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PEEDA stand for Punjab Employees Efficiency Discipline and Accountability. government administration control (authority to exercise the powers of competent authority under this Act: Provided that where two … E&D RULES, PRSO 2000 AND PEEDA 2006.). You will learn here in this article Peeda act 2006 in Urdu  PDF free Download , Peeda act shall be apply in all the government employees, employees in all the corporation service ,Federal service and retired persons of the government institutions and corporation service provided that proceeding under act 2006are initated  againt that persons (Government employees ) during their service period or within one year after their retirement  What is Service Tribunals ? It is a primary and initial and public servant forum  for adjudication of disputes relating to the conditions of service of the persons in the Service of Pakistan. To give  for the establishment of Service Tribunals to exercise jurisdiction regarding matters relating to the terms .So that  it is expedient to provide for the establishment of Service Tribunals to exercise especially  jurisdiction regarding the matters relating to the terms and for matters connected therewith or ancillary there to; It is hereby enacted as follows:

  • It shall come into force at once.
  • It applies to all civil servants all over they may be.

Peeda act (2006) 

 May be called the Punjab *Service Tribunals Act, 1974. In this Peeda act 2006,  there is anything awful in the subject or conditions  (1)”Chairman of the Government ” means the Chairman of the service tribunal department  (2)”“Civil Servant government of the Punjab  ” a member of the civil service (3) A person who is or who has been on legislation to the Province from the Federation company  or any other Province or authority (4) A person who is or has been employed on contract, or on work charged basis, or who is or has been paid from contingencies; or (5) A person who is or has been a “worker in a companions , government department or any other ” or “workman” as defined in the Factories or any institutions of the governments  Act, 1934 (XXV of 1934) or the Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923 (VIII of 1923); (6)”Government” means the Government of the Punjab (7)”Governor” means the Governor of the Punjab (8)”Member” means the Member of the Tribunal; (9)” Service Tribunal” means a Service Tribunal established by this Act, or a Bench thereof. Penalties There are two Penalties  major and minor Penalties in service law , Major penalties and minor penalties so that the competent authorities may , not withstanding anything contain any law otr the term and condition of services of the accused by an odder in written impose one or more of the above penalties

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