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Quran TeacherQuran Focus Academy is on a challenge to enhance Muslims’ lives by using teaching Quran on line to children and adults within the comfort in their houses. Our certified on line Quran teachers are certified and tested to manual you and your kids with the holy Quran studying, recitation, translation, and memorization. 

Becoming a Quran instructor is itself an honor and a huge distinction, because it changed into one of the number one obligations of the prophets and angels.

A Qur’an trainer wishes to be informed, punctual, and a role version for youngsters to teach the noble Quran consistent with the policies of Tajweed and Tarteel. 

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Best Quran Teacher For Kids

At our online Quran academy, our Quran instructors use powerful and easy teaching techniques to assist students learn how to study, recite, translate and memorize the Al Quran Kareem as it should be with interactive live classes.

We intention to make Quran mastering convenient for every age, genders, and races. Our incredibly skilled instructors will behavior customized classes in an effort to appeal to you and your youngsters to examine the Quran with pleasure and devotion.

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How Our Online Quran Teachers the Best?

Our project is to unfold the Quranic teaching international by means of offering a platform in which college students can study, recite, and memorize the noble Quran fluently and accurately. That’s why our hiring process is quite strict. We simplest lease Quran teachers who are qualified, skilled, and in a position, and we never compromise on nice. 

Here is how we pick out our on line Quran teachers:

  • We lease teachers who’re qualified from a identified Islamic university. 
  • Our teachers have to be Qari, Aalim, or Hafiz and feature a profound understanding of Tajweed and Tarteel.
  • We behavior a series of on line assessments and interviews to select in a position instructors.
  • Through a heritage check, we make certain that Quran teachers are skilled in coaching the Quran online.
  • We make certain that they’ve notable conversation competencies.
  • We additionally behavior demos/mock lessons to test the coaching style and capacity. 
  • Our Quality Control Department information the audio/video name to make sure every teacher’s performance. If anything is going astray, we provide a brand new instructor to the scholar. 

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How to Get Started with Our Classes? 

Here are the three easy steps to get started out:

  • In the first step, you may e-book a loose one-week trial by way of calling/ emailing or filling up our on line registration shape, we’ll get again to you as soon as viable and schedule your timings in keeping with your request.
  • In the next step, you’ll get our loose one-week trial training to assess the teaching style of the Quran instructor and spot if you are cushty with him/her. Our instructors may also assess your or your kid’s level and getting to know desires which will come up with a tailored approach to train you.
  • If satisfied with our Quran teacher, you may choose a desired plan along with your instructor to learn Quran on-line. You can lease another Quran teacher if the instructor does no longer meet your expectancies.

We will behavior our training through Skype or Zoom. Our instructors will make the Al Qur’an class interactive and attractive via display sharing and drawing tools.

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Learn Quran with Expert Guidance: Find Your Quran Teacher Today, Quran ,Quran Tutor, Quran Teaching, Distance Learning, eQuran, Read Quran, Online Education
Why Choose Quran Focus for Learning Quran Online?

We have a committed team of on line Quran teachers to make Quran getting to know clean with our interactive and tasty teaching approach custom designed to the scholar’s needs. Here is what makes us unique from different establishments:

  • Certified and experienced teachers
  • One week unfastened trial Quran classes (no credit score card required)
  • Flexible time table and 24/7 availability
  • Female Quran instructors to be had for kids and girl students
  • Guaranteed pride
  • Highly inexpensive

Lesson LanguageArabic

Lesson PurposeAccent Reduction, Exam Preparation, Reading Comprehension, Writing Correction

Age RangeChild (12 & Under), Teen (13-17), Adult (18-sixty five), Senior (65+)

What’s blanketed

Service Tiers

  • Starter
  • $60
  • Standard
  • $eighty
  • Advanced
  • $a hundred and fifty

Delivery Time

  • 30 days
  • 30 days
  • 30 days

Number of Minutes

  • 30
  • 30
  • 30

Number of Lessons

  • 10
  • 15
  • 32

Exercises & Supporting Materials

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Learn Quran with Expert Guidance: Find Your Quran Teacher Today, Quran ,Quran Tutor, Quran Teaching, Distance Learning, eQuran, Read Quran, Online Education
Frequently requested questions

I’m fascinated. How to get started out?

It’s very smooth. Just message me and talk your goal what do you need to learn? Or buy the package and location the order. I gets lower back to you and time table the zoom assembly with you.

What level should I need to be at?

It does not count number at which level you’re. I can help you even if you do not know the Arabic alphabet or if you can read the Quran, but your pronunciation is not right, or you need to improve recitation or you want to research tajweed or memorize Quran.

How will we make the periods?

We will do our classes on Zoom or Skype. I will share the screen so you can see Quran or Qaida e book. Or you may read from your Quran.

Do I want to show at the camera?

No, we will have an audio assembly with display screen sharing. However, for children, sometimes I advise turning the digital camera on.

Can I make a custom schedule in step with my availability?

Yes, of path

Let’s begin your Quran getting to know journey with our trusted, licensed, and skilled on-line Quran Teachers today! Sign up now!

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