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Is the Quran God’s word? By using Dr. Zakir Naik genuinely elaborates the Historic Miracles of the Quran and the Authenticity of the Quran.

Islam is not the name of some particular religion supplied for the primary time by means of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who should, on that account be referred to as the founding father of Islam.

The Qur’an states that Islam – the entire submission of guy earlier than his one and handiest Unique Creator – is the one and best religion and way of existence continuously discovered by way of God to humankind from the very beginning.

Noah, Solomon, David, Abraham, Moses, Isaac and Jesus – prophets who regarded at exclusive times and locations – all propagated the same faith and conveyed the equal message of Tawheed (Oneness of God), Risaalat (Prophethood) and Aakhirah (the Hereafter).

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These prophets of God were now not founders of various religions to be named after them. They were each reiterating the message and faith of their predecessors.

However, Muhammad (pbuh) became the closing Prophet of God. God revived through him the equal genuine religion which were conveyed with the aid of all His Prophets.

This original message become in advance corrupted and split into numerous religions via human beings of various ages, who indulged in interpolations and admixture. These alien factors have been removed through God, and Islam – in its pure and unique form – become transmitted to humankind thru Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Since there has been to be no messenger after Muhammad (pbuh), the Book discovered to him (i.E. The Qur’an) turned into preserved phrase for word in order that it need to be a source of steerage for all times.

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Is The Qur'an God's Word? - Learn Islam, Quran, House of Quran, Quran WBW, Root Words, Quran Chapters, Quran Juz, Quran Arabic Text
The miracle of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), i.E. The Qur’an, is for all times

All the preceding Prophets of God have been sent simplest to their humans and their country and their complete message turned into intended for a selected time period.

Therefore the miracles they carried out such as parting of sea by Prophet Moses (pbuh), giving lifestyles to the useless by using Prophet Jesus (pbuh), and so on. Satisfied the people of that point but these miracles cannot be analyzed and established via us today.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the final and final Messenger of God, despatched for the whole of humankind and the message he added is for eternity. The Qur’an says:

“We despatched you (Prophet Muhammad) not however as a mercy for all creatures.” – Quran 21:107

Therefore the miracle of the closing and final Messenger must additionally be everlasting, examinable and verifiable by using people of all ages, after its revelation.

Though Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) finished numerous miracles as are cited inside the Hadith (recorded traditions, sayings and movements of the Prophet), he never emphasized them. Though we Muslims trust in those miracles we best boast of the remaining miracle given to him by means of Almighty God, which is the Qur’an.

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Al-Qur’an is the miracle of all instances which proved itself to be a miracle 1400 years ago and which can be reconfirmed these days and all the time. In short, it’s miles the Miracle of Miracles.

Many humans have a false impression that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the founder of the faith of Islam. However, Islam is in lifestyles for the reason that first guy (Prophet Adam) first set foot on this planet. Since then, Almighty God dispatched several prophets and revelations, the last on this chain being Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Qur’an.

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Three alternatives concerning authorship of the Qur’an

Probably, the simplest factor of settlement among the ones who’ve the slightest information of the Qur’an regardless of whether they’re Muslims or now not, is that the Qur’an turned into recited for the first time with the aid of a man who became born in Makkah in Arabia inside the sixth century (C.E.) by the call of Muhammad (pbuh).

Regarding the assets of the Qur’an there may be three basic assumptions for a non-Muslim:

  • Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself became the author of the Qur’an; consciously, sub-consciously or unconsciously.
  • Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) learnt it from different human resources or copied or adopted from previous scriptures or revelations.
  • Qur’an has no human writer however it is a word for phrase revelation from God.
Is The Qur'an God's Word? - Learn Islam, Quran, House of Quran, Quran WBW, Root Words, Quran Chapters, Quran Juz, Quran Arabic Text

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