Delegation of Powers | Delegation of Financial Powers PDF

Definitions of SED, School education Department

In this article of Delegation of Power and delegation of financial power , the environment  requires the following expressions shall have the meanings hereby respectively assigned to them, that is to say :

  • “Appendix” means an appendix to these rules;
  • “Government” means Punjab government.
  • “Chief Secretary” means Chief Secretary Punjab government ;

Delegation of Powers |  Delegation of Financial Powers

The Administrative of the Department shall movement  the powers in column 2 (Attach file)  of Appendix ‘E’ (Attach file) to the extent mentioned in column 3 (Attach PDF file) . Besides , the Administrative Secretaries shall have powers in respect of ministerial establishment employed/posted in the respective secretariat departments with regard to the following items mentioned in Appendix ‘A’ (Attach file)  subject to the conditions specified in column 3 thereof against each item:- the Departments’ Head  and other junior  authorities mentioned in column 3 of Appendix ‘F’ (Attach file)  shall work  powers in the cases detailed in column 2 to the define column.

Powers of different departments Here we will mention some topics attach PDF Files  like :

  • Powers of Chief Secretary
  • Powers of other authorities
  • Powers of appointing Authorities
  • Powers of the Administrative Department
  • Powers to be in supersession of existing powers


What is the definition of honorarium ? a payment for the service on which as his demand or property ban  a price to be set.   Power to allow a government servant  Full powers subject to receive honorarium  up to Rs. 1000to Finance Deptt.’sor up to Rs. 2000 in a year. Some directions of the subject cited above  and provided the service rendered does not fall within the course of the ordinary duties of the government servant. Lien 1-Power to suspend a lien.: Full powers 2-Power to transfer a lien: Full powers. If you want to get sufficient knowledge of Lien. Free download PDF 

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