In The Shade of The Qur’an Vol.15 (Surah Ghafir, Muhammad)

In The Shade of The Qur’an Vol.15 (Surah Ghafir, Muhammad) – 1-10 (No one disputes the Signs of Allah except those who disbelieve, Angels who carry The Throne of God and those around it pray for the believers), 11-14(1) Disbelievers will say Our Lord, You made us lifeless twice, and gave us life twice again, and this is only temporary enjoyment. It is the established way of God.

Basic Information and Surah Ghafir Facts

  • Surah (Chapter) Number: 40
  • Number Of Verses: 86
  • English Meaning: Forgiver for sins
  • Numbers of Sajdahs within this chapter:
  • Section (Juz), 24

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Discuss Topics in Surah Ghafir

In The Shade of The Qur’an Vol.15 (Surah Ghafir, Muhammad) Surah Ghafir covers the following topics:

The Shade of The Qur’an Vol.15 (Surah Ghafir, Muhammad) – Surah begins with the letters of ‘Ha Meem,’ which Allah revealed in various parts of Quran. Only Him knows their meanings.

Allah reminds us to remember that He revealed the Quran, and its message, to humanity. While He forgives sins and accepts repentance, He also punishes those who do not believe.

These verses are from Allah and tell the prophet that disbelievers cannot take them away. These are those who disagree with Allah’s signs and verses.

Many of these people, including the nation of Prophet Noah and their confederates, plotted against their messengers. Allah took them to severe punishment and established truth.

The surah (Chapter), then describes the angels who hold Allah’s throne, and the other angels surrounding it. They are glorifying Allah’s Greatness while at the same they ask forgiveness for those who believe in His Oneness and His message of Truth. This is a dua in verses 7 through 9.

Allah will address sinners in hell fire who were once friends, but are now enemies. They would admit to their sins of resisting Islam’s message and acknowledge that they died twice before being born, and again after their lives on Earth. Allah will then address them.

Allah continually shows His signs (on earth, the universe and their reference within the Quran), so people can believe. Those who refuse to believe and continue resisting His message will be punished on the day they will ask “Whose kingdom is this day?” Refer to verse 16.

This surah reminds us all that Allah will not allow anyone to be friends on that day and that it will be a day for reckoning.

Allah uses the example of Prophet Moses, when Allah sent him to his people with the message that truth. Pharaoh, Haman (Pharaoh’s advisor) and Qarun(Korah), not only refused to listen but also ordered the execution of the sons who believed in Prophet Moses.

Pharaoh wanted Prophet Moses to be killed because Moses was converting people from the religion of his forefathers. One of the Pharaoh’s followers asked him why he would kill someone who had shared the truth and guidance of the Lord of all things. (Refer to verse 28).

Many examples of this disbelief and arrogance have been shown, such as the ones in the nations Noah, and and Thamud. They were punished by Allah for resisting the truth, even though they were allowed to rectify their mistakes.

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Allah sent Prophet Yousuf the message of truth.

The Shade of The Qur’an Vol.15 (Surah Ghafir, Muhammad) – The surah reminds us all that He seals our hearts when we sin so arrogantly.

We hear throughout those stories of disputes that the message is that this life is temporary. Those who purchase the temporary nature of this world and leave the permanent life of eternity will be the biggest losers.

The surah refers to a dua in which the prophet gives his affairs to Allah when he tells the story of Moses and Pharaoh. (Refer to verse 44).

The surah mentions then that Allah saved the prophet from the Firaun, the Egyptian Pharaoh, and that he and his accomplices will suffer severe torment on the day.

When all are punished, those who followed the dictators will claim that they were following orders and will use that excuse to avoid the penalty. On the other side, the tyrants will claim that all of them deserved the punishment.

Surah depicts a vivid image of the hellfire where the inhabitants will ask the gatekeepers to Allah for mercy.

They would be reminded by the gatekeepers that they had been reminded of Allah’s true message, but they refused to accept the message to which dwellers of fire will admit. Their pleas will not be heard.

In The Shade of The Qur’an Vol.15 (Surah Ghafir, Muhammad) This is how believers and disbelievers will be dealt with in the end, according to the surah.

The surah mentions that Prophet Moses was sent by Allah to his people, the Children of Israel, with the message of Allah in the Scripture of Torah.

Allah tells humanity that the creations of the heavens and the earth are greater than the creations of man. (Refer to verse 57).

Allah tells believers that the last day of judgment is coming and also advises us to pray and ask Allah for all our needs. Refer to verses 59-60.

Then Allah reminds us about his verses, such as the creation cycle of night (for sleep) and day (to work and see). His other signs include the creation and protection of the earth for mankind and the shaping of mankind.

It is forbidden for mankind to worship Allah, the Creator of all things.

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Surah describes how Adam created man from dust, then later from male sperm and female urine. This is how the surah describes how the embryo develops in the mother’s womb. The person grows stronger and dies later. Some people die before they reach their full term.

Allah has given these signs to remind everyone that He is the Creator and Lord of the world.

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Surah Gafir (The Forgiver/The Believer) Arabic Translation

The Shade of The Qur’an Vol.15 (Surah Ghafir, Muhammad)

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1. Ha-Mim. These letters are one of the miracles in the Qur’an and Allah (Alone), knows their meanings].

2. Allah the All-Mighty, The All-Knower is responsible for the revelation of the Book (this Qur’an).

3. The Forgiver, the Acceptor, of sin, and the Severe in Punishment, the Bestower (of favors), La Ilaha illa Hawa (no one has the right to worship Him), to Him is final return.

4. The Ayat (proofs and evidences, verses or lessons, signs or revelations, etc.) is undisputed by anyone. Only those who believe in Allah are able to disbelieve. Don’t let their ability to move about the land (for their purposes), deceive [O Muhammad, their ultimate end is the Fire of Hell]

5. The people of Nuh and confederates that followed them denied (their Messengers). Every nation (disbelieving), plotted against their Messenger to seize and dispute the truth. They were taken (with punishment) and I was horrified at their punishment.

6. So the Word of your Lord has been justified against all who disbelieve, and they will become the dwellers in the Fire.

7. The Throne (of Allah), and the angels who surround it, glorify their Lord and ask for forgiveness from those who believe in Him (saying: “Our Lord!” You know all things and can forgive anyone who repents and follows Your Way. Save them from the blazing fire!

8. “Our Lord! “Our Lord!” Verily, you are the Allmighty, the All-Wise.

9. “And save them from the punishment for their sins. And save all those who have committed sins from the punishment. They are excused. That Day, him verily. You have received into mercy.

10. Disbelievers will be addressed (at time of entering the Fire): “Allah’s aversion towards you (in your worldly life when the Faith was rejected) than your hatred towards one another (now at the Fire of Hell as you are now enemies one another), when the Faith was called to you but you refused to accept it.

11. They will shout, “Our Lord!” We have been made to die twice (i.e. We were both dead in the hands of our fathers, and we died in this world after our deaths. But You have made us live twice (i.e. Life when we were born, and life when our bodies are resurrected! If we are now ready to confess our sins, is there any way out of the Fire?

12. It will be stated: “This is because Allah Alone was invoked (in worship) You believed, but you believed when you were joined to Him by your partners! The judgement is with Allah, the Highest, and the Greatest!

13. He is the One who shows you His Ayat (proofs and evidences, verses lessons, signs, revelations etc.). He sends (rain with which it grows) provision to you from the heavens. Only those who repent and turn to Allah in obedience (by asking for His Pardon, worshiping and obeying Him Alone) will be remembered.

14. Call you, O Muhammad and the believers, upon (or invoke Allah making) your worship pure for Him (Alone). This is done by worshipping only Allah and doing religious deeds sincerely and without showing off or setting up rivals in worship. It may be hated by the disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah.

15. He is Allah, Owner of High Ranks & Degrees, Owner of the Throne. He gives the Inspiration to His slaves by His command, so that (men who receive inspiration) can warn them of the Day of Mutual Meeting. The Day of Resurrection.

16. Allah will reveal all of them on the Day they (all) will come out. Who is the kingdom of this Day? (Allah will answer His question): It’s Allah’s The One, The Irresistible!

17. Every person will be paid back for the work he has done. There will be no injustice done to anyone. Allah is Swift in His reckoning.

18. O Muhammad, warn them of the Day approaching (i.e. The Day of Resurrection, when hearts will be choking their throats and they cannot return them (hearts to their chests) nor throw them out. The Zalimun (polytheists, wrong-doers etc.) will have no friends or intercessors. Whom could we give heed?

19. Allah is aware of all the lies that are hidden in the breasts and the fraud that can be committed by the eyes.

20. Allah is the truth judge, and those who invoke Him are not able to. Certainly, Allah! He is the Allhearer, the Allseer.

21. They must have seen the end of the people who came before them, and they could not have travelled through the land. They were stronger than them, as well as in the traces they left in the land. They were punished for their sins by Allah. Allah had no one to protect them.

22. They disbelieved in their Messengers. They were then seized by Allah and punished. Verily, Allah is all-powerful and severe in punishment.

23. Indeed, We sent Musa (Moses), with Our Ayat, (proofs and evidences, verses. lessons. signs. revelations. etc.). A manifest authority

24. Fir’aun (Pharaoh), Haman (Korah), and Qarun [Korah], but they called him (him): “A sorcerer. A liar!”

25. When he presented them with the Truth from us, they replied: “Kill the sons and daughters of those who believe with Him, and let their wives live,” but disbelievers’ plots are nothing but errors.

26. Fir’aun (Pharaoh), said: “Leave us to kill Musa (Moses), but let him call his Lord (to stop him from killing me)!” He may alter your religion or cause mischief in the land, I fear!

27. Musa (Moses), said: “Verily I seek refuge in My Lord and Your Lord from any arrogant who does not believe in the Day of Reckoning!”

28. A Fir’aun’s (Pharaoh’s) believing man, who kept his faith hidden, said: “Would your Lord allow you to kill a man simply because he claims: My Lord, Allah, and he has shown you clear signs (proofs).” He will fall if he lies; but if his words are truthful, some of the calamities he has threatened to bring upon you.

29. “O my people!” Your kingdom is this day and you are the highest in the land. But who will save us against the Torment of Allah, should that befall us?” Fir’aun (Pharaoh), said: “I only show you what I see (correct), but I only guide you to the right policy!”

30. He believed and said, “O my people!” Verily, I fear that you will suffer a fate similar to the Confederates (of past)!

31. “Like the fates of the people of Nuh, (Noah), and Ad, and Thamud, and all those who followed them. Allah will not do injustice to (His) slaves.

32. “And, O my people! Verily! Verily!

33. You will flee from Allah without any protection.

34. Yusuf (Joseph), in fact, did indeed come to you in times past with clear signs. But you never lost sight of what he did bring to your attention, until he died. Thus Allah abandons him who is a Musrif, a polytheist and oppressor, a sinner who commits great sins, and a Murtab, who doubts Allah’s Warning and His Oneness.

35. Those who disagree about the Ayat (proofs and evidences, verses or lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) It is a great offense to Allah and those who believe that they have not been given any authority. Allah does this to seal the hearts of all tyrants and arrogants. They cannot direct themselves to the Right Path.

36. Fir’aun (Pharaoh), said: “O Haman!” Make me a tower so that I can reach the way.

37. “The ways and the heavens, and although I may be able to look upon the Ilah of Musa (Moses), but verily I think him to a liar.” He was prevented from the (Righte) Path and his plot by Fir’aun, (Pharaoh), led to only loss and destruction.

38. The man who believed said, “O my people!” Follow me and I will direct you to right conduct [i.e. Guide you to Allah’s Islamic Monotheism religion with which Musa (Moses has been sent).

39. “O my people!” This life is a quick passing pleasure, and the Hereafter is the home that will always be there.

40. “Whoever commits an evil act will not be repaid except the like thereof. And whoever performs a righteous and true believer in the Oneness of Allah, such will enter Paradise where they will find all the things they need.

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About the AuthorIn The Shade of The Qur’an Vol.15 (Surah Ghafir, Muhammad)

The Shade of The Qur’an Vol.15 (Surah Ghafir, Muhammad) – Sayyid Qutb: Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966), was a leading thinker in the second half of the 20th century. He was born in Egypt in 1906 and came from a religious Egyptian family. He began his career as a literary critic and writer, but he went on to be one of the most innovative and independent Muslim thinkers

He was a man of conviction who wrote well, and this made him a favorite among his followers and readers. However, he became more conformist to those in power. He refused to compromise his views and was executed by the Nasser regime in Egypt on August 1, 1966. Sayyid Qutb is the author of more than 25 literary works, of which In the Shade of the Qur’an (his tafsir) is the largest and most significant.


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