Learn Dua Before Sleeping – Masnoon Duain in English

Dua Before Sleeping – In this article, you will be able to discover the dua for sleeping or the Supplications to pray before going to bed both in English in both English and Arabic.

 Dua can be described as an Arabic word that means invocation or prayer or supplication. In Islam, Dua is an act of pleading with Allah Almighty, or an exchange with the Creator of all the world.

Dua is a method that brings the faith-based to the Almighty Allah. Muslims believe Allah Almighty to be the most powerful of all and ask Allah Almighty to help them with every thing.

What should I say prior to going to bed?

These are a few of the dua’s you can prepare before bed. They are very important to your. First, you should try to establish the habit of sleep in the state of Wudu and say dua prior to going to the bed.

Astaghfirullaa-hal-ladhee laa ilaha illaa huwal-hayyul-qayyoomu wa atoobu ilayh

Allahumma Bismika amootu wa-ahya

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Importance of Dua:

Dua Before Sleeping – Dua is not an essential prayer for Muslims who practice Islam. There are many benefits of performing Dua to Allah All-Powerful.

Through Dua it is possible to be closer to Allah. This is because it is the only way that believers can directly communicate with their Creator.

Islam insists on praying prior to bed. For a peaceful night, Isha prayer are very crucial. There are also several Dua’s that are significant to Muslims.

Wealso offers a variety of duas to be recited before sleeping that will benefit you. Develop the habit of reciting the dua prior to getting ready to sleep. It is a crucial aspect to you in the present as well as giving you with advantages on the day of your judgment.

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Recite Bismillah daily before sleeping.

Recite Ayat ul kursi daily before sleep. Based on the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), those who make this dua before going to bed Allah Almighty will protect him through the night.

Prophet (PBUH) stated, “By reciting it (Ayat- ul-Kursi), there will be a guardian appointed over you from Allah who will protect you during the night, and Satan will not be able to come near you until morning” (Al-Bukhari)

If you would like to save yourself from the penalty of the grave, pray Surah ul Mulk (Chapter 67 which is the Sovereignty) every night before going to sleep. In the past, the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) also did this before sleeping. So, it is the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W).

The prophet () stated, “Surah al Mulk is the protector from the torment of the grave” (Sahihul Jamiea 1/680. Hakim 2/498, and Nasai2/498]

Jabir (radiAllahu Anhu) stated that it was the tradition that his Holy Prophet () not to fall asleep until that he had completed reading Tabarakalladhi Biyadihil Mulk in addition to Alif laam meem tanzeel. [Ahmad, Tirmidhi and Darami]

Anas (radiAllahu anhu) was quoted by Rasulullah (PBUH) in declaring, “There is a Surah which will plead for its reciter till it causes him to enter paradise” (Tabarakalladhi Biyadihil Mulk). [Tabrani]

To rest in the stupor of Wudhu To sleep in a state of Wudhu[Tabarani, Hakim, Abu Dawood]

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Dua Before Sleeping – It is essential for each Muslim to connect with Allah Almighty. Dua is the most effective method to connect with Allah.

Dua prior to bed is essential for Muslims. Like everyone Muslims are seeking forgiveness for their mistakes, Dua helps you in seeking forgiveness from Allah. Almighty Allah.

Try to recite various prayerful supplications every day prior to going to bed. It will be beneficial to you now and in the next. Therefore, you should make it a habit to say dua prior to going to bed.


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