What is The Meaning of The Hand of Fatima?

Meaning of The Hand of Fatima – There are many designs in our store that feature Fatima Hand. Fatima hand.. The symbolism that is ” Fatima Hand” is a well-known symbol throughout across the Middle East and North Africa. “hamsa” or “hamsa” has been variously considered by scholars to be Jewish, Christian, or Islamic followers , and also as an ancient fertility symbol for pagan religions. The symbol is dated from cave drawings.

The symbol is recognized under many names, such as:

  • Hamsaa translation of Arabic “Jamsa” or “Khamsah” which means five
  • Hand of GodA general name
  • Hand of Fatima Hand of FatimaAfter Fatima was the granddaughter of Islamic prophet
  • Hand of Miriam Hand of MiriamAfter Miriam who was the sister to Aaron and Moses of the Jewish faith
  • Hand of Mother Mary Hand of Mother MaryAfter Mary as Mary is the Mother of Jesus in Christian faiths
  • Hamesh –Meaning 5 in Hebrew

Also known as the various names Humes Hand, Khamesh and Khamsa

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Meaning of The Hand of Fatima – As we’ve already explained the significance of the fatma hand and even its name may differ depending on the various religions.

We can find five religions where the word “hamsa” has its own significance, specifically

  • Islam

What Does the Hamsa Hand Symbolize?

In general the world, the Hamsa hand represents an emblem of protection, shielding against evil and keeping you safe. The manner in which you wear the symbol is also symbolic.

A Hamsa turned downwards is a symbol of prosperity and abundance which can bring good fortune to be brought into your life. A reversed Hamsa can also be considered an indication of fertility and blessings and also a method to receive answers to prayers. Generallyspeaking, fingers are close when they face downwards.

A Hamsa that is facing upwards is a powerful shield against evil and malicious motive. Furthermore, it serves as a shield from any negative feelings and thoughts that you may feel regarding yourself or others which includes feelings like jealousy, greed, and hatred. Fingers can be dispersed to signify the ability to ward away of evil.

As with many other symbols, it’s not surprising it is that it is that the Hand of Fatima has taken on new meanings since it was incorporated into different faiths and religions. The Hamsa is the only symbol that appears across the world’s most important religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Each of these religions embraced the Hamsa and offered their own interpretation. In addition, outside of religious circles it is believed that the Hand of Fatima has gained greater understanding.

Hamsa as a symbol of Christianity:Within the Catholic religion it is believed that there’s a connection with the Hamsa Hand to the Virgin Mary as a symbol of power, compassion, and feminine. It also represents the idea of Mary being awed above all others and as a mother who is benevolent to everyone. In the larger Christian community the eye in its center has been replaced by an image of the Christian image of the fish: called the piscis vesica. It’s a symbol of security against those who want to harm you.

Hamsa within Hinduism in Hinduism and Buddhism:In these faiths the Hamsa is believed to symbolize chakras (which are the energy centers that are located through the spine) and the energy flowing between them and the specific hand movements on forms while practicing meditation or yoga in order to redirect energy. Each of the five fingers carries an energy and the five specific mudras that are associated with the Hamsa are:

  • Thumb Solar plexus chakra as well as the fire element
  • Forefinger Air and the heart chakra.
  • Middle fingerThe the throat chakra as well as Ethereal elements
  • Ring fingers:The root chakra and earth element
  • Pinkie Finger: The sacral chakra and water.

Hamsa Hands within Judaism:In Judaism, Hamsa’s significance stems from its association with 5 which is a symbol of sacred meanings in the religion. Five refers to the numbers in the holy books within the Torah and is the name of God, and it also reminds wearers to use five senses in order to praise God.

Hamsa within Islam:Within the Muslim community The Hamsa Hand takes on the similar meaning to that of the hand found in other cultures of the Middle East. It is said that this Hand of Fatima is an amulet that can ward off from evil eyes and shield its wearer against curses. The 5 fingers in the Hand of Fatima could also be a symbol of the five foundations of Islam:

The belief in Godand the conviction that God is the only God with one God and Prophet

Prayerwhich is required

The Almswhich is mandatory giving to assist others

A fastduring during the month of Ramada to improve the spirituality of one’s self and connect with God

Pilgrimage to Mecca

A Generalized Interpretation Because that the Hamsa has a connections with a myriad of religions, it is considered a symbol of unity. Its association with female figures makes it an emblem of femininity and love. Furthermore, since the Hamsa was in existence prior to the most popular religions, it could be considered to be a spiritual or pagan symbol too. It’s also a symbol of the unified masculine and feminine energies that come together to create harmony, balance , and illumination.

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Hamsa Hand in Jewelry and Fashion

Meaning of The Hand of Fatima – As it’s a shielding amulet, many prefer for wearing Hamsa Hands because of its protective properties. Hamsa Hand as jewelry or to place it on a charm at the most appropriate places.

The most popular Hamsa jewelry comes in pendants since it can be kept near and visible when you look down. It is also commonly used in bracelet designs due to the fact that it is visible in your hands effortlessly. Hamsa earrings aren’t very sought-after, because they aren’t visible to the wearer when they’re worn. Below is a list of editors’ top choices of earrings featuring the hamsa hand sign.

Hamsa charms are a good method to keep the meaning near. They can be placed on cars, placed in the workplace, and placed by the windows or doors. It’s also a popular tattoo symbol that is often paired along with nazar boncugu.

Is It Culturally Inappropriate to Wear the Hamsa Hand?

If you’re concerned about whether using Hamsa Hand could be considered as appropriation of culture, you’re not alone Hamsa Hand is cultural appropriation It’s important to know that the symbol cannot be taken as a symbol by any particular religion or culture. Although the symbol has the implication of religion but it’s also a universal protective symbol..

The Hamsa provides a variety of symbolic meanings which is why it’s unjust and indecent for any organization to stake claim to the Hamsa. It’s nevertheless important to comprehend the significance behind the image , if you decide to get it tattooed on your body or on your jewelry to express respect.

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Wrapping Up

Meaning of The Hand of Fatima – In the end it is clear that overall, the Hamsa Hand continues to be an extremely popular and highly regarded symbol. It’s complex and multi-layered in its numerous significance However, at its core it is clear that the Hamsa symbol is a sign of security from the evil. Many people today prefer keeping their Hamsa Hand close as a symbol of protection and good luck.

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