was passed down through the ages of the human race and generation after generation till Allah in His divine wisdom decided to move it into ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Abdul Mutta The young Qurayshi who surpassed his peers in awe. Abdullah ibn ‘Abdul Muttalib was freed from the slaughterhouse, after his father had pledged to kill him, and made a vow to keep his promise. It was one of the most valuable human being the Arabs had ever encountered.

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Aminah Bint Wahb (رضي الله عنه) He was not killed by Allah’s decree, in order that the Divine decision could be realized and solidly rooted into the history of the world that all bear witness to Allah’s Absolute Will. There is no alteration in His decrees, and there is nothing to stop against His decrees.

“Allah has chosen Adam, Nooh [Noah] and the families of Ibraheem [Abraham as well as the family of Imraan over the ‘Aalameen [mankind , Jinnand jinn. Offspring is one of the two family members, and Allah is the All-Hearing and All-Knower.” (Qur’an 3: 33-34)

Abdullah left with his father ‘Abdul-Muttalib , who was his being kept from sacrifice. The woman who was who was from Bani Asad ibn Abdul Uzza saw him standing beside the Ka’bah. She told him, having gazed at his face,

“You will receive similar to the camels sacrificed to pay your ransom if you live with me right now.”

It is because she noticed something that was unique about him. Abdullah said that it was better to be dead than to commit a crime and the noblest man to keep his honour and faith was more noble. The ‘Abdul-Muttalib family chose Aaminah Bint Wahb who belonged to the Zuhr clan as his spouse for his son Abdullah. Aaminah was then considered to be the most beautiful Qurayshi woman of family lineage and standing.

Aminah Bint Wahb (رضي الله عنه) The fortune-teller of Tibalah who was also known by the name of Fatimah bint Murr al Khath’amiyah had also been able to see Abdullah. She was among women who was beautiful as well as beautiful among Arab women. She recognized the prophetic light in the eyes of ‘Abdullah. she offered her marriage to him, but she was rejected by him.

The story of a prophet that was to come from the Ismaa’el children (peace be on his name) was being spread to the Arabs throughout the peninsula. The news was based on what the people who wrote the Bible had told and the information they had gathered of what was written in their Torah as well as explicit. People also found the information from fortune-tellers and astrologers.

Although ‘Abdullah ibn Muttalib was a beautiful young man who had an extraordinary and affluent upbringing, and even though he was chaste and high morals , and even though young ladies had sought him out and asked him to be their husband to marry, Allah had decreed that Aaminah was to be ‘Abdullah’s bride.

Aminah’s womb soon gave birth to the beautiful fetus of the Prophet. After a few months, after the birth took place, ‘Abdullah embarked on an excursion towards Syria (Syria as per Arab geographic terminology is a geographical region comprising Palestine, Jordan, present day Syria and Lebanon. 

Its capital city, Gaza is located on the Palestinian coasts, was among the main cities which Qurayshi merchants were frequent visitors to). On his return to Gaza, he became sick and was admitted to his maternal uncles of the clan of Bani Najjaar in Yathrib, who took charge of the sick man. Unfortunately, he passed away because of his terminal illness and his wife was left widowed.

Aminah was devastated by the loss of her husband of love who was only in her home for only a short time following their wedding. She was devastated and wept hard because her fetus had been abandoned before it was born. However, she was determined to be strong and persistent. She found comfort in Abdul-Muttalib who was a great caretaker for herself and demonstrated a lot of affection. The pregnancy was surprising pleasant and simple.

In her nighttime dream, she saw someone come to her while she was in bed and told her:

“You are expecting the Prophet and Leader in this Country (Ummah).”

He came back to her just as she was about to give birth , and told her,

“Say when you have delivered him that ‘I ask his protection from Allah (Allah) against the evils of any jealous person.’ Then name him ‘Muhammad’.”

In this manner, Aaminah was able to continue to experience dreams. Many times, her dreams bring her happy good news, encouraged her she was patient, encouraged her to be kind and revealed the immenseness of the child who was brought to her.

The day of the delivery was a wonderful day. This was the dawn that was to bring light to the darkness of deviance from humanity. Yes! It is true that the prophet (peace be upon his name) came into the world in the spring … following cold storms, the thunders of winter and the dark clouds. It was the spring season after the scorching heat of summer and the change in the nature that come with the autumn.

Aaminah said,

“When I released him to him, a light exploded from him, which illuminated everything of the space between East to the West. The light shone through the markets and palaces in Syria until I was able to see the necks of camels at Basra. I saw three flags being erected that were one in the East and one at one in the West and the final one over the Ka’bah.”

‘AbdulMuttalib, a grandfather of the Prophet, was the one who took the boy called Muhammad into the Ka’bah. As he walked around the Ka’bah, he said:

“Praise to Allah who gave me this boy of great importance. I ask Allah’s protection to him.”

A portion of this was told by Aminah to Haleemah who was the Prophet’s wet nurse.

It was here that Haleemah bint AbiDhu’ayb walked into his life as Muhammad (peace be on his soul) in the role of his mother-in-law. However, the first taste milk that came into the Prophet’s stomach was brought by the name of Thuwaybah who was the freed maid to his great uncle Abu Lahab (‘Abdul-‘Uzza ibn ‘Abdul-Muttalib) who was a great lover of his brother Abdullah. 

Abu Lahab was gravely saddened by the loss of his brother. When his maid who was freed Thuwaybah was able to visit him and revealed the great news about his son’s birth Muhammad (peace be on Muhammad) in his presence, he became satisfied that he released her free. It was the norm of the Arab nobles as they were a source of satisfaction, joy and pride for them.

It appears that Thuwaybah continued to be in the company of Aaminah for a couple of days after the birth. Thuwaybah was also about to give birth, and therefore she breast fed her Prophet (peace be with his name) until Haleemah arrived and brought the Prophet out to desert.

The role Haleemah would play in the early years of Prophet’s childhood was vital and crucial. His time in her home was full of important occasions.

Muhammad (peace rest upon his soul) is now returning to Makkah and was taking pleasure in being surrounded by his mother’s affection and the tender care of his grandfather Abdul-Muttalib. His growth was rapid and his face stood out from the rest when it shined with by the light. His appearance was beautiful and his heart was filled with indications of guidance and transparency while his lips were marked by sweetness and tenderness. It was not surprising since the Lord of his life was Allah The Exalted.

Aminah was known to snuggle and hold her adorable son. She felt a special warmness that she would feel during her pregnancy with him. The grandfather of his was very connected to him. ‘Abdul-Muttalib who was the chief of Quraysh was unable to endure Muhammad’s absence and he could not stop from gazing at his grandfather. Every morning , he would visit to Aminah’s house and at different hours during the day. He would always ask her

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“How does mein son Muhammad?”

Aminah Bint Wahb (رضي الله عنه) And he would take him in his arms and embrace him with the most tender affection a grandfather could show in his child. He would look at the face of Muhammad an image his son ‘Abdullah , who was killed when he was still a bridegroom and whose passing caused his heart a deep sadness. The thing that made him feel better was when he observed his son’s remarkable traits, that grew in his the love and compassion for his grandson.

As Muhammad (peace be with his soul) was 6 years old, his mom pleaded for permission from ‘Abdul-Muttalib on a trip to Yathrib together with her child to visit the grave of her husband ‘Abdullah, and also to visit his maternal uncles who were his uncles, the Banu Najjaar. He granted her permission to travel and advised her to take proper care of her as well as her son. 

Aaminah went out along with her child Muhammad along with Barakah Barakah, who was her maid-servant. she used to work for Aaminah and care for the son Muhammad (peace be on him). This is the reason we can observe Barakah’s love for Muhammad in Seerah the Prophet’s affection of Barakah (may Allah be pleased with her) and the reason he considered Barakah as a part of his family and household.

Aaminah felt immense sorrow and sadness as she stood by the graveyard of her husband. She was crying profusely as she was adrift with her orphaned child. It was evident to be that fever from Yathrib was affecting Aaminah when she left the city. Aaminah did not realize the severity of her illness until traveling returning to Makkah. The condition got worse, and, while in the village of Abwa’ she was struck down by her illness and passed away.

Aminah Bint Wahb (رضي الله عنه) Muhammad (peace rest upon Muhammad (peace be upon him) wept in pain for his mother who did not return. He was not left to himself since he had Barakah as a slave free from his parent. As a mother would take her child Barakah (may Allah be pleased with her) was able to carry Muhammad (peace be on his soul) all the way back Makkah.

Aminah Bint Wahb (رضي الله عنه) If she only knew the kind of child she was bringing her to Makkah..

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