Complete Story of The Hazrat Khizar (عليه السلام)

Complete Story of The Hazrat  Khizar (عليه السلام)Narrated by Ubai Ka’b: The Prophet Muhammad (sal-allahu-alleihi-wasallam) said, “Once the Prophet Musa alaihi salaam stood up and addressed Bani Israel. He was asked , ‘Who is the most knowledgeable man among the masses. He answered “I am the most educated .’

Allah was admonished because he did not give complete wisdom Allah admonished him for not granting absolute knowledge to Him (Allah). Thus, Allah instructed him: ‘At the point where the two seas, there is one of my slaves that is more knowledgeable than you.

Musa alaihi Salaam declared, “O my Lord! How do I be able to meet the man and meet him?’ Allah said: ‘Take an uncooked fish and go on to meet him in the spot that you’ll be able to be able to lose your fish. Then, Musa alaihi salaam embarked on a journey alongside his slave boy Yusha Bin Nun.”

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Further Explanation can be found in Surah Al-Kahf ranging from Ayahs 60-82:

[18. Surah Al-Kahf : Ayah 60-82]

When Musa alaihi salaam spoke to his servant”I will not stop until I reach the intersection of the two seas , or I will continue for many years.

Then, when they came to the point where they joined the two (rivers) they forgot about their fish, and it made it’s way to the ocean before disappearing.
However, when they’d gone further, he said to his assistant: Bring to us our breakfast We’ve surely been afflicted exhausted from our journey.

He (Servant) stated Did you observe that when we hid on the rocks? Then I did not remember the fish and I didn’t remember to mention it other than the Shaitan and it made it’s way to the river. What an amazing thing!

The (Musa Alaihi Salaam) stated”This is the thing we wanted to find; therefore, they returned and retraced their steps. They then found one among Our servants who We had graciously granted mercy to Us and to whom We had imparted knowledge to Ourself.

Musa alaihi salaam asked him: May I accept your invitation on the condition that you impart to me the correct understanding of what you’ve been taught?

The (Khizar alaihi salaam) said”Surely you don’t endure with me.

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Complete Story of The Hazrat  Khizar (عليه السلام) – – And how do you develop patience in a subject that you do not have an in-depth understanding?

The (Musa Allah salaam) declared”If Allah wishes, you’ll be patient with me and I will not defy you in any way.

She (Khizar alaihi salaam) said If you’d like to be my follower, then you should not inquire about anything until I personally talk to you about it.

Then they continued (their route) until they sank in the boat , he drilled holes in it. (Musa Alaihi Salaam) asked”Have you made holes in it in order to drown the inmates? Absolutely, you’ve done an awful act.

She (Khizar alaihi salaam) said that: Did I not tell you that you won’t be able to endure with me?

The (Musa Allah salaam) said: You can blame me not for something I did not remember And don’t limit me to doing something that is difficult in my life.

They continued to go on until they came across one of their own. He (Khizar alaihi salaam) killed him. (Musa Alaihi Salaam) asked”Have you killed an innocent person other than to be guilty of manslaughter? Certainly, you’ve done something wrong.

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The (Khizar alaihi salaam) said”Did I not mention to you that you would not be able compassion for me?

The (Musa Alaihi Salaam) stated”If I ever ask you anything else after this, don’t keep me from your company. Indeed, you’ll have (then) discovered an excuse to me.

They continued until when they reached residents of the town, they pleaded to feed them, yet they were unable to host guests. They then discovered in it an unfinished wall that was on the brink of collapse and so the Lord (Khizar alaihi salaam) put it back in a good condition. (Musa Alaihi Salaam) told him”If you had been happy with the result, you could had gotten a retribution for the damage.

The (Khizar alaihi salaam) said”This will mean the separation between you and me. Now I’ll be able to inform you about the significance of that , with which you cannot be patient.

For the boat, it was owned by (some) people who were working in the river. I was wishing that I could harm it. However, there was the king who took every boat with force.

For the child his parents, they were believers and we were afraid that he would be disobedient and show ingratitude towards them:

We prayed that the Lord could give them an opportunity to be more pure than him and closer to compassion.

As for the wall, it was owned by two orphan boys living in the city. And there was a treasure beneath belonging to them. And Their father was considered to be a holy person; Therefore, the Lord wanted that they attain maturity and get their treasures, a favor from the Lord. I didn’t do it on my own. The significance in which you were unable to be patient.

The Prophet Muhammad (sal-allahu-alleihi-wasallam) said ” May Allah be Merciful to Musa alaihi salaam! It would have been nice if he’d been patienter so that we could have more information about their tale.”

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