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Why Was Surah Sajdah Revealed? – Surah Sajdah is also known as Alif Lam Mim Sajdah or Alif Lam Mim Tanzil. It is the 32nd Surah of Quran that Allah revealed in Mecca to Prophet Muhammad. It is named Sajdah because the 15th verse in this surah triggers a mandatory sajdah when recited or heard. The following topics will be covered in this article on QuranMualim:

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Surah Sajdah Facts

Why Was Surah Sajdah Revealed? – Surah Sajdah, 32nd surah in the Noble Quran, was revealed by Allah to Prophet Muhammad in Mecca. The surah’s 15th verse is a compulsory sajdah verse. Surah Sajdah’s main purpose is to prove the truth about the question of our origin and resurrection. Surah Sajdah also discusses the stark difference between believers and disbelievers as well as their fate. Through this surah Allah wishes to increase our Godwariness and strengthen our belief in resurrection

  • 32Surah no.
  • Juz’ 21Place
  • MakkiMakki/Madani
  • 75 Order of revelation
  • 30No. 30No.
  • 375No. 375No.
  • 1564No. 1564No.

Period of Revelation of Surah Sajdah

It appears that the Surah was written in the middle Makkah period. This is because it does not reflect the severity of persecution or tyranny that one sees in the Surahs that were sent down later.

Surah Sajdah: Why was it revealed?

Surah sajadah is not revealed in all tafsir volumes. Surah sajadah contains some ayat that may have revealed reasons.

Surah Sajdah’s main objective is to prove the truth behind the resurrection and issue of our origin.

surah Sajdah also speaks about the clear distinction between believers and disbelievers, and their fate. Through this surah Allah wishes to increase our Godwariness and strengthen our belief in resurrection.

Benefits of Surah Sajdah Recitation

The reward for keeping vigil at the Night of Qadr is According to the Noble Prophet, whoever recites surah Sajdah feels as though he’s kept vigil at the Night of Qadr.

Keeping one’s book in one’s hand: Abu Abdullah Ja’far ibn Muhammad said that “whoever recites surah Sajdah before Friday, Allah will give him his book of acts in his right hand.” He will not be held accountable and He will make him a companion of the Noble Prophet, his family and his household.”

Being immune from fever and joint discomfort: The Noble Prophet said that “Whoever writes surah Sajdah with his own hand, he will be immune to headaches, fever and joint pain.”

Taking out a dictator: According to Misbah, you can place surah Sajdah in the home of an unjust ruler or governor and he will be removed from power in the same year.

Surah Sajdah’s Gist

Surah Sajdah discusses important Quranic themes such as resurrection (ma’ad: mad), creation in six days of the heavens, earth and sky and creation of man from clay. Surah Sajdah warns deniers of the Day of Judgment that they will be severely punished. It also contains the great news of an unimaginable reward for those who believe and trust in Allah, the Prophet, as well as the Day of Judgment.

Surah Sajdah’s Famous Verses

One of the most famous verses in surah Sajdah’s surah is verse 15 of sajdah. Only those who believe in Our signs will be able to prostrate and glorify God when He is mentioned. Reciting this verse is mandatory for all who hear it, and it is also obligatory for the reciter to perform sajdah.

Surah Sajdah, Verses 16

Two of the most well-known verses in this surah are verses 16 and 18. Verse 16 speaks about those who keep watch and do the night prayer (salat Al-layl: Sal@u LWayl). Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Ali said that this verse was revealed in honor of Ali ibn Abi Talib. He and his followers sleep until the third of the night has passed. They then wake up fearing Allah, but also being hopeful about obeying Allah. It reads:

Surah Sajdah Verse 18

Are believers and transgressors alike?

According to most exegetes, the occasion for revelation of this verse was when Walid ibn Moghirah taunted Ali Abi Talib. He said, “My tongue’s wider than your tongue” and that his teeth were sharper. He meant to claim that he is better than Ali. Ali replied, “This is not true.” Allah revealed surah Sajdah verse 18 to the Prophet.

Surah Sajdah Verse 19 & 20

For those who believe and do righteous works, the gardens of Abode will be for them.

Verse 19 of Surah Sajdah says Allah will reward those who believe in Him, and perform good deeds. All people need to know that Allah will reward those who believe in Him and do good works. They will be blessed with the gardens of paradise and all its blessings. They will live there forever. Verse 20 speaks of those who have transgressed. They will be sent to hell.

For those who have transgressed, the Fire will be their refuge. They will be told to go back to the Fire whenever they try to escape it. These people, unlike the believers, used to deny hell exists and believed they would not be punished for their actions in this world.

The Torah’s Resurrection

Verse 23 of surah Sajdah says:

Yes, We gave Moses the Book [declaring], “Do not be in doubt about your encounter with Him,” and We made it [a source of] guidance to the Children of Israel.

Two points are made by this verse. The first is that the book Allah revealed to Moses said that there should be no doubts about the encounter with Allah. This refers to the resurrection. The Torah provided guidance to the Children of Israel. They altered and distorted it later.

Surah Sajdah Verse 24

This verse speaks about the honors Allah bestowed upon Bani Israel. What was the reason Allah appointed imams to lead them? There were two reasons for it. They believed in Allah’s signs and were patient.

Surah Sajdah, Verses 28-30

They say: “If you are truthful and tell us when this victory will come,” So they leave them and wait [for the Day of Victory].

In verse 28, Allah quotes the disbelievers as saying, “When will victory [of believers] come?” This refers to the Day of Judgment. It is the day when belief in that day will be of no use for those who have disbelieved throughout their lives in this world. The Day of Judgment will see believers win as they will be able to enter paradise and avoid the fire. Verse 30 of Surah Sajdah says: “[O Muhammad] Leave them and wait, because they too will be waiting [for the day to come].” This verse indicates that the Day of Resurrection is certain and only a matter of time.

Major Themes of The Surah

  • Guidance and Divine Laws
  • Al-Qur’an is beyond any doubt and sent to warn people to whom no Warner has gone before.
  • The Day of Judgement will bring the belief of the disbelievers, but it will not be of any benefit to them.
  • It is possible to receive a special reward if you leave your bed and invoke your Rabb with fear or hope and give charity.
  • Al-Qur’an is very similar to the Book that was given to Prophet Musa.

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Is surah as sajdah makki or madani?

Why Was Surah Sajdah Revealed?Surah Al sajdah It is one of the Meccan Surahs that was revealed to Messenger, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon Him, in Mecca. Except for verses 16-20, which were revealed in Medina.

Its thirty verses have three hundred and seventy one words. The number of letters it contains is one thousand five hundred twenty-eight letters.

Which para is surah, sajdah?

Surah e sajdah is located in the twenty first part of the Holy Qur’an.

How to memorize surah Sajdah

The Messenger recommends that you memorize the Noble Qur’an. However, it is possible to have difficulties with Surat Al-Qur’an.

These are the steps to help you remember surah well.

Urah Sejadahincludes precisely thirty verses at the beginning, and then divides them into groups, so that each group only contains 5 verses.

Next, you’ll distribute the groups according to the days of week. This will ensure that each group is well-remembered and you can finish the surah in 6 days.

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When is surah sajdah to be read?

Why Was Surah Sajdah Revealed? – It is more beneficial to recite surah sajdah on Friday morning, than it is from what the Prophet, may Allah bless him, reported.

Ayat (verses).

  • A. L. M.[2] L. M. [1] L. M. The “mysterious alphabets” alif, mim, and lam [1]
  • 2 The Quran is undoubtedly the inspiration revelation
  • 3 Muhammad didn’t forge the Quran
  • 4 The heavens, and earth were created in six days
  • 5 God will judge all people after the resurrection[5][1]
  • 5-8 The Omniscient God and the Creator all of humanity
  • 9But man, the creature denies the resurrection
  • 10 All unbelievers will be brought before God
  • 11 They must repent it is too late to get pardon
  • 12-14Hell should be filled with men and genii
  • 15-19 The reward for true believers
  • 20-21 The punishment for unbelievers hereafter and now
  • 22To refuse God’s signs
  • 23 The Pentateuch presented to Moses
  • 24Teachers selected from the Israelites in order to guide them in the path of God
  • 25God will resolve their disputes in the Judgment Day
  • 26 The people in Makkah were warned about the fate of their predecessors
  • 27 The resurrection is typified by nature, but the infidels don’t understand
  • 28-30 The infidels ask Muhammad to accelerate the judgment-day 

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Why Was Surah Sajdah Revealed? – Surah Sajdah has many benefits and can teach us many lessons. Surah Sajdah is Allah’s talk about many matters, including the Resurrection and punishment for disbelievers. He also talks about creation of man out of clay, reward of believers, and other topics. 

Surah Sajdah’s verse 15 provokes a mandatory sajdah when it is recited or heard. Two of the most well-known verses in this surah are verses 16 and 18. Verse 16 says that those who believe in Allah’s signs will leave their beds to supplicate with their Lord in fear, hope, and spend what Allah has given them. Reciting this surah, and following its instructions, will make us part of those Allah rewards with paradise, God willing.

Surah As-Sajdah Indonesian PDF Read or Download

Surah Assajdah Indonesian pdf Translation – Read complete Surah Assajdah text in Arabic with Indonesian translation. Download the PDF files of complete Surah As-Sajdah Indonesian pdf translation.

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The Tru Book As Sajda

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