Biography of Hazrat Umm Salama (رضي الله عنه)

Umm Salama (رضي الله عنه) – The prophet (peace and peace be on him) stated:

“Allah has told me to marry only women from Paradise. “Umm Salamah took part as a participant in the Ridwan pledge, therefore she was entitled to Paradise.

The real name of her was Hind Bint Abu Umayyah, who was famous for her nickname Umm Salamah. Her birthplace was noble and was intelligent, well-educated as well as wise and skilled. She was the first bride to Abdullah bin ‘Abdul Asad Makhzumi also known in the title Abu Salamah. 

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Umm Salama (رضي الله عنه) – He was the father of the prophet’s aunt paternal Barrah Bint Abdul Muttalib. He also belonged to the elite group of Muslims whom were first adopt Islam. He was renowned for his honesty, courage as well as his generosity, tolerance, and patience. He was the 11th person to join the community of Islam. He also served as the closest friend of Prophet Muhammad (peace and peace be on him) through the bonds of breastfeeding.

Umm Salamah was one of the first conversions from Islam. She was the daughter of ‘Atikah Bint ‘Amer of Rabi’ah Bin Malik Bin Khazimah. His father Abu Umayyah bin ‘Abdullah bin Makhzum was a wealthy man , and was well-known across his entire Arab the world due to his charitable work and public service. 

Umm Salamah seems to have acquired this characteristic by her grandfather. She was always pleasant and pleasant to her neighbors. When she got married to the handsome and courageous son of the rich family from Makhzum She exhibited an amiable, pleasant calmness into her new family. There was a sense of love and joy at the house of the newlywed couple.

However, things drastically changed when the couple accepted Islam. Everyone in the family reacted against them, and naughty and wicked people like Walid Bin Mughirah Makhzumi began making problems for them. 

When things had been at their most dire and the prophet (peace and good wishes be upon his name) encouraged his loyal followers to move into Abyssinia in the region where they would find that the Christian Kings were more accepting to the new faith. Sixteen people departed for the first historic migration of Muslims who were followers of Islam 12 women and four men. Abu And Umm Salamah also were among those sixteen.

Umm Salamah recounted that life was tranquil in Abyssinia and was free from all religious discrimination. She was the first to give birth to a daughter whom was called Zaynab. She then had a son named Salamah. This is the reason for her name along with her husband’s.

Umm Salama (رضي الله عنه) – The second child was an infant son named “Umar. Then they had a daughter, whom was called Durrah. Thus, life was easy and the years passed by without a hitch with peace and joy. Najashi, the leader of Abyssinia, Najashi, was extremely accommodating to the migrants. When the rulers of the non-believers heard the news, they were furious and believed that Muslims were growing into a real threat to them. They decided to adopt drastic steps to stem the growing trend of Islam.

After much contemplation, they came up with a strategy of actions. The disbelievers presented the top political leader from the Arab world, Amr bin ‘Aas and Abdullah Bin Abi Rabi’ah with expensive gifts to Najashi in an effort to convince him to release the Muslim migrants to their care. Najashi was a fair-minded person, a shrewd and honest man. He therefore urged the chief for the refugee community to argue their arguments. 

Najashi after listening to the pleas of the Muslims He then informed the emissaries of Quraysh that the refugees were of good character and could remain in Abyssinia however long they wanted. In addition, he was prepared to offer every form of protection that was needed to the group from Makkah could go home with their gifts.

 If anyone gave him an obscene amount of gold for these noble people, He would not give them up. Umm Salamah has written about the first and memorable migration of Muslims and has described the power of Najashi in such a profound way that it has now become an integral and significant aspect in Islamic history.

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Umm Salama (رضي الله عنه) – Umm Salamah narrates that their lives in Abyssinian was extremely peaceful, and Najashi was extremely kind However, they missed Makkah. They kept waiting for the day when peace would finally prevail , so they could go back to their homeland. A day later, news broke the world that “Umar Bin Khattab” had had accepted Islam as well as that circumstances in Makkah had completely changed.

 According to reports, due to the power and power of ‘Umar, oppression of Muslims was put to rest. They were all so thrilled over this news according to Umm Salamah, that they made the decision to go to their home. The ‘Uthman bin’Affan was went along together with family members. After reaching Makkah they realized that it was just a report and that things were more dire than they were before. Muslims were targets of more severe persecutors and crimes. However, it was too late.

A well-established tradition explains what was actually happening. The unbelievers saw that the prophet (peace and peace be on his name) reading Ayat of the Noble Quran, and prostrated involuntarily at an Ayah along with him. As with all rumors, this also grew into news that the Quraysh had reverted to Islam. However, this wasn’t the case.

Discontent with the continual difficulties they encountered and the constant struggles they faced, they decided to go to Abyssinia and return. At this point it was that Prophet (peace and peace be with him) demanded that the most fervent Muslims to relocate to Al-Madinah. The group from Al-Madinah had reported that those who had sworn the oath of Allah as well as His Messenger (peace and peace be with the Prophet) at ‘Aqabah, had offered Muslims to move to the city and he had agreed. It was reported that the Ansar in Al-Madinah, (as they came to be known) was announcing that they would care for their migrants.

Abu Salamah with his family was taken on camels to Al-Madinah. As her family members observed this, they seized the camel’s bridle, and told him it was his choice to go wherever you want, but that he’d be required to leave their daughter. They claimed it was it was a joke that the camel was always away or another, Abyssinia, then Al-Madinah! He was never able to offer her a tranquil, settled life.

When Abu Salamah’s family learned of that, they were furious. They came in and took her children away, telling her she was unable to bring them along because they were blood and flesh, and they would take them to the grave. In a flash, the entire family was split into three separate locations. 

Abu Salamah left for Al-Madinah His wife was left with her parents, and the children were staying with their grandparents of his father. It was so shocking being separated from the family and husband that she could not stop crying. Every day , she would go to the spot where her husband and sons were separated from her, and cry for her beloved ones. 

Umm Salama (رضي الله عنه) – One day, one of the tribal members went in that direction and saw her in tears and asked what had happened. She explained her suffering. He went on to give some of his thoughts to the family elders in a rebuke of their cruel treatment of an innocent lady. His emotional and unrestrained rant caused them to realize how unfair they were , and they accepted. They returned her sons and her family also granted her permission to go to Al-Madinah.

But how would she be able to go on a journey by herself? Nobody was willing to travel with her. After gaining confidence and reassurance due to the fact she had her sons along with her, she left towards Al-Madinah. Once she arrived in Tan’im, she was greeted by the ‘Uthman bin Talhah Abdari, who had not until the time embraced Islam. 

He inquired about why she was travelling by herself.  She said she was traveling with her husband. He was amazed that no one of her family was with her. She claimed that no one was willing to accompany her, and she was completely dependent upon Allah Almighty who was her protector and defender Only He could safeguard her. “Uthman bin Talhah Abdari was the one who took the bridle of the camel and stated that the camel would aid her get to her destination

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Umm Salama (رضي الله عنه) – Umm Salamah stated that an honest, pure-hearted person without a hint of evil within him, could be hard to come by. If they came to the camping area, he would tie his camel to the tree and then move away to lay down and relax. Also, she had some privacy and could lay in peace, at ease with her kids. 

If it came time for her to begin the trip, he would pull the camel in and ask it to sit down. Once she was onto the camel’s back, along and with children he’d take the bridle with him and begin walking. After a few days, they arrived at Quba located in the vicinity of Al-Madinah. 

The Banu’s Amr and ‘Auf was there, and He said that as Abu Salamah was also there they could go to her and then return. Umm Salamah writes in her memoir that his gentlemanly conduct and his kindness impacted her profoundly. When she finally got to see her family after all this time, her happiness was beyond her limits. The family split had peace, and the children enjoyed the advantages of a healthy education that only parents who are happy and united can offer.

Abu Salamah took part in the Battle of Badr and once again was honoured with combating for Islam during the Battle of Uhud. In this particular combat Abu Usamah Jashmi wounded him severely in the side by using his spear. The treatment lasted for a month , but without success. 

The wound was said to be healed however, it was only at the surface and the wound continued to swell within. Just two months after fighting in the Battle of Uhud The Prophet (peace and blessings on his soul) was informed of Banu Asad was planning to strike the Muslims. He instructed his troops to prepare for battle and appointed Abu Salamah to be the commander for the Islamic forces. 

Umm Salama (رضي الله عنه) – It was a victory with Banu Asad was crushed. The Muslims received the riches from a battle well-fought. Abu Salamah was in a very grave condition as the prophet (peace and good fortune be upon his name) visited him. He realized he was close to death, and by rubbing his hands, he comforted him. He was consoled by the prophet (peace and blessings on his soul) was praying for him, as was Abu Salamah and also asked Allah to grant his family a protector and a provider similar to him. He also requested Him to provide Umm Salamah with the husband who will spare her no hardship nor sorrow.

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umm salama,umme salama, wadi umm salam,3437 umm ghuwailina salam building 3,umm salamah,ummu salama, salamah, alhamdulillah ala salama,umm, ummu salama,salama peaceful, allahumma ajirni fi musibati hadith, ummm beauty

Following this prayer, he passed off. His Prophet (peace and blessings upon his soul) shut his eyes using his hands. Umm Salamah often thought about her husband’s final prayer for her, and was unsure who could be more superior then Abu Salamah. She was adamant with her prophet (peace and blessings on his name) what she could seek from Allah to grant her. He advised her to ask for forgiveness for herself as well as for Abu Salamah. She also asked Allah to provide her with an improved future.

Umm Salamah states that she had prayed in this manner that Allah allowed her to pray. When she was done with the prescribed period of waiting Abu Bakr As-Siddiq sent a proposal for marriage to her. She declined. Then , ‘Umar bin Khattab suggested her to marry him, and she turned down the proposal as well. 

Then , the prophet (peace and blessings on him) suggested. She informed him that she had three objections concerning the proposition. She was hotheaded and had a temper. she thought she would insult Allah, the prophet of Allah (peace and blessings on him) and, consequently, get a reward for every good deed she performed. In addition she was an old lady, and she was a mother of numerous children. 

In the words of Prophet Muhammad (peace and peace be on his soul) said the prayer of Allah and, Allah willing her temper would lessen. When it came to age concerned, he was an old man. In third place in the sense that she was concerned about her kids – which is the exact reason behind the proposal he made to her: he would like to be their protector and also share in the responsibility. 

The response brought her immense joy and that is why she received the honor of becoming a part of the family of the Prophet. In this way, Allah granted her and Abu Salamah’s prayer. she got married to Muhammad (peace and blessings on his name) during the month of Shawwal on the 4thyear following Hijrah.

“‘Ayshah” narrated the custom that the prophet (peace and peace to the Prophet) to visit each wife at their own time after the ‘Asr prayer. He would ask about their well-being and whether they had any needs. He would begin his visit from the home of Umm Salamah since she was the oldest among the group, and then finish his visit at the house of ‘Ayshah.

Umm Salamah due to her beauty, wisdom, and wisdom, occupied an elite post. Following the peace accords of Hudaybiyah The Prophet (peace and goodwill be on his name) directed his followers to slaughter the livestock they had brought along to the sacrifice and then shave their heads. 

They all appeared to be reluctant and refused to comply with his order. When Umm Salamah spotted the situation, she suggested the man should not discuss the issue to anyone however he could simply walk out from the tent, present the sacrifice and cut his hair. Then he saw the result of his act. Then what she was expecting happened All the Companions reacted in the same way.

Umm Salamah was an knowledgeable and wise woman. She was educated, and was committed to the well-being of the poor and in need.

A number of Ayat of the Noble Quran were given in the presence of the Prophet (peace and blessings on his soul) while he was in her home. For example, Ayat in Surat AI-Ahzab,

“And Allah only wishes to remove evil deeds from you, O members of the family (of the Prophet), and to purify you with a through purification.” [Noble Quran 33:33]

Additionally, some aspects of Ayat that were part of Surat At-Tawbah were revealed while she was with him.

“And (there are) others who have acknowledged their sins, they have mixed a deed that was righteous with another that was evil. Perhaps Allah will turn unto them in forgiveness. Surely, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [Noble Quran 9:102]

He also stated:

Umm Salama (رضي الله عنه) – “And (He forgave) the three who did not join till for them the earth, vast as it is, was straitened and their own selves were straitened to them, and they perceived that there is no fleeing from Allah and no refuge but with Him. Then He forgave them that they might beg for His pardon. Verily, Allah is the One Who forgives and accepts repentance, Most Merciful.” [Noble Quran 9:118]

This Ayah is a reference to the turn toward Allah by Ka’b bin Malik, Hilal bin Umayyah and Mararah bin Ar-Rabi’ in repentance sincere. The three Companions, despite any legitimate reason, were able to avoid taking part in the Muslim army at the Battle of Tabuk. They were therefore disregarded from the prophet (peace and goodwill be on his name) as well as the other Companions. They were so overwhelmed by guilt that they continued praying for forgiveness from God until Allah granted the forgiveness to them.

 It was the Prophet (peace and blessings on his soul) was asleep in the room of Umm Salamah when the final Ayah was disclosed to him. He awoke in late evening hours and informed her that the prayers for forgiveness from the three companions were accepted. The lady asked him whether the good news was to be announced to them right away. He told them that they shouldn’t be disturbed at this late evening. Following the Fajr prayers, he sent a message to them and expressed his gratitude to them. They were ecstatic, as were the Companions.

Umm Salamah also had the privilege of participating in several battles of importance in the historical context of Islam. She was in the presence of her Prophet (peace and blessings on the Prophet) during the battles of Bani Mustalaq, Ta’if, Khaybar, Hunayn and the defeat of Makkah. She was in attendance when the historic treaty was signed. ancient treaty Hudaybiyah (or Ridwan the swearing of allegiance that took place.

Salman Al-Farsi narrates that someone informed him that Jibril the Angel had come to earth from to the Heavens and was having a conversation to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). He went to the place and observed that the person who was who was with his Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was Dahiah Al-Kalbi, and that Umm Salamah was also present. After the conversation was over, The Messenger (peace and peace be with him) was asked who the man was. She replied that they knew him as among his loyal disciples, Dahiah Al-Kalbi. At that point, the prophet (peace and peace be on him) smiled and told her that it was Jibril the Angel in human form.

Umm Salamah was a very knowledgeable person in matters of religion. She knew 3 hundred and eighty-seven Hadiths of the Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) in her head. She was well-versed in the most important aspects of Islamic law regarding foster-relations via sucking and divorce. Abdullah bin ‘Abbas often sought advice from her on many aspects of Shari’ah, (Islamic law). One of the top names of Companions, whose opinions regarding legal matters were considered to be valid was umm Salamah.

Umm Salamah was hardly comparable skill in the field of the language. When she spoke , her language, the words she used were carefully chosen and precisely suited for communicating ideas. The language she wrote was perfect to literary expression. Numerous followers and companions have recollected the traditions that were that are attributed to her.


The lady lived until the old age of eighty-four , and passed away at the age of 62, following Hijrah. She was alive to witness the rule of Khulafa Ar-Rashidin. Zaynab ben Jahash was among the mothers among the Believers to die in the year 82 and Umm Salamah the last. This happened during the rule of Yazid bin Mu’awiyah. She is buried with other wives of the Prophet (peace and blessings be on his soul) during Jannatul Baqi’.

“O the one in (complete) rest and satisfaction! Come back to your Lord – well pleased and well pleasing. Enter you then among My (honored) servants, and enter you My Paradise.” [Noble Quran 89:27-30]

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