Debunking Misconceptions: Has The Quran Been Changed?”

Has the Quran Been Changed?” Unraveling the Truth Behind Claims of Alterations in the Sacred Text” The Quran is the holy Islamic scripture acknowledged to have been the same considering the fact that its first revelation to Muhammad (PBUH) -1400 years in the past- and until now.

It is the simplest non secular ebook that challenges humans to bring some thing comparable and ensures within its texts that it’ll be preserved.

If you’re curious to understand a few insights on the upkeep of the Quran and clues that it’s miles still the identical, comply with this text.

Here we will study the subsequent:

  • How antique is the Quran?
  • Are there distinct versions of the Quran?
  • Is the Quran preserved flawlessly?
  • When became the new Quran written?
  • How regularly become the Quran changed?
  • Is The Original Quran Still Here?
  • How antique is the Quran?

The Quran changed into first revealed from God (SWT) to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through His angel Jibril at around 610 CE. It was found out component via component throughout 23 years till 633 CE after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) conveyed the whole Quran and died.

This actually manner that the Quran is more than 1410 years old by now. The Quran is thought to remain the identical at some stage in those years with none trade. Moreover, Muslims agree with it would by no means be changed consistent with the Quranic verses: “It is absolutely We Who have revealed the message (Quran), and it’s miles clearly We Who will preserve it.” (15:nine)

Is the Quran honestly preserved? That’s what we are going to talk about in this text.

Are there distinctive variations of the Quran?

It is famous that there’s most effective one unique model of the Quran. It is the simplest read model for 1400 years, and everywhere inside the international. You can examine that your self with the aid of asking five exceptional Muslims from five countries about a unmarried verse, and inform us your remarks in a comment!

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The Qira’at Are Not Different Quranic Versions

It is well worth bringing up that the Quran can be examine in specific ways / Arabic dialects – precisely as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught. These are called Qira’at because of this approaches of reading and not one of a kind variations.

To problematic extra approximately the readings of the Quran, it’s far really worth citing that:

1- Qira’at have been taught through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his lifestyles with the aid of a revelation from God. They didn’t appear afterwards as new versions.

2- Qira’at are one-of-a-kind Arabic accents in which all Qira’at seek advice from the same verse but study pretty differently.

3- Differences among Qira’at arise within the way of recitation of ONLY some words in the verse, now not the complete verse.

4- The Quran in specific Qira’at is the same. The Surahs and the verses are not altered.

Translations of the Quran Are Not Different Quranic Versions

The Quran was discovered to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Arabic. The Arabic text of the Quran is the simplest original text sent by way of God. However, another translations are handiest human translations of the MEANING and are not taken into consideration a divine holy text for worship.

So, any translation is only to bring the Quranic message to non-Arabic speakers and now not taken into consideration every other model.

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Is the Quran preserved perfectly?

The Quran is perfectly preserved as it has been the equal for hundreds of years. In the subsequent paragraphs, we are able to discuss some of the clues why the Quran continues to be the same.

1- Oral Transmission Of Quran And Isnad System

Arabs were well-known for their excessive capability to orally transmit scripts and portions of poetry. This changed into flawlessly obtrusive in the old Arabian poetry that is nevertheless studied nowadays in Arabic literature. This reality clearly displays Arabs’ high-quality do not forget and memorization talents.

Although Arabian Poetry is assumed to have a few differences from the authentic ones, but for the Quran, the case is quite specific. Yes, Muslims used to memorize and orally transmit the verses of the Quran as part of their innate nature. Moreover, there was a non secular tendency and obligation to perfectly and exactly transmit letter by means of letter and Haraka (vowels in Arabic) by Haraka.

Isnad System

Add to it, Muslims had the most perfect system of oral transmission referred to as; The Isnad gadget. Isnad, in quick, is a series of human beings; every found out the Quran from a Muslim near the Prophet and then taught the Quran to another Muslim till they formed a chain of connected people starting from God, Jibril, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) until nowadays Muslims.

This oral transmission become in a high degree of accuracy and precision and can be completed several instances till the learner perfects the Quran precisely as his instructor.

One may additionally marvel that there have to be unnoticed exchange over these many years. Yes, this would be definitely right if we have one single chain or Isnad. However, we’ve got THOUSANDS of chains; all are flawlessly much like each different.

If we’ve got thousands and thousands of individuals who agree over the identical textual content thru these long Isnad Chains, then they should have all agreed to the authentic number one textual content of the Quran.

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2- Preserved Old Written Quran Manuscripts

The Quran is the only divine revelation that also has authentic Manuscripts going lower back to the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or very near it. Although writing become now not the main means of retaining the Quran, written manuscripts accept as true with the Quran transmitted through the Isnad system.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) turned into keen on assigning the writing of the Quran to certain qualified Sahaba (prophet’s companions) as Zayed Ibn Thabet. He ordered them -at a certain time- no longer to write down the sayings/hadiths of the prophet himself to keep away from confusion between hadiths and the Quran.

Examples On Quran Manuscripts:

There are numerous numerous Quran Manuscripts that could attain loads. Writing in detail about these manuscripts requires a separate research article. However, we can listing some of them right here:

The Uthmanic Manuscripts: Contain more than ninety nine% of the text of the Quran. The Quranic Manuscripts attributed to Ali Ibn Abi Talib: Contain 86% of the text of the Quran.

Sana’a Script: One of the oldest Manuscripts that dates to earlier than 671 CE.

Tübingen fragment: This Manuscript is dated lower back to between 649 and 675 CE. It consists of verses from 17:36 to 36:57 (and a part of verse 17:35).

Birmingham Quran: This Manuscript is dated between 568 and 645 CE.

3- Memorization of the Quran with the aid of Milliards

Beyond the reality that the Quran is transmitted through the Isnad device along with written manuscripts, the Quran is memorized by means of milliards always. This makes it very hard -or nearly not possible- to alternate the Quran with out almost all Muslims noticing that.

Attempts to fabricate the Quran by means of anti-Islam people passed off earlier than. However, none was a hit in deceiving Muslims or changing a single letter of the Quran.

You can take a look at that your self with the aid of looking motion pictures for Quran Halaqas in which Quran college students recite the Quran from their reminiscence. If any of them makes a single minute omitted mistake, they accurate him without delay. This without a doubt takes place on a large scale within the Muslim Ummah (network).

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4- The Quran Is Always Recited And In Prayers

The Quran is not abandoned as different non secular scriptures. It isn’t always a textual content recited inside the Mosque and that’s it. However, the Quran is strongly present in every single Muslim home. Nearly all Muslims have several copies of the Quran at domestic, recite it on a regular basis, and memorize it -or a part of it- via heart.

You can listen the Quran on the streets, in the work office, in many markets, and even in kitchens. Many Muslims listen the Quran and replicate upon it as an awful lot as you could imagine. Add to it, Muslims pray 5 times a day 24/7 and in every rakaa, they recite the Quran. This impossibly makes the Quran a bit of cake for everybody to manufacture either intentionally or not.

5- The Quran Still Has Its Unique Qualities

The Quran has unique characteristics that make it unique in its speech. The Quran challenged people to get some thing similar to it -even a unmarried verse. Yet, no person ought to.

Nowadays, nobody has the potential to meet this assignment. This shows that the precise characteristics of the Quran are nonetheless present and not altered or fabricated.

6- The Quranic Speech Isn’t Affected By Modern Language

This argument is quite close to to the previous one. If you’re acquainted with Arabs these days, you will recognise that Arabs don’t communicate pure Fusha Arabic anymore. Fusha Arabic is handiest studied in academia and utilized in formal speech. Moreover, later Arabs had been vulnerable Fusha audio system and writers.

If you study the Quran, you will sense the natural Fusha Arabic language that isn’t stricken by recent Arabic slang and literature. This is an add-on argument to reinforce the previously cited ones, that the Quran isn’t modified.

7- The Divine Promise that the Quran Won’t Be Changed

Although this argument appears to sound for Muslims, it can be rational in case you are a non-Muslim as nicely. Imagine a person informed you 10 prophecies and you are quite sure 9 got here authentic, you would be pretty confident the tenth one is proper too.

Applying that to the Quran, the Quran said that no person might get some thing comparable love it, it consists of many prophecies that clearly got here actual like the Romans beating the Persians, and many others.

Then, whilst the Quran says it would be preserved, then you might be confident -or maybe positive- that it won’t trade. As noted in advance, Allah Almighty said this truth pronouncing: “It is sincerely We Who have found out the message (Quran), and it’s miles actually We Who will maintain it.” (15:nine)

8- Practical Evidence the Quran Is the Same

The Practical Evidence is your own exam of the case. It can be quite obtrusive that the Quran is the identical in case you ask different humans approximately verses of the Quran, have a look at the Quran in special masahif (books) and applications. Also, get vintage masahif and new ones and attempt to get any distinction.

I.E. This applies to the original Arabic text of the Quran. It couldn’t be carried out in translations of the which means of the Quran. As we mentioned formerly, they may be man-made translations, where specific students published exclusive translations that couldn’t by way of any approach be the identical.

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When became the brand new Quran written?

There isn’t any new Quran written. As we mentioned previously, The Quran is the same since it changed into discovered through God.

Anyone who assumes a brand new Quran need to prove whether it’s far an authorized new Quranic version by means of Muslim scholars or if it’s far simplest a fabrication with the aid of anti-Muslims.

How usually was the Quran changed?

The Quran has by no means changed. This is an ultimate reality this is famous among people. It is usually the same.

We supplied numerous proofs previously in this text that the Quran turned into in no way changed.

Is The Original Quran Still Here?

The authentic Quran continues to be the identical. In this text, we mentioned numerous elements regarding the Quran’s perseverance. The Quran is miraculously preserved, particularly via oral transmission and Isnad along side vintage written manuscripts. Millions of Muslims everywhere in the global memorize the complete Quran by using heart which makes it difficult for all and sundry to trade or regulate it.

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