Complete Story of The Prophet Yahya (عليه السلام)

Prophet Yahya (عليه السلام) In the account of Zakariya AS, provided details about the way in which Zakariya’s AS sincere prayer to Allah caused his wife to concocting Yahya AS in a very old age. We also learned that Allah picked his name Yahya for his son, previously unheard of in the human race.

Family trees comprised of Zakariya AS, Yahya AS, Maryam AS and Isa AS is closely connected. Yahya AS could later be closely related to Isa AS, as his mother, who was Zakariya AS’s wife, Zakariya AS was his maternal aunt Maryam AS. 

According to some accounts that Zakariya AS’s wife Zakariya AS as well as Maryam AS were pregnant at the same time. She said to Maryam AS she had an ominous feeling that the baby in her stomach (Yahya AS) will one day be prostrate to Maryam’s AS belly (Isa AS). At the time, prostrating to one others was acceptable and was considered as a symbol of respect.

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Arabic scholars believe they believe that Yahya originated in the form of the verb “Hayaa”meaning life due to the fact that he brought life into his mother’s barren womb. There is also a belief Yahya’s name is granted due to the fact that Allah lifted him up on the heavens through His faith, piety, and belief and also to be guided by messenger. Allah gave him plenty of distinctive qualities that no else had.

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As a kid, Yahya AS did not waste his time with absurd things. A few children once invited him to join in with their games. He said that they were not made for playing. It was evident that at an early time, Yahya AS was single focused and committed to his life’s purpose and that was to serve and worship Allah.

Contrary to the majority of Prophets that received revelation only after they had reached the age of forty Yahya AS had access to sacred scriptures as early as his age. Since childhood, Yahya AS was given the upper hand in the realm of religious knowledge and wisdom. This manifested in his righteousness:

(It was spoken in his language to the child): “O Yahya! Behold the Scripture (the TauratThe Taurat.” And we provided him with wisdom when he was being a young child. (Al Qur’an 19:12)

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Prophet Yahya (عليه السلام) Yahya AS was, for his family and friends, the finest of people: serene and deeply caring for animals and humans. He was gentle and kind to all, and had an ardent love for all Allah’s creations. His behavior was calm and calm and he was not fast to get angry.

He was so pure and obedient in his the way he behaved and believed that there was not one thing he did that was against Allah. While the Prophets and Messengers of Allah are permitted to marry however, he did not want the pleasures of women’s friendship because he did not desire his heart or focus to be focused on anyone else than Allah. He was always clean throughout his life.

He was not guilty of any type of misconduct and his conduct was so impeccable that nobody within the community was able to gossip or even think about him. Of him, Allah says:

Then (made him) more tolerant of men, as a kind of mercy (or the grant) from us and free of sin [i.e. Yahyaand he was righteous. (Al Qur’an 19:13)

Also, he was a faithful son who never refused to obey his parents. He was a loyal servant and honored themby being compassionate, patient and kind even when they were old. His character was impeccable not once breaking any laws, or displaying any indication of arrogance or disrespect.

and obedient to his parents, and did not show arrogance or in disobedience (to Allah or to his parents). (Al Qur’an 19:14)

Imagine someone like that, and the heavenly environments he grew up in the family of the Prophet and a holy woman Grandson of ‘Imran (who was, as we said was one of the most beautiful families to Allah of the past) and his cousin Maryam AS, and an uncle to Isa AS.

It was so honorable his character that Allah granted him or will grant to him salam for each of the three phases of his life including his birth, his death and resurrection:

So , Peace to him on the day he was born, the day is his death and the day when he is raised to the next level (again)! (Al Qur’an 19:15)

A. The Messenger of Allah SAW said: ‘Every son of Adam will return to the Day of Resurrection and will not have committed a sin, excluding Yahya Zakariya. Zakariya.’(Al-Hakam)

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According to reports, one day Yahya AS was out walking along with Isa AS. Isa AS asked Yahya AS to plead with Allah for forgiveness due to the fact that Yahya AS was superior to Isa AS. Yahya AS replied that Isa AS was supposed to perform du’a for him rather than ask Allah to forgive him since Isa AS was better than Yahya AS.

To this, Isa AS replied that “You are better than me, because I called peace on myself, but in your case, Allah sent His peace upon you.” This was a reference to the time that Isa AS addressed his people as a baby and said: “And peace is on me from the moment I was born, as well as the day I pass away and the day that I’m resurrected alive. ” (Al Qur’an 19:33)

In fact, Isa AS recognised that in certain ways, Yahya AS was superior and showed their mutual respect and acknowledgment of the place in life that each did not have.

As per Hadith, Yahya AS will be the chief of the youth in Paradise along with Hasan RA and Hussein RA (the grandchildren of Mohammed SAW via his daughter Fatimah RA , and their husband Ali ibn Abi Talib RA).

Yahya AS would cry a lot in terror of Allah to the point the face of his was inscribed by the grooves that his tears. We are in the presence of the Hadith that states:

“Two eyes will not be touched by Hellfire: An eye that cries from the fear of Allah, and an eye that spent the night in a guard post in the path of Allah (Jihad).” Tirmidhi

He would prefer to spend his time alone and avoiding the company of other people. He also did not follow an regular diet, preferring instead to take in leaves and take a drink of the nearby spring. It is believed that he was so scared of denying birds and animals of their food that he waited until they finished or even eat the leftovers.

According to reports, an academic named Abu Idris Al Khaulani asked: “Shall I tell you who ate the purest food?” He then informed the eager crowd: “Yahya bin Zakariya ate the purest of food. He preferred eating with animals than I do since he did not like mixing with other people. “

Yahya AS never owned any wealth or property. In reality, at that period, Bani Israel were accustomed to living lavishly and dressing in fine clothes. Yahya AS preferring to make use of the hide and pelt of the animals showing his surrender to humility, fear, and devotion to Allah.

The Qur’an is a description of every personality type in the community of believers. On one side, Sulaiman AS had everything desired, and at the opposite end, Yahya AS owned nothing of dunia. In this moment it is time to take a moment to reflect on what we’re doing. We attribute our position to the type of home that we reside in as well as the clothes we wear and the kind of food we consume We do not think the fact that we must live our lives in accordance with what Allah is expecting of us whether we are rich or poor.

According to some reports there was a time when Yahya AS disappeared. His parents found him seated at the bottom of the Jordan River, crying. He said that the people of Jannah don’t sleep because of the delight of Allah they have received. What is the reason he could doze off, not knowing whether he’d received the bliss of Allah?

In a different report, from another time they discovered Yahya AS crying in a grave was dug by him for himself. His father Zakariya AS was interested in why he was there. Yahya AS responded: “Oh father! Did you not you say to me between Jannah and Hell there is just one bridge that cannot be crossed except for weeping tears? ” Zakariya AS then said: “Weep my son, ” and both of them cried together.

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Prophet Yahya (عليه السلام) The inhabitants of Bani Israel were devoted and admired Yahya AS with a lot of respect and his words were used to bring them to their cores.

Imam Ahmad reported that Allah had commanded Yahya AS with five duties that he was to oversee Bani Israel with. Yahya AS was delayed for a time in the implementation of this order, and was warned from Isa AS that he if didn’t follow his order, Isa AS would do it instead.

In the retaliation, Yahya AS gathered the Israelites in Jerusalem and gave the five commandments. They were to honor none other than Allah without identifying Him with anyone else as the analogy is the same as one who purchased one a slave with the highest of his riches, such as silver or gold, however the slave began working to help others.

The third was to pray to Allah and not allow themselves to get distracted by other activities.

The third part is from the commandment of fasting, similar to the example of a person who has an ointment bag in many people and everyone is enthralled by the fragrance.

The fourth option was to donate charity because the parable is similar to one that was taken captive by an enemy, they tied his hands by his neck and then tried to kill him. The man would inquire of his opponent: “Is it possible that I pay the ransom and then be freed? ” When his captors were in agreement that he could pay his ransom using all he owned until he was finally freed.

The fifth was the constant recall ( zikr) of Allah and the similitude was one of a man his adversaries had chased away and he came across an fortified castle and climbed into it. The person is secured from his adversaries (Shaitan) when they are in the memory of Allah.

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Prophet Yahya (عليه السلام) The circumstances which led to the demise of Yahya AS, but the outcomes of these reports were in agreement. According to one source the King of the time was furious due to the fact that Yahya’s AS popularity with the masses overtook his. The King also wanted the services of a woman who due to their blood relations was forbidden from him under the laws of Allah He did not approve that Yahya AS had made people aware of this restriction.

The lady in question, furious by the fact that Yahya AS was a hindrance to their union and continued to seduce the King. She continued to seduce and entice him to the point that the King enraged by passion, offered to offer her whatever she desired to be her bride in marriage, despite the fact the fact that marriage is not legal in Islam. 

The woman was so evil she demanded that the body of Yahya AS in order to be presented to her on platter. The King accepted her request, and sent his troops towards Yahya’s AS mihrab (prayer sanctuary) in which they slain him and took his severed head before the King.

In a different version, it’s said in another version that Yahya AS was preaching an address when a attractive prostitute wanted to meet his attention. He turned down her advances, and left her furious and plotting revenge. In time and time, the King at the time began to woo her. 

In retaliation for her snub her in the past, she stated that in the event that the King desired her, he’d have to hand over the Yahya’s AS head. The same story can be found in the end, as Yahya AS, who was a brutal murderer, was killed due to the resentment of a woman, and his body was handed over to them. Imagine how cruel the people of that time, to murder an Prophet and Messenger with no worry about Allah.

Tell: “Verily, there came to you Messengers before me, with clear signs and even with what you speak of; why then did you kill them, if you are truthful?” (Al Qur’an 3:183)


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The Physical Life

Prophet Yahya (عليه السلام) If we look at the Qur’an’s stories whether they are of Prophets or Messengers or even of common people, we need to be aware of an essential truth that no matter what our situation is there’s a tale or character in the Qur’an, which corresponds to our current position in the world. If we’re wealthy or poor, have an enviable status or are just an ordinary woman or man the stories we read teach us how to conduct ourselves, as well as the behavior we should not engage in.

In the tale of Yahya AS The message is that there’s no reason to be ashamed even if you live a thrifty lifestyle, and you do not need to live a lavish lifestyle to enjoy the blessings of Allah. However it is also important not to blame the lack of resources or poverty as a means to be thankful and grateful to Allah. What was the factor that made Yahya AS such a beloved by Allah was his dedication, piety and humility, while remaining uninterested and detached from material pleasures. He didn’t worry about the fact that he owned nothing. All of this was of no importance to him during his journey through the iman.

Thus, even if don’t have a lot in this world then what excuse do we have? A lack of money is not a reason to be deterred to our worship and dedication to Allah as has been proven repeatedly by the prophets. We are often anxious and blame and complain, and then make use of our financial situation as a reason not to remain faithful in our worship. The tale of Yahya AS is a good example of the opposite approach is the right one.

The Physical Death

Prophet Yahya (عليه السلام) Yahya AS lived an exemplary life and that is the behavior and unwavering dedication to Allah that everyone should strive to. He was averse to dunia and swore to protect his body and his heart from distractions that could distract him from the memory of Allah. In all likelihood, he was among the best adored creations of Allah and was living his life with complete and complete commitment to Allah since childhood.

But, despite his devotion and standing, Allah allowed him to die in the most disgusting and cruel way. Some may view this to be a shameful and painful death. The main point to remember in this case is that the humiliation of the body’s physical appearance is not something we should fret about given your soul’s the status that is in our heart and the strength of faith grant us the pleasure and intimacy of Allah. 

In the present, we witness numerous brothers and sisters of Islam killed, humiliated and beaten at the hands of infidels , corrupted and wicked Muslims If they die in peace, with the strength of an faith intact and the faith in Allah imprinted in heart, then surely they will be the winners.

Death is not our responsibility The most important thing is the way you lived your lives and how strong your faith is in Allah remains at the time of our passing. The best goal to aim to achieve is to live our lives in the service of Allah and gain respect in the realm of Allah, and ask Allah to be awed by us regardless of when the time of death comes around.

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Continued Disobedience

With the passage of time, Bani Israel became increasingly brave in their disobedience to the point where they even attempted to kill Prophets themselves. As we near the end of our study of Prophets and Messengers.

Prophets and the Messengers of Allah, the main question we have to answer is: why did Allah provide us with a variety of examples of those who were disbelievers, criminals and the unruly, beginning with the first generation of humanity born on earth up to the vile behavior that was the behavior of Bani Israel and then the actions in people like the Quraish (before they embraced Islam)? 

They all offer stern warnings to us, as each story outlines their character traits to the extent that they were spiritually blind: arrogant, jealous and greedy, leading to disbelief and hypocrisy. Allah is not able to help those who oppress others or are stingy or arrogant. The Bani Israel at the time have strayed from the reverence for Allah that they even volunteered to murder Prophets with their own hands. These decisions are persecuted to Allah to the very end of the time.

May Allah keep us safe from all the evil traits and allow us to be among those who are rightly guided, ameen.


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