Biography of Safiyya Bint Huyayy (رضي الله عنه)

Safiyya Bint Huyayy  (رضي الله عنه) – Safiyya bint Huyayy (may Allah be pleased with her) got married to the prophet Muhammad (peace and the blessings on Allah be with his soul) on 7 AH which was when the Prophet was sixty years old , and she was just 17 years old. Like juwayriyya bint Harith the wedding took place in the aftermath of an one of Muslims decisive battles, this time that of Khaybar. 

Following fighting at Khaybar where it was the Muslims beat the Jews two women were presented to the Messenger Muhammad (peace and peace of Allah be upon the Prophet) by Bilal the black mu’adhdhin from Medina with a beautiful, piercing voice. continuously called the Muslims to prayer through the Prophet’s demisefollowing which the Prophet was unable to speak again until he was present when the city to Jerusalem to the Khalif Umar at 17 AH. They had walked past those who were killed during the fight. One of the women was screaming and screaming, as well as she was rubbing dust into her hair. The other was silent and shocked.

It was Safiyya her daughter Huyayy Ibn Akhtab who was the head of the Banu Nadir who had all had been exiled from Medina in the year 4 AH after trying to murder The Messenger of Allah by dropping a stone over his head while discussing about their leaders. The loud person was her cousin. Safiyya had the ability to track her family lineage all the way back to Harun the brother of prophet Moses (peace be on them). In the time of Prophet Muhammad, Muhammad (peace and the blessings from Allah be upon his soul) requested that someone take care of the woman who was crying and then removed his cloak and put it on Safiyya’s shoulders.

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Safiyya Bint Huyayy  (رضي الله عنه) – Safiyya her husband who was killed during the battle. This was a gesture of sympathy, but at that point she was to be honoured and received much respect within the Muslim community. The prophet (peace and peace from Allah be on him) turned towards Bilal and asked “Bilal, has Allah plucked mercy from your heart that you let these two women pass by those of their menfolk who have been killed?”

 This was regarded as a serious warning, as Allah’s Messenger Allah (peace and peace from Allah be upon his followers) seldom criticized the conduct of the people who served him. Anas ibn Malik for instance, once stated “I served the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) for eight years. He never once scolded me for something that I had done or for something that I had not done.”

As Umm Habiba, Safiyya was the daughter of a powerful chief. The only one who could prevent her from being slaves after having enjoyed the apex of a position that was so high was Prophet Muhammad. While her father set out to murder Muhammad (peace and peace from Allah be upon Muhammad) following Uhud’s battle Uhud and had collaborated along with Banu Qurayza to eliminate all Muslims in the war of al-Khandaq It was a typical of Prophet Muhammad (peace and the blessings from Allah be upon his soul) that He did not have any grievances.

 If someone did something the wrong thing, he felt compassion instead of anger, and for those who did not commit any wrongs, he felt more compassion. His Prophet Muhammad (peace and the blessings from Allah be upon his soul) offered Safiyya to join Islam and she did. After granting her her liberty, he took her to marriage. A few people might be wondering how it came that Safiyya could be able to accept Islam and be married to the Prophet in the midst of a time when her father was his bitter adversary, and also when bloody battles were fought between Jews and Muslims. The answer lies in her account of her life in the beginning being the child of the head of Banu Nadir.

She stated, (may Allah be pleased with her): “I was my father’s favourite as well as a favourite of my grandfather Yasir. They would never be able to see me with any of their children and not pick my hand. In the time the Prophet from Allah (peace and the blessings on Allah be upon his name) arrived in Medina my father and uncle went to meet the Messenger.

It was extremely late in the day, and between sunrise and dawn. They didn’t come back until after the sun had set. They returned exhausted and depressed, taking long, slow step. I smiled at them, as I do every time I and neither noticed me, as they were both so unhappy. I heard Abu Yasir asked my father, ‘Is this him is it? Yes, it is. Can you identify his name? Can you prove that?’ I recognize him as very well.”What is your feel about him Enmity, enmity for throughout my life.’

It is important to note that this discussion is obvious when we remember how in the Torah for the Jews it was stated in the Torah that an Prophet will be born who would guide the followers of his path to victory. Actually, prior to the time that when the prophet Muhammad (peace and the blessings of Allah be upon his soul) arrived in Medina in the year 610, the Jews threatened the worshippers of idols from Yathrib which was called at the time, that when the Prophet who would follow him to the believers, he would be able to destroy them, like the Jews had killed other tribes that refused to believe in God earlier in history. 

In any event from the prophet Jesus, (peace and blessings of Allah be upon his soul) who was mentioned in the Torah however, he was rejected by a majority of Jews when he did actually arrive the second and final Prophet was precisely described in the Torah as well as containing indicators that Jews were able to recognize his name. This is why Ka’b al-Ahbar, one of the Jews who were at that period who accepted Islam tells us that this prophet is mentioned in the Torah in the following way:

“My slave, Ahmad is the Chosen born in Mecca and will migrate to Medina (or he would say Tayyiba (a name that is similar to Yathrib) His group will be the ones who worship Allah across all states.’

and ‘Amr ibn al’As also said that the Torah also says that in the Torah:

O Prophet, we have chosen you to be witness, a bearer of good news and warner as well as a refuge for the unliterate. You are My servant and my messenger. I have referred to you as the one upon who people can count on, one who is not vulgar nor coarse and does not yell at the market or takes revenge for evil by committing it but instead is a pardoner and forgiver. Allah will not bring the person back into Himself until the corrupted community is straightened by him, and they’ll declare, “There is no god but Allah.” Through him, eyes that are blind shut, ears that are deaf and closed hearts will be unveiled.’

It was due to these account in the Torah and the Torah that the most knowledgeable Rabbi of the Jews who was ‘Abdullah Ibn Salam was a convert to Islam upon being able to see Muhammad (peace and peace from Allah be upon his soul) as well. It was due to these revelations that Huyayy ibn Akhtab was able to identify the Prophet. 

However , Huyayya, as well as the majority others Jews was disappointed in the fact that the last Prophet (peace and the blessings from Allah be upon his soul) was the descendant of Isma’il, but not Ishaq, (the two sons of Prophet Ibrahim peace be on them) as the Jews were at that time claiming sole descent from Ishaq through the twelve children of Ya’qub, his son (who was also called Israel) who was from which all the tribes in Israel came from. Huyayy not only resents being disappointed that his previous Prophet had been a part of the Arabs however, he was not keen on losing his power and control over his people.

It was because of these reasons that Huyayya decided to fight against and oppose with the prophet Muhammad (peace and peace from Allah be upon Muhammad) when his leadership of the Jews signed peace agreements to Muslim Muslims as well as the Jews were able to break them as quickly as they felt it was an appropriate moment to break. 

Even though Safiyya was Huyayy’s daughter she was a pure soul and had always desired to honor the Creator of her life and Lord who sent Moses and with whom she had a connection, as well as Jesus and, finally, Muhammad and Muhammad, could Allah be happy with them all. So, when the opportunity came along for her to not only follow the Prophet of Islam as well as to be the wife of him accepted the chance. While Safiyya was Muhammad (peace and peace from Allah be on him) the most loving and loving husband but she was not always loved by his wives, particularly when she was first a part of the household of the Prophet. 

Anas has reported Anas that at one point The Prophet (peace and the blessings from Allah be upon his soul) discovered Safiyya crying. When he inquired what was wrong she explained that she had heard that the Prophet had insulted her and called her “the daughter of an Jew’.

“The prophet (peace and the blessings from Allah be with him) replied by saying “You are certainly the daughter of a Prophet (Harun), and certainly your uncle was a Prophet (Moses), and you are certainly the wife of a Prophet (Muhammad), so what is there in that to be scornful towards you?” Then he told Hafsa, “O Hafsa, fear Allah!”

One time, the Prophet was taken in a journey with Safiyya as well as Zaynab bint Jahsh at the time that Safiyya’s camel was to be a bit sloppy. Zaynab had an additional camel, and the Prophet questioned her if she’d like to donate her camel Safiyya. Zaynab replied, “Should I give to that Jewess!” The Prophet walked away from her in rage and refused to be with her for up to three months without having to express his disapproval of the words she’d said. 

A few years after in the time that Muhammad (peace and peace from Allah be upon his name) was at the end of his health, Safiyya felt for him with a profound and heartfelt. “O Messenger of Allah,” she stated, “I wish it was I who was suffering instead of you.” The wives glowed at each other , making the Prophet cross, and he declared, “By Allah, she spoke the truth!”

Safiyya Bint Huyayy  (رضي الله عنه) – There were still difficulties for her after the passing of her Prophet (peace and peace of Allah be on him). One time, a slavegirl she owned visited an Amir Muminin Umar and told him, “Amir al Muminin! Safiyya loves the Sabbath and maintains ties with the Jews!” Umar inquired of Safiyya about this and she responded, “I have not loved the Sabbath since Allah replaced it with Friday for me, and I only maintain ties with those Jews to whom I am related by kinship.” The slavegirl asked her what possessed her to lying to Umar and she replied, “Shaytan!” Safiyya replied, “Go, you are free.”

Safiyya Bint Huyayy  (رضي الله عنه) – Safiyya was with Prophet Muhammad for almost four years. she was just 21 in the year that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon his name) passed away, and she became a widow for the following thirty-nine years before her death in 50 AH in the year 60 (may Allah be pleased with her).

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Safiyya Bint Huyayy  (رضي الله عنه) – Safiyya bint huyayy facts

Fact No. 1. the birthplace of Hazrat Safiyya bint huyayy isn’t referenced anywhere, unlike the year in the newspaper in which Hijri she was born.

Fact No. 2: She was of petite height

Fact 3. She was the most beautiful young woman at the time; numerous women flocked to see her beautiful face whenever she was in Madina.

Fact #4: Safiyya’s father was an Jew and several prophets also have passed through her family.

5. Fact: The woman was 10th wife of the prophet Muhammad and was a scholar.

Fact No. 6: She was called by the people around her and Muhammad for being “a girl who speak the truth.”

Fact 7. Prophet Muhammad along with Safiyya Bint huyayy both are part of Abraham’s family. Abraham.

Fact No. 8: Famous Prophet Musa/Moses was the uncle of Safiyya due to the fact that Safiyya is one of Haroon’s children, in addition, Moses was Aaron’s younger sibling. Aaron.

Fact Number 9: After the marriage of Hazrat Safiyya bint Huyayy her uncle maternal Hazrat Faa bin Semwal Qurzini was also turned Muslim and, in the following years, was conferred the title Sahaba/Companion.

Fact 10: Safiyya bint huyayy was married to the Prophet Muhammad and at the time this was the third wedding prior to that, she was married twice, each time their husbands were Jewish and each time she divorced.

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Safiyya Bint Huyayy  (رضي الله عنه) – Safiyya bint huyayy facts Given the evidence that is laid to us today, we cannot think there is a reason to accuse of the Prophet(P) of having been an “rapist”, as those critics of Islam who are anti-Islam claim. It is believed that the Prophet(P) himself got married to Safiyyah(R) in order to avoid the possibility the possibility of being considered a slave to Muslims Muslims in order to assist her be able to defend herself against the taunts of her wives is sufficient evidence of the fact that Prophet(P) was an exceptional person and was honorable even to the relatives of his most bitter enemies.

Only God knows best.

The Best of All Husbands

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